Premier League kits 2022-23: ranking every home and away shirt from worst to best

Premier League 2022-23 kits ranked
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The winners and losers of the replica shirt shakedown

It’s finally here. Seventy-five days after the Premier League drew to a close, the teams are back and ready to do it all again. While the league took a break – and the summer was rightly dominated by the Lionesses – those teams have been drip-feeding their kits for the upcoming season. Or at least most of them have. Due to supply chain issues, some teams have taken it right to the wire, while other clubs – we’re looking at you Chelsea and Leicester – still haven’t launched their away kits for the season.

As the Premier League begins its 30th year, we’ve pulled together this year’s league table based entirely on each club’s home and away kits.

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  1. Leicester
    Leicester FC / GOAL

    #20 Leicester

    Home: 6/10

    Leicester’s home shirt references some from its past – including a collar taken from the ‘70s and the “dynamic fox” aesthetic of the ‘80s – all of which contribute to a clean and classic kit. While  the stripped back “dynamic fox” design is a nod to the team of Gary Lineker and Alan Smith, it’s also slightly on the safe side.

    Away: 0/10
    That kit you see there is the Foxes third kit, and while we have no problem with it, it's crucially not the away kit. The club had delays for the home shirt and it seems something similar has happened with the away, as there isn't even a leak knocking about. We could have left a silhouette there, but that looked weird. Rock bottom for you, Leicester.

    Total: N/A

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  2. Southampton
    Southampton FC / GOAL

    #19 Southampton

    Home: 3/10
    Southampton’s 2022-23 home shirt is inspired by one of its previous classics worn by Kevin Keegan, Alan Ball and others which has been inverted for the upcoming season. The issue is that it doesn’t work anywhere near as well. Most people would see Southampton as wearing mostly red – they even went all red as recently as 2013-14 – but this is very much a white kit with red details.

    Away: 2/10
    The wave pattern of Southampton’s away shirt is a reference to the sea, as well as the city’s docks and maritime location. It’s all just too much, though. The design is distracting and the gold detailing does nothing to help the overall finish.

    Total: 5/20

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  3. Newcastle
    Newcastle FC / GOAL

    #18 Newcastle

    Home: 6/10

    Newcastle’s last home shirt was bad - everyone knew it. This season features a huge improvement as the club goes back to basics. The black and white stripes are perfectly sized and distributed, and the simple trim around the sleeves and collar gives an added detail to a classic kit.

    Away: 1/10

    Honestly, the less said about it, the better.

    Total: 7/20

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  4. Everton
    Everton FC / GOAL

    #17 Everton

    Home: 4/10
    As shirts go, it’s pretty dull. It’s Everton’s classic blue and white, almost exactly as it always is. The few details – a measly two Hummel chevrons per arm and a heat-embossed tower pattern – do little to set this shirt apart from the competition. The “Stake” sponsor logo doesn’t do it any favours, either.

    Away: 3/10
    Everton’s bright pink away colours return for the first time since 2019-20, and once again it’s a missed opportunity for the Toffees. The shirt’s stand-out feature – apart from the garish colour – is a geometric pattern that runs across the front. Yes, the away shirt is bad, but at least it’s nowhere near as bad as the goalkeeper’s away shirt.

    Total: 7/20

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  5. Wolves
    Wolves FC / GOAL

    #16 Wolves

    Home: 5/10
    Wolves’ Castore-produced home shirt is about as simple as they come. Almost nothing has been added to the shirt, which comes in the club’s signature “Old Gold” Pantone colour, with an entirely expectable about of black detailing around the collar and sleeves. Nothing to see here. 

    Away: 4/10
    The away shirt is a little more interesting than the home shirt, although not necessarily better. It’s mainly teal – in reference to the girders and fixing of Molineux’s Billy Wright Stand – but the classic gold also returns. Further inspiration apparently comes from the club’s away shirt between 1996-1998, but the pattern instead looks like an astrological chart.

    Total: 9/20

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  6. Liverpool
    Liverpool FC / GOAL

    #15 Liverpool

    Home: 6/10
    Since signing with Nike in 2020, Liverpool’s kits have often featured unneeded additions that were never seen again. The first season bought teal, which was then replaced by orange. 2022-23 features no such addition and instead arrives in the simple and classic all-red. It’s nothing spectacular, but it doesn’t need to be.

    Away: 4/10
    Liverpool’s away shirt is neither simple nor classic. Instead, it’s a psychedelic design inspired by the city’s influence on the music industry. There are some interesting elements – including the fact that no two shirts will be the same – but all-in-all, it falls a bit flat and certainly doesn’t stand up against last season’s instant classic away shirt.

    Total: 10/10

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  7. Bournemouth
    Bournemouth FC / GOAL

    #14 Bournemouth

    Home: 7/10

    Taking a similar approach to Crystal Palace, Bournemouth has also taken a different approach to their traditional stripes. This effort works a bit better, though, with a zig-zag-style pattern taking inspiration from the architecture of Bournemouth’s stadium. Keeping the focus on the main section of the shirt, the design is finished with a solid red collar and sleeves.

    Away: 3/10
    The big issue with Bournemouth’s away kit is that it looks like a Hawaiian shirt. Apparently the palm tree design and colour palette of “Jacaranda Purple” and “Baja Blue” is inspired by the club’s location on the coast, but it's presumably been a long time since those things were seen in Dorset.

    Total: 10/20

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  8. Tottenham Hotspur
    Tottenham FC / GOAL

    #13 Tottenham Hotspur

    Home: 8/10

    Spurs are one of the Premier League teams with the instant advantage of wearing a white jersey. The 2022-23 home kit adds a few subtle touches to the simple base, most notably hits of “Volt” around the sleeves and collar which show exactly how to update a classic kit without ruining everything that made it so good.

