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M. Höbinger
L. Feiersinger
M. Georgieva
V. Schnaderbeck
C. Kelly
B. Mead
A. Russo
E. White
B. Mead
F. Kirby
1 - 0

Match Stats

59% 40%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 5 2
Total Passes 525 347
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 England ENG England 3 3 0 0 14 0 +14 9 W W W
2 Austria AUT Austria 3 2 0 1 3 1 +2 6 W W L
3 Norway NOR Norway 3 1 0 2 4 10 -6 3 L L W
4 Northern Ireland NIR Northern Ireland 3 0 0 3 1 11 -10 0 L L L




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England take three points from their opening game, and they sit top of Group A ahead of the other group game tomorrow. They face Norway next time out on Monday. Austria will be hoping to bounce back quickly in their next match when they play Northern Ireland.
England win their opening game of Euro 2022, edging past Austria 1-0. Mead's early goal was the difference between the sides, as she chipped Zinsberger, and it was given by goal-line technology after Wenniger's attempted clearance. The hosts dominated the first half, with White missing good chances, while Hemp was denied by the keeper. Austria had a couple of good attempts late on as they searched for an equaliser, with Earps making good saves to deny Dunst and Hickelsberger-Fuller.
90' Austria are still looking for a late equaliser here and Hickelsberger-Fuller is looking bright down the right. She drills a dangerous, low cross into the middle of the box, but none of her team-mates are there.
88' SAVE! Hickelsberger-Fuller spins away from Daly and the space opens up for her on the edge of the box. She drills a low shot towards the near post, but Earps gets down well to hold it.
M. Höbinger
L. Feiersinger
87' Feiersinger is the player that's going off, and she's still holding her shoulder as she makes her way towards the bench. Hobinger replaces her.
86' Feiersinger has gone down holding her shoulder just off to the side of the pitch and she looks to be in a bit of pain. Austria are getting ready to make a change, and this could be the end of her game.
84' Wienroither stretches to stop Kelly's run down the left, but her clearance is sliced straight to Stanway. It comes back out to Kelly on the left, but the full-back does well to block her off again.
82' SAVE! England break on the counter, with Walsh picking out Hemp's run down the right. She drags it away from Hanshaw before having a go from the edge of the box, but it's straight at Zinsberger.
80' Feiersinger gets a bit lucky with the ricochet as it bounces off Stanway back to her and she spins and drives forward on the counter. She goes down under pressure from Kelly on the edge of the box, but the referee waves her back to her feet.
78' GOOD SAVE! Austria are pushing for the equaliser and Bronze just switches off as Dunst cuts inside from the left. She curls a shot towards the far post from the edge of the box, and Earps stretches to push it wide.
M. Georgieva
V. Schnaderbeck
77' Second change for Austria now as Schnaderbeck is taken off and replaced by Georgieva.
76' CLOSE! A loose pass from Billa bounces out to Kelly on the right, and she drives forward before cutting inside. She has options on either side but chooses to go it alone as she drills a low shot on goal, but she sends it just wide.
74' Daly swings a leg at Hickelsberger-Fuller, giving away a needless free-kick down the right. Zadrazil steps up to take it, swinging a good cross into the crowded six-yard box, but Bright is there to clear the danger for England again.
72' It's a poor free-kick from Hemp on the left, but Hanshaw's touch actually helps it towards goal. Russo gambled with a run to the near post, but she snatches at the chance, and can't direct her shot on target from close range.
70' The game is starting to open up now as Austria look for an equaliser. Hemp breaks on the counter but overhits the cross into the box and it's too high for everyone in the middle.
68' Kelly whips a corner into the box, but it's glanced away by Hickelsberger-Fuller at the near post. Russo keeps it alive at the far post, knocking it out to Toone, who floats it in, but Zinsberger collects.
66' Austria are dropping deeper in their own half as England push forward again. Toone spreads it out to Hemp this time, and she gets away from Dunst with some clever footwork before Wienroither blocks her low cross.
A. Russo
E. White
64' And White is also taken off, with Russo on in her place.
C. Kelly
B. Mead
64' The goalscorer, Mead, is also making way, with Kelly on to replace her.
E. Toone
F. Kirby
63' England are making a triple change as they look to add to their advantage. Kirby is the first player to go off, with Toone on for her.
61' England are starting to move it quicker upfield again, with Walsh looking for Hemp down the left again. Wienroither is giving her no time on the ball though, and Austria are able to clear their lines.
