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England v Germany Live Commentary, 7/31/22

2 - 1
E. Toone (62)
C. Kelly (110)
L. Magull (79)
Wembley Stadium
(FT 1 - 1)


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England make history by lifting the European Championship for the first time. For Germany, their 100 per cent record in Euros finals comes to an end as they miss the chance to lift their ninth title.
ENGLAND WIN THE EUROS! Kelly's extra-time goal gives England a 2-1 win over Germany! Toone came off the bench in the second half and within minutes put England ahead with a wonderful chip over Frohms. Magull pulled one back for Germany in the 79th minute with a clever finish at the near post. Another substitute in Kelly was the difference in the end as she latched onto the rebound of her own saved shot to poke it past Frohms from close range in the second half of extra time.
120' + 2' Final few seconds on the clock, and England are still keeping it high upfield. Germany just haven't been able to get out of their own half in the last few minutes and they're running out of time.
N. Parris
L. Hemp
120' Wiegman is using her last substitution to run down the clock further, and Hemp is the player making way for Parris.
119' England are managing this game well as we head into the final few minutes here. They're keeping it in the corner when they can and stopping Germany from advancing too far upfield when they do lose the ball.
117' GOOD SAVE! Williamson blocks a clearance and nods it straight back to Kelly on the edge of the D. She cushions it down for Russo, who takes it past Doorsoun before firing a shot on goal, and Frohms tips it over the bar.
115' BLOCK! Lattwein loops a cross into the right of the box and Huth is chasing it down. Hemp makes a brilliant recovering run as she tracks back with her though and helps her shot into the side netting.
L. Lattwein
F. Rauch
113' Final roll of the dice for Germany here as Rauch is taken off and replaced by Lattwein, who has brought a sheet of instructions onto the field with her.
C. Kelly
Yellow Card
111' Kelly took her shirt off in celebration after putting England ahead, and she's booked for it.
C. Kelly
110' KELLY SCORES! Kelly did well to win the corner by getting out of a tight spot, and she scored from it! Hemp swings it in deep, and it hits Bronze before falling to Kelly. Her first shot is smothered by Frohms, but she reacts quickly to poke it through Hendrich's legs and into the back of the net. 2-1 England!
108' Scott does well to nick it off Dallmann and she touches it out to Toone on the left. She takes on the shot from range, and it's heading in at the near post until Frohms kicks it away.
106' England get us back underway!
There's still nothing between the sides at half-time in extra time, with England and Germany drawing 1-1. Neither side created any real chances in that first 15 minutes, but both managers will be urging them forward for to try and find something in the second half.
105' England are trying to go long to ease the pressure on their defence, but it keeps coming back at them. Bright's clearance is nodded back into midfield by Hendrich, but Oberdorf runs straight into Scott.
S. Doorsoun
M. Hegering
103' Fifth change for Germany now, and it's Hegering that's going off for Doorsoun.
102' This is the first Women's European Championship final to go to extra time since the 2001 edition when Germany went on to beat Sweden 1-0.
A. Russo
Yellow Card
100' Russo and Oberdorf both slide in to try and reach a loose ball, and the German midfielder just gets there first. They both catch the other, but Russo goes into the book.
98' Walsh spreads it out to Kelly on the right and she lifts a good cross into the middle. Russo has made a run to the far post, but Hegering is there to clear it again.
96' Scott steps in with a well-timed tackle to dispossess Oberdorf, and while Germany ask for a free-kick, she sets Russo away through the middle. She has no support though, and she's eventually crowded off it.
94' It's a lovely flick from Kelly, who has Oberdorf tight to her back, and she picks out Toone's run down the left. She squeezes it onto Russo, who wins a corner, but it comes to nothing.
92' England are seeing a lot of the ball in the opening minutes since the restart, but Germany are staying compact at the back. Bright goes long towards Russo, but Rauch gets there first.
91' We're back underway for extra time!
L. Dallmann
L. Magull
90' Germany are making a change before extra time. The goal scorer, Magull, goes off for Dallmann.
It looked like England were tiring towards the end of that game, but Germany's equaliser gave them a second wind. It was tight between these sides throughout the whole 90 minutes, and they'll be hoping to get this done without taking it to penalties.