    Away: 3/10
    All of the benefits of the home shirt are absent from its away counterpart. The colour combination feels confused – the main portion is “Lapis” blue, and is finished with black and “Volt” – while the design and central crest placement make the whole thing feel like a training top. 

    Total: 11/20

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  9. Crystal Palace
    Crystal Palace FC / GOAL

    #12 Crystal Palace

    Home: 5/10

    Just like West Ham, Crystal Palace has opted for a graffiti influence for 2022-23. This time, though, it replaces the traditional red and blue stripes, creating a different interpretation of the signature design. The shirt isn’t bad, and the addition of simple white, blue and red detailing helps to contrast against the bold design.

    Away: 6/10
    The away shirt shows that the loud blue and white graphic arguably works best when it's not covering the whole jersey. Running down the middle of the white base – a la the PSG Hechter Stripe – the graffiti-style detailing looks more at home than on the home shirt.

    Total: 11/20

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  10. Fulham
    Fulham FC / GOAL

    #11 Fulham

    Home: 8/10
    A white and black home kit, how far wrong can you? Fulham has found a way to take it even further, with the addition of a red pattern around the sleeves and collar. The pattern is relatively subtle and follows a wavy design in honour of Fulham’s home on the banks of the River Thames.

    Away: 4/10
    After dropping a classic home shirt, Fulham dropped the ball with the away shirt. The subtle pattern and classic colourway are replaced by an all-over print inspired by the brickwork of Craven Cottage in “Pulse Mint.”

    Total: 12/20

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  11. Chelsea
    Chelsea FC / GOAL

    #10 Chelsea

    Home: 7/10

    Chelsea went back to basics for the 2022-23 season and managed to get in a reference to legendary manager Ted Drake as well. The all-blue shirt immediately draws attention to the collar, which sports a graphic of a lion, celebrating one of Drake’s biggest changes to the club, as he established Chelsea as a team to be feared and moved away from the traditional Chelsea Pensioner motif.

    Away: 5/10 (not official yet, though)

    The away shirt takes a slightly different approach, with a white base and horizontal stripes. Those turquoise stripes once again incorporate the Ted Drake-inspired lion graphic, but the away design doesn’t quite land the motif with the same impact as the simpler and more effective home shirt.

    Total: 12/20

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  12. Brighton
    Brighton FC / GOAL

    #9 Brighton

    Home: 5/10
    Brighton’s blue and white stripes have been expanded for 2022-23, creating a chunkier design than usual. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, and the addition of yellow detailing adds another layer. It really falls down with the placement of the sponsor, though, which turns the kit into a huge “H” sign.

    Away: 7/10
    Contrasting the cold blue of the home kit, Brighton went for “Crimson” for their away shirt. The bright colour is offset by black detailing – most notably around the collar and sleeves – including a stripe pattern across the shirt. The stripes get closer and closer from left to right, creating a gradient effect to help the kit stand out.

    Total: 12/20

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  13. Aston Villa
    Aston Villa FC / GOAL

    #8 Aston Villa

    Home: 5/10

    The 2022-23 season is the first time that Aston Villa have worked with Castore, and the resulting home kit is a pretty straight-down-the-middle affair. The claret and blue remain in their traditional configuration, although the addition of chevrons to the front of the shirt creates an unfortunate arrow pattern pointing to the players’ shorts.

    Away: 8/10
    The away shirt reinterprets the club’s world-famous colours. With a mostly sky blue design, complete with tonal jacquard stripes, the design is taken to another level with the incorporation of the claret. Appearing as detailing on the sleeves, collar and crest, it creates a link to the home shirt while also gaining the away shirt a couple of extra points.

    Total: 13/20

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  14. Nottingham Forest
    Nottingham Forest FC / GOAL

    #7 Nottingham Forest

    Home: 8/10

    It’s important to get one thing out of the way about Nottingham Forest’s kit for the upcoming season. Currently, the club has no shirt sponsor, meaning that both shirts look a lot better than they will if(/when) the club signs a deal with a betting company. The all-red home kit also features a nice, and very subtle, pattern on the sleeves inspired by the Trent Bridge river crossing.

    Away: 6/10

    Whereas the home shirt stands out due to its all-red simplicity, the away shirt features a garish mix of yellow and blue. The sleeves and sides of the shirt once again feature the same Trent Bridge pattern, although the colour combinations make it a bit more obvious. It’s not a bad shirt by any means, but nor is it anything special.

    Total: 14/20

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  15. Manchester City
    Manchester City FC / GOAL

    #6 Manchester City

    Home: 8/10

    Remember Manchester City’s mosaic kit from two years ago? Last season’s kit and this season’s are proof that they’ve learnt from that mistake. The latest design keeps things relatively classic, and the addition of maroon in two bands around the collar and each sleeve helps to elevate the shirt.

    Away: 7/10

    Red and black have been a frequent feature of Manchester City away kits, and return for the first time since 2011-12 (everyone remembers how that season ended). This time, though, the design is given an update with diagonal stripes replacing their vertical predecessors. A nice way to rework the once-staple colours.

    Total: 15/20

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  16. Brentford
    Brentford FC / GOAL

    #5 Brentford

    Home: 10/10
    You’ve probably heard 100 times already that Brentford isn’t releasing a new home kit this year, but it’s worth stressing again that Brentford isn’t releasing a new home kit this year. With the churn of home shirts, away shirts and third shirts – not to mention fourth kits and warm-up kits – this is a principled decision from the West London club. 10/10 for the idea, even if the kit is the definition of “perfectly fine.”

    Away: 5/10
    Brentford has released a new away kit, though. This kit