J. Hickelsberger
K. Naschenweng
59' Austria are making the first change of the game as Naschenweng is taken off and replaced by Hickelsberger-Fuller.
58' Hemp loses out down the right, and Wienroither turns on the counter, driving down the wing. She tries to slide it though for Billa ahead of her, but the forward isn't on the same wavelength, and Bright wins it straight back.
56' CHANCE! Hanshaw picks out Naschenweng from a throw-in, and she drags it away from Bronze to open up a pocket of space. She drills a shot across goal but doesn't trouble Earps.
54' Since the group stage was introduced for the 1997 edition with Sweden and Norway joint-hosts, the hosts of the Women's Euros have never lost their opening match of the tournament (W6 D1).
52' It's a loose clearing header by Schnaderbeck as she nods it straight down to Kirby. She has to sort her feet out quickly to hit it first time as Wenniger closes her down, and it's a comfortable save for Zinsberger.
50' Zadrizil loses out in midfield and Walsh threads a great ball through to Mead, who has a lot of space to run into down the left. Austria flood bodies back into their box though and easily clear the cross away.
48' Puntigam stands strong against Stanway and spins before lifting it over the top to Naschenweng down the left. Bright hesitates, which gives her the chance to lift a cross into the middle, but Williamson gets there ahead of Billa.
46' RESTART! England get us back underway for the second half!
Wiegman will feel that her side should be taking a bigger advantage into half-time with some of the chances that they created, but she'll be pleased with the performance so far. Austria made a bright start to the game though, and Fuhrmann will be hoping they can do the same again as they try to get back into the game.
Mead's goal gives England a 1-0 lead over Austria at half-time. The hosts were the better side in the first half after a nervy start. With 16 minutes on the clock, Mead broke through the lines to chip a lovely goal over Zinsberger, which was given by goal-line technology after Wenniger's attempted clearance. White had some great chances, sending three headers wide, while Zinsberger made a brilliant save just before the break to deny Hemp.
45' + 1' GOOD SAVE! White wins the ball off Wenniger down the left and spins before squaring it into Kirby at the near post. She helps it onto Hemp at the far post, and Zinsberger rushes out and makes herself big to help the shot over the crossbar.
44' WIDE! Hemp loses Hanshaw after cutting inside from the right again and she lifts a good cross onto the penalty spot. White loses Schnaderbeck this time and glances her header towards goal, but sends it wide of the far post.
42' Puntigam is being closed down in midfield, but she squeezes a great ball through to Feiersinger. She knocks it out to Dunst, who whips a dangerous cross into the six-yard box, but Bright is there to meet it again for England.
40' England are back to keeping possession as they patiently work it out from the back. Austria are closing down the space well though and making it difficult for the hosts to find a way through.
38' It's better from Austria now, as they play out from the back. Dunst makes a good run down the right, but gifts it straight to Daly when she tries to slide it through for Zadrazil.
36' Austria are being penned back deep in their own half as Bronze fizzes a low cross into the middle for Stanway. It's knocked back out to Hemp on the right, whose low cross it aimed towards Bronze, but she can't direct a shot on target.
34' It's worked out to England's left again, with Kirby picking out Mead's run this time. She drills a low cross into the middle this time, and Hemp makes a late run onto it, but she can't get there ahead of Zinsberger.
32' Williamson drills it out to Mead on the left and she cuts inside, wrongfooting Wienroither. She whips a great cross into the middle, but it's just too high for White, who has Schnaderbeck tight to her once again.
30' Austria move it quickly upfield when they win the ball back and win a corner. Zadrazil curls a good cross into the crowded six-yard box, but Earps gets there first to punch it away and Bronze helps to clear the danger.
28' Mead has scored 15 goals in 15 appearances for England since the start of 2021, more than any other player.
26' GREAT CHANCE! Kirby makes a great weaving run down the left, taking it past three Austria defenders before curling a brilliant cross into the middle. White uses the pace on the ball as she flicks it towards the far post, but she sends it wide.
25' England are on the attack again, with Bright going long to pick out Bronze this time. She plays a good one-two with Mead, but a heavy touch lets her down at the byline before she can pull it back towards White.
23' Mead whips the corner into the box, with Bright peeling away at the far post to nod it back into the middle. Bronze then helps it towards goal, and Schnaderbeck just does enough to drag White away so the keeper can collect it.
22' Austria just can't get out of their own half at the moment as England come forward again. Hemp makes another dangerous run down the left but sees her cross blocked for a corner.
