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90' + 4'
L. Oberdorf
Yellow Card
A. Popp
S. Huth
2 - 1
G. Gwinn
Yellow Card
M. Frohms
Own Goal
1 - 1
A. Popp
S. Huth
1 - 0

Match Stats

50% 49%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 2
Total Passes 415 409
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Germany will face England in the final at Wembley on Sunday as they aim to lift a ninth European title. France's tournament may be over, but they've already made history by reaching this stage of the competition for the first time.
Popp sends Germany to the Euro 2022 final as Germany beat France 2-1. She broke the deadlock in the first half, extending her scoring run to five consecutive games in the tournament when she volleyed a shot into the roof of the net. France responded quickly though, with Diani's shot hitting the post and bouncing in off Frohm's back just before the break. Popp wrapped it up in the 76th minute with a thumping header. France pushed for a late equaliser, but they couldn't find one in the end.
L. Oberdorf
Yellow Card
90' + 4' Oberdorf lunges in with a late, crunching tackle on Diani and she can have no complaints as she's shown a yellow card.
90' + 3' France have a free-kick through the middle and Bacha decides to have a go from long range. She lifts her curling shot over the wall, but there's no dip on it and it sails over the bar.
T. Waßmuth
S. Huth
90' + 1' Fourth change for Germany now and it's Huth that goes off for Wassmuth.
90' MISS! Germany have the chance to wrap up the game here as Lohmann squares it into the middle from the left. Dallmann takes it around Mbock Bathy before trying to slot it into the far post, but she rolls it just wide.
89' Popp has scored six of Germany's 13 goals at Euro 2022 (46 per cent). She's scored six times from 17 shots, while the rest of Germany's squad has combined for seven goals from 75 shots.
87' Bacha's free-kick is half-cleared by Germany and France quickly win it back. Perisset swings another good cross in from the right and picks out Renard, who thumps a header across goal, but Frohms stretches to hold it.
85' CHANCE! France are getting into some great positions and Perisset clips a good cross in from the right to pick out Mateo. The angle is tight, but she has a go from close range and lifts it over the bar.
83' MISS! It's well worked by France as Geyoro plays a one-two with Mateo on the edge of the box. She spins to face goal as Frohms rushes off her line, but she lifts her shot over the bar just before a belated offside flag goes up.
S. Doorsoun
M. Hegering
81' Hegering went across to the bench during Germany's celebrations, and she's now going off the pitch, with Doorsoun on for her.
O. Sarr
S. Toletti
80' Third change for France as they look for an equaliser. Toletti is taken off, with Sarr on to replace her.
79' CLOSE! France are keeping the pressure on here and Bacha finds herself in a pocket of space just outside the box. She lets it bounce before hitting the half-volley and it bounces inches wide of the far post.
78' France look to get an instant response to that Germany goal, with another long ball being played over the top towards Diani. There's too much on it though, and it's a comfortable catch for Frohms.
S. Huth
76' Huth put the original cross into the box that caused all the confusion among France's defenders and she picked out an even better one to set up Popp.
A. Popp
76' POPP SCORES AGAIN! France just couldn't clear their lines when the ball pinballed around in the box following a couple of half-chances. It's worked back out to the right and Huth swings it in. Nobody's tracking Popp, who makes a late run to nod it past Peyraud-Magnin into the back of the net. After a quick VAR check, it stands! 2-1 Germany!
G. Gwinn
Yellow Card
74' Gwinn couldn't shield the ball and Bacha got in front of her. The right-back tugs her to the ground and is shown a yellow card.
73' Germany are enjoying a good spell of possession here as they patiently try to break down France's shape. They're forced back into their own half though and can't find a way through.
71' Rauch's run down the left isn't picked up and she fizzes a first-time cross into the box. She's looking for Popp, but Mbock Bathy sticks out a leg to take it away from her.
S. Lohmann
S. Däbritz
69' And Dabritz is also taken off, with Lohmann on in her place.
L. Dallmann
L. Magull
68' Double change for Germany now, and Magull is the first to make way, with Dallmann replacing her.
67' FROHMS AGAIN! It's a poor attempted backpass by Hegering which Diani latches onto. She carries it into the box, making the angle tighter, and her low shot is blocked by Frohms at the near post.
66' It's laid off to Popp in the box, but she has Renard tight to her back. She touches it back out to Huth, who swings in a cross, but it's met by Mbock Bathy, who clears the danger.
64' GREAT SAVE! The resulting corner is swung into the far post and Renard rises high above everyone else to thump a header on goal. She nods it into the ground, and Frohms gets down to smother it.