After 90 minutes, it's 1-1 between England and Germany which means the Euro 2022 final is going to extra time. Toone came off the bench to score a wonderful chip minutes after her introduction, but Magull pegged them back again in the 79th minute when she turned it into the roof of the net from close range. The midfielder could've had a second, if not for a fingertip save from Earps which turned her shot onto the post.
90' + 4' In the final minute of stoppage time, Germany have a late free-kick. Magull swings it in, but Williamson meets it before Hemp helps it further away.
90' + 2' Bronze curls a wonderful cross in from the right and Frohms manages to push it away under pressure. Anyomi's clearance only goes as far as Williamson and England are back on the attack.
90' Greenwood wins it off Magull and goes long for Toone. It looks like Gwinn has it dealt with until a loose backpass gives the substitute a chance to chase it down, but Frohms rushes out to clear her lines.
J. Scott
G. Stanway
88' And Stanway, who is on a booking, also makes way, with Scott replacing her.
A. Greenwood
R. Daly
88' Final changes for England now, and Daly is the first to be taken off, with Greenwood on in her place.
87' Russo accidentally caught Hegering in the face as she tried to break away through the middle, and the defender stayed down. She receives treatment, but she's okay to carry on.
85' Magull squares it into Gwinn on the edge of the box and she opens up her body before curling a shot towards goal. Stanway stands tall to block it, but she can't set Walsh on the counter.
83' Gwinn finds space down the right again and fizzes a dangerous low cross into the box. Wassmuth is waiting, but Williamson steps across her to help get it back to Earps.
81' England go straight up the other end, with Hemp making a good run down the right before clipping a cross into Russo. Her header ends up looping into the air and Toone can't get to it before Frohms.
T. Waßmuth
79' Wassmuth picked up a good position on the right of the box and quickly got her head up to spot Magull in the middle.
L. Magull
79' MAGULL EQUALISES! It's been coming from Germany, and they've found a way through! Oberdorf does most of the work, taking it around Williamson and carrying her team upfield before knocking it out to Wassmuth. She squares it into Magull, who gets in front of Williamson to turn it past Earps and into the roof of the net. 1-1!
77' Toone is the sixth substitute to score in the final of the Women's European Championship, with each of the previous five doing so for the winning side.
75' It's another brilliant throughball from Walsh, this time to pick out Russo between Germany's central defenders. A loose touch from the substitute allows Hegering to get across though and the chance is gone.
S. Lohmann
S. Däbritz
73' Another change for Germany here as they continue to search for an equaliser. Dabritz is the player making way, with Lohmann replacing him.
71' Wassmuth manages to squeeze a pass into Dabritz, who holds off Bright to lay it off to Magull. She drills another low shot towards goal, and a deflection off Stanway takes it wide of the far post.
69' Both sides are struggling to keep hold of the ball at the moment as they try to hurry it upfield. Oberdorf spins away from Kelly before trying to slide in Anyomi, but Williamson is there for England.
N. Anyomi
L. Schüller
67' Germany are making their own change following the England goal. Schuller is taken off, with Anyomi replacing her.
66' GREAT SAVE! Magull finds the space in behind England as she drives down the right and she fires a powerful shot at the near post. Earps tips it onto the post with her fingertips and then gets back on her line to stop Huth's low effort.
64' The momentum has swung back England's way now and they're pushing Germany back into their own half. It's a good cross in from Russo on the left, but Hendrich gets in front of Toone.
C. Kelly
B. Mead
63' England are making a change while the celebrations go on. Mead made her way straight to the bench with the medical team, and Kelly is on in her place.
K. Walsh
62' Walsh has so much space in midfield, and she gets her head up to spot Toone starting her run between the defenders.
E. Toone
62' TOONE SCORES! What an impact from the substitute! It's a wonderful throughball from Walsh that cuts Germany's defence wide open and Toone times her run perfectly. She gets in between the defenders and when she gets into the box, she chips a lovely shot over the keeper and into the far bottom corner. 1-0 England!
61' Hegering gingerly got straight back to her feet, but Mead is still receiving treatment. It looks like she's struggling with cramp, and she's not going to be able to carry on.