20' England look a lot more comfortable after a slightly nervy start, and they're knocking it around in their own half. Walsh tries to get White in behind, but the forward set off too soon, and the offside flag goes up.
18' Just a slight delay to the restart as VAR has a quick check to make sure all of the ball crossed the line for Mead's goal. The goal-line technology gave it, and it does stand after the check.
F. Kirby
16' Kirby was stretching to get on the end of Hemp's nod down and did well to get there ahead of Puntigam to lift it into Mead.
B. Mead
16' MEAD SCORES! Hemp nods it down for Kirby, who lifts a great ball over Austria's defence to pick out Mead on the edge of the box. She brings it down on her chest and cleverly chips it over Zinsberger, who was rushing off her line. Wenniger rushes to clear it off the line but doesn't get there in time, and the goal is given. 1-0 England!
14' Austria have never lost a Women's European Championship match in regular time, winning twice and drawing times in their only previous participation in 2017.
12' England are just starting to up the pressure now and Bronze whips a brilliant cross in from the right. It's just too high for White, who got ahead of Wenniger, but Hemp is behind her. She flicks a header on but sends it wide of the far post.
10' CHANCE! Bright plays a wonderful floated ball over the top of Austria's defence out to Hemp on the right and she takes a touch before clipping a cross into the middle. White backtracks so she can head it towards goal, but it loops into Zinsberger's gloves.
8' Stanway loses out to Feiersinger, who has made a bright start to this game. She spreads it out to Naschenweng on the left, who curls an early cross into the box, but it's met by Bright.
6' Williamson gives the ball away inside her own box and Zadrazil picks it up on the edge of the D. Her shot is blocked by Bright, so she tries to slide it through for Billa, but a deflection off Daly takes it out for a corner, which comes to nothing.
4' Hanshaw just takes too long on the ball and ends up gifting it to Stanway. She darts forward down the right but gets her cross all wrong, slicing it well wide of the near post.
2' Hemp wins a free-kick after intercepting Zinsberger's goal kick, and it's in a good position for England. Hemp whips it in from the left, looking for Bronze's run to the far post, but the keeper collects it.
1' KICK-OFF! Billa gets the game underway for Austria!
The teams are out on the pitch, the national anthems have been sung, and kick-off is just moments away!
This is the eighth meeting between England and Austria in all competitions, with the Lionesses winning all seven previous games, scoring 22 goals and conceding just one.
Irene Fuhrmann makes three changes to her team from the friendly win over Belgium last time out, with Wenniger, Schnaderbeck and Naschenweng all coming into the side. Georgieva, Degen and Hickelsberger-Fuller start on the bench.
Wiegman makes just two changes from the side that beat Switzerland in their last friendly outing. Bronze and White are brought in after being rested in that game, with Greenwood and Russo dropping to the bench.
AUSTRIA SUBS: Isbella Kresche, Jasmin Pal, Marina Georgieva, Celina Degen, Annabel Schasching, Katharina Schiechtl, Virginia Kirchberger, Marie-Therese Hobinger, Jasmin Eder, Julia Hickelsberger-Fuller, Lisa Makas, Stefanie Enzinger.
AUSTRIA STARTING XI (4-1-4-1): Manuela Zinsberger; Laura Wienroither, Carina Wenninger, Viktoria Schnaderbeck, Verena Hanshaw; Sarah Puntigam; Barbara Dunst, Sarah Zadrazil, Laura Feiersinger, Katharina Naschenweng; Nicole Billa.
ENGLAND SUBS: Hannah Hampton, Ellie Roebuck, Alex Greenwood, Jessica Carter, Demi Stokes, Jill Scott, Nikita Parris, Chloe Kelly, Bethany England, Ella Toone, Lotte Wubben-Moy, Alessia Russo.
ENGLAND STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Mary Earps; Lucy Bronze, Millie Bright, Leah Williamson, Rachel Daly; Georgia Stanway, Keira Walsh; Beth Mead, Fran Kirby, Lauren Hemp; Ellen White.
England automatically qualified for the tournaments as hosts, and they're among the favourites to lift the trophy in Sarina Wiegman's first major tournament in charge. They reached the semi-finals at Euro 2017, getting knocked out by eventual champions Netherlands. The hosts are in good form coming into this game, winning each of their last 11 outings in all competitions. Austria qualified as one of the three best runners-up and they're hoping to emulate success in 2017 when they reached the semi-final, in what was their first appearance at a major tournament. They've lost just one of their last eight matches in all competitions, winning the other seven.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the opening match at the Women's Euro 2022 between England and Austria at Old Trafford!