63' GOOD SAVE! Diani powers her way into the box and brilliantly holds off Hendrich before squaring it into Bacha. The defenders sit off and she fires a shot on goal, but Frohms pushes it wide.
C. Matéo
D. Cascarino
61' Second change for France now, and it's Cascarino that's going off for Mateo.
60' Toletti cheaply gives the ball away and it looks like Popp is in behind. Renard steps in to win it back before Bilbault breaks on the counter. She slides it through for Bacha, but she can't keep it in play.
58' Popp sells Oberdorf short and Geyoro intercepts it before setting off on the counter. Cascarino is in acres of space on the left, and she picks her out, but Hendrich recovers brilliantly to block her long-range shot.
S. Bacha
Yellow Card
56' Oberdorf was clipping at Bacha's heels and as her arm swings back, she catches the midfielder in the face. It didn't look like there was much in it, but she's booked.
55' Popp is the first player to score in five consecutive matches at the Women's European Championships.
53' Germany work it down their right this time, with Brand spinning away from Karchaoui to open up some space. She cuts inside and pulls it back towards Dabritz, but Renard steps in with another important interception.
51' Germany are back to keeping possession well and they work it down their left again. Magull slides it through to Huth, but a poor first touch takes it straight out of play.
49' France are moving the ball around a lot quicker at the start of the second half and Geyoro tries to pick out Bacha. She gets sandwiched between two defenders though and can't do anything with it.
47' CHANCE! It's another good delivery from Rauch on a corner for Germany as she pulls it back to the edge of the area to Huth. She hits it on the half-volley but it flashes wide.
46' Germany get us back underway for the second half!
S. Bacha
M. Malard
46' France have made a change at the start of the second half. Malard is the player that's made way, with Bacha replacing her.
It was a fairly evenly matched first half, but Diacre will be pleased with how her side responded to going behind. They're the first team to score past Germany in this tournament, but so far, they haven't managed to score in the second half of games. Germany's game plan has worked well so far, but Voss-Tecklenburg will still be expecting more from her side after the break.
It's all level at the break, with Germany and France drawing 1-1. It took a while for the game to open up, but it was Germany who had the better of the early chances, with Popp forcing a good save out of Peyraud-Magnin with a curling free-kick. It was the German captain who broke the deadlock, volleying her shot into the roof of the net as she scores in the fifth game in a row. Just minutes later though, Diani's shot hit the woodwork and bounced in off the back of the diving Frohms.
M. Frohms
Own Goal
44' OWN GOAL! It's a poor clearance from Hegering which is cut out by Geyoro and Cascarino heads it on to Diani, who times her run perfectly to stay onside. She fires a powerful shot at goal which hits the near post, and it bounces in of the back of the diving Frohms and into the back of the net. 1-1!
42' Diani skips away from Rauch down the right and she pulls it back to Malard on the edge of the box. She spins, backheeling it into the area, but there's only a crowd of Germany players in there.
S. Huth
40' Huth has time to get her head up down the right and she clips a great cross into the far post for Popp.
A. Popp
40' POPP SCORES! For the fifth game in a row, the German captain finds the back of the net! Germany work it well down their right again and Huth swings it in from the right. Perisset doesn't keep her eye on Popp, and the forward gets in front of her at the far post to volley it over Peyraud-Magnin into the roof of the net. 1-0 Germany!
38' France are still struggling to find a way past Germany's high press, so Bilbault decides to go long to Cascarino. She makes a good run down the left, but there's too much on the pass and it bounces harmlessly out.
36' France are caught napping as Magull is playing into space down the right. Again, she takes too long to put a cross in though and Renard gets across to nudge her off the ball at the byline.
34' Karchaoui is played into trouble by Cascarino, as Popp is chasing the defender down. She's tracking back towards goal, and just manages to squeeze her clearance past the forward and into Geyoro.
32' Geyoro wins a free-kick and it's taken short by Toletti to Perisset. She whips a cross into the far post and Renard tries to hold off Hendrich to get a shot away, but it bounces straight out of play.
30' Karchaoui sloppily gifts the ball to Huth and she squares it into Magull in the box. Renard steps in to nick it and Magull dives under the contact. The referee tells her to get back up, but Renard isn't happy with the attempt to try and win a penalty.
28' Mbock Bathy switches it out to Cascarino on the left, but her route down the wing is blocked again. She squares it inside, but Germany are still staying compact in their shape.
26' The French players aren't happy as another foul goes against them, and it was a soft one as Malard brushed Gwinn aside. Rauch goes for goal, whipping it around the wall, but there isn't enough dip on it.