59' The pass from Toone out to Mead is too heavy, but the winger doesn't give it up. She slides in, clashing with Hegering as they both go for it, and Mead is in a bit of pain here.
L. Schüller
Yellow Card
57' The yellow card is out again this time for Schuller, who just flicked out at Earps as the keeper came to smother her shot. She's pleading her innocence but doesn't escape a booking.
L. Oberdorf
Yellow Card
57' Stanway is breaking through the middle, and she tries to skip away from Oberdorf. She slides in with a heavy challenge for which she's shown a yellow card.
A. Russo
E. White
56' And Russo, who has scored four goals as a substitute already in this tournament, also comes on to replace White.
E. Toone
F. Kirby
55' Double change for England now, and Kirby, who's struggled to get a foothold in this game, is the first to go off, with Toone on for her.
54' Gwinn gets away down the right again, but this time her cross is deflected out by Daly. Rauch curls the resulting corner into the crowded six-yard box, but Earps comes out to collect it again.
52' England's frustration is starting to show as Germany continue to keep them penned back inside their own half. Gwinn lifts a good cross in from the right, but Bright steps in front of Schuller to cut it out.
50' CHANCE! Germany have made a very bright start to this second half and Wassmuth squares it into Magull in the middle. She takes a touch but then snatches at the shot and fires it wide of the near post.
48' SAVE! Bright misjudges the bounce of the ball and Wassmuth latches onto it before driving down the left. She cuts into the box before hitting a low shot across goal, but Earps gets down to hold it.
46' Germany get us back underway for the second half!
T. Waßmuth
J. Brand
46' There is a change for Germany at the start of the second half. Brand is taken off, with Wassmuth on to replace her.
Both managers will be pleased with what they've seen so far; England and Germany have both enjoyed good spells in the game, but have just been lacking a clinical edge in front of goal. Substitutes could play a key part in the second half though if either team are struggling to find a breakthrough.
It's goalless at the break between England and Germany. It was an evenly-matched first 45 minutes, with both sides creating some good chances. White forced a good save out of Frohms early on and also fired an effort just over the crossbar. At the other end, Bronze made a great block to deny Dabritz before a scramble saw Williamson clear Hegering's close-range chance off the line.
44' The ball bounces back to Hemp and she spins before volleying a cross into the box. Mead chests it down, but can't bring it under control and Hegering hooks it away from Stanway.
42' Hemp's corner is cleared at the near post, but England keep hold of it. Bronze lifts it over the crowd to try and pick out White at the far post, but it skims the top of her head and she can't get a shot away.
F. Rauch
Yellow Card
40' Rauch clatters into Mead, getting nowhere near the ball, and she's the first German player to go into the book.
38' GREAT CHANCE! White latches onto Rauch's attempted clearance and sets Mead away down the right. She pulls it back for White on the edge of the box, and she takes it first time, but she fires it just over the bar.
36' England are enjoying a good spell of possession at the moment, but it's all in front of Germany. Bright goes for the big switch out to Hemp, but she's once again blocked off by Gwinn.
34' Gwinn finds some space down the right again and this time, she clips a good cross into the box. Earps comes to pluck it out of the air just before Schuller can get her head to it.
32' Frohms decides to go long this time and picks out Magull down the right. She flicks it onto Gwinn, but Daly and Bright manage to block her way into the final third.
30' England switch is well from right to left and Hemp darts down the wing. She twists away from Gwinn, but then ends up fouling the right-back in an attempt to keep hold of the ball.
28' Hemp's free-kick is volleyed back into the middle by Bright and there's a scramble in Germany's box this time. There are big shouts from the England players and fans for a penalty, but Schuller's arm was tight to her side and nothing's given.
27' VAR is just checking a potential penalty for Germany after that scramble in the box. It was looking at a possible handball, but they don't see anything wrong with it and the game will carry on.
25' SCRAMBLE! Germany's corner is curled into the six-yard box and Brand gets a flick-on at the near post. Earps pushes it away and Hegering pokes it back towards the line. Williamson clears it off the line and helps it back into the keeper's gloves.
E. White
Yellow Card
23' Another foul goes against England, and White isn't happy with the referee's last two decisions. She makes her feelings known and is booked for dissent.
G. Stanway
Yellow Card
23' Stanway takes a loose touch and chases down the ball as Dabritz runs onto it. She steps across her to try and make up for her error, but ends up receiving a yellow card.
22' White almost catches Hendrich on the ball again, but the defender does well to play herself out of trouble this time. She threads it forward, looking for Schuller, but Stanway cuts it out.
20' England are making it difficult for Germany to get out of their own half as White forces Hendrich into a mistake which results in a corner. Mead whips a deep one into Bronze, but she nods it wide.
18' Another free-kick for England, this time on the right after Mead is tripped. Hemp takes this one and Hendrich rises highest to put it out for a corner, which Frohms pushes away from White.
16' Oberdorf gets too tight to Stanway in midfield and England have a free-kick in midfield. Mead tries to pick out White's run to the far post, but it's over everyone and harmlessly out of play.
14' Wiegman is the first manager to lead two different nations in the final at the Women's Euros, following her triumph with Netherlands in 2017. Her overall record in the competition is 11 wins from 11 games.
12' Germany are just starting to up the pressure now and Dabritz is allowed to carry the ball a long way. The space continues to open up so she has a go from range, and her effort curls just wide.
10' BLOCK! Huth surges forward down the right and pulls a dangerous cross back into the box that's out of Bright's reach. Dabritz has time to take a touch before taking the shot but Bronze is in the right place to block it.
8' Germany are moving the ball quickly upfield when they win possession back and Dabritz slides it down the left for Brand. There's just too much on it though, and she can't keep it in play.
6' Mead's corner is over everyone, but Bronze recycles it on the far side, curling her shot right onto the goal line. White challenges Frohms for it, with the referee judging it to be a foul against the keeper.
4' SAVE! It's a lovely throughball from Walsh down the left to Kirby and she cuts inside, losing Hendrich. She lifts a great cross into the far post and White thumps her header towards goal, but Frohms parries it away.
2' Hemp tracks back to dispossess Huth and then sets off on the counter after a clever one-two with Kirby. She drives down the left before Oberdorf steps in to stop her progress.
1' England get the Euro 2022 final underway!
The teams are out on the pitch, the national anthems have been sung, and kick-off is just moments away!
Germany have won all four of their matches against England at the Women's European Championships by an aggregate score of 15-4. This is the first meeting between the sides at the tournament since the 2009 final when Germany won 6-2.
Martina Voss-Tecklenburg had originally named an unchanged line-up from the semi-final win over France, however, captain Popp, who has scored in all the games so far, has been injured in the warm-up. Schuller replaces her.
Sarina Wiegman once again sticks with the same line-up that's started every other game in the tournament so far. England are the first team in European Championship history to name the same starting XI in every match from the group stages to the final.
GERMANY SUBS: Almuth Schult, Ann-Katrin Berger, Sophia Kleinherne, Lena Lattwein, Sydney Lohmann, Laura Freigang, Niole Anyomi, Linda Dallmann, Tabea Wassmuth, Sara Doorsoun.
GERMANY STARTING XI (4-3-3): Merle Frohms; Guilia Gwinn, Kathrin Hendrich, Marina Hegering, Felicitas Rauch; Lina Magull, Lena Oberdorf, Sara Dabritz; Svenja Huth, Lea Schuller, Jule Brand.
ENGLAND SUBS: Hannah Hampton, Ellie Roebuck, Alex Greenwood, Jessica Carter, Demi Stokes, Jill Scott, Nikita Parris, Chloe Kelly, Beth England, Ella Toone, Lotte Wubben-Moy, Alessia Russo.
ENGLAND STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Mary Earps; Lucy Bronze, Millie Bright, Leah Williamson, Rachel Daly; Georgia Stanway, Keira Walsh; Beth Mead, Fran Kirby, Lauren Hemp; Ellen White.
The host nation England are playing in their third European Championship final today as they go in search of their first-ever major trophy. They brushed Sweden aside 4-0 in their semi-final to continue their winning run, and have scored 20 goals so far, conceding just once in the process. Germany are making their ninth appearance in the final and have a 100 per cent record, having won each of the previous eight. Their captain Alexandra Popp starred in the last round again, scoring twice to help her side to a 2-1 win over France.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Women's Euro 2022 final between England and Germany at Wembley Stadium!