24' Germany are pressing France high up the field and making it difficult for them to get out of their own half. Oberdorf cuts out Diani's throughball and sets Huth away down the left, but her cross is blocked.
22' GREAT SAVE! Popp steps up to take the free-kick just outside the D and it's a good free-kick from the captain. She curls it through a small in the wall and it's sneaking into the near post, but Peyraud-Magnin stretches to tip it wide.
S. Toletti
Yellow Card
21' A couple of the French players had already tried to pull Brand back before Toletti stepped across her on the edge of the D. Germany have a free-kick and the midfielder receives the first booking of the game.
20' Germany win another free-kick, this time down the left and Magull steps up to take it. Her cross into the near post is too close to the keeper, and Peyraud-Magnin collects it.
18' It's good work by Cascarino again as three Germany defenders crowd around her, but she gets it back to Geyoro. She squares it into Bilbault, who loops a cross into the box, but it's collected by Frohms.
16' Dabritz goes long again, this time looking for Magull, but there's too much on it. Mbock Bathy shields it back to the keeper as Peyraud-Magnin rushes out of her box. She slides in to clear it away, just beating Magull to it.
14' France are happy to just let Germany keep possession at the moment. They're closing down the space ahead of them and making it difficult for them to find a way forward.
12' Germany work it well down their left, with Dabritz and Brand catching out Perisset with a clever one-two, and they win a corner. It's an unconvincing punch under no pressure by Peyraud-Magnin, but France manage to clear their lines.
10' Germany have progressed from eight of their nine semi-finals at the Women's European Championship, failing only against Italy in 1993.
8' France keep looking to their right side to make something happen as Diani plays a one-two with Toletti before trying to slide in Malard. She sets off too early though and the offside flag stops the attack.
6' It's a great throughball from Oberdorf to pick out Magull and she cuts inside from the left but takes too long. Renard steps in with a vital interception and she almost gets Diani away on the counter until Hegering steps in.
4' Cascarino does well to hold off Gwinn and spins inside before threading a dangerous ball into the box. Diani is chasing it down and Rauch has to step in to help it out for a corner.
2' It's Germany with all of the possession in the opening minutes and they've won a free-kick. Rauch swings it in from the right, but Popp gets caught under it and her header loops high into the air.
1' Malard gets the game underway for France!
The teams are out on the pitch, the national anthems have been sung, and kick-off is just moments away!
France are the only one of this year's four semi-finalists to reach this stage for the first time. Each of the last four first-time semi-finalists were eliminated from this round (Spain 1997, Finland 2005, Netherlands 2009 and Austria 2017), with Germany the last to progress in 1989.
Corinne Diacre was clearly impressed with her team's performance against Netherlands last time out as she names an unchanged starting line-up today, despite being taken to extra time last Saturday.
Martina Voss-Tecklenburg makes just one change to the side that beat Austria in the quarter-final, and it's an enforced one. Klara Buhl, a key player for Germany so far, has been ruled out after testing positive for Covid-19, so Brand is brought in to replace her.
FRANCE SUBS: Mylene Chavas, Justine Lerond, Ella Palis, Marion Torrent, Aissatou Tounkara, Clara Mateo, Selma Bacha, Kenza Dali, Sandy Baltimore, Ouleymata Sarr, Hawa Cissoko.
FRANCE STARTING XI (4-3-3): Pauline Peyraud-Magnin; Eve Perisset, Griedge Mbock Bathy, Wendie Renard, Sakina Karchaoui; Charlotte Bilbault, Sandie Toletti, Grace Geyoro; Kadidiatou Diani, Melvine Malard, Delphine Cascarino.
GERMANY SUBS: Almuth Schult, Ann-Katrin Berger, Sophia Kleinherne, Lena Lattwein, Lea Schuller, Sydney Lohmann, Laura Freigang, Nicole Anyomi, Linda Dallmann, Tabea Wassmuth, Sara Doorsoun.
GERMANY STARTING XI (4-3-3): Marle Frohms; Giulia Gwinn, Kathrin Hendrich, Marina Hegering, Felicitas Rauch; Lina Magull, Lena Oberdorf, Sara Dabritz; Svenja Huth, Alexandra Popp, Jule Brand.
France have made history by reaching the semi-finals of the Euros for the first time after seeing off defending champions Netherlands 1-0 in extra time last time out. They're unbeaten in their last 18 matches in all competitions and are looking to reach the final as they search for their first-ever major tournament title. Germany, on the other hand, are playing in a record 10th semi-final after beating Austria 2-0 in the last round. They've won all four of their games in the tournament so far without conceding as they aim to take a step closer to their ninth European title.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Women's Euro 2022 semi-final between Germany and France at Stadium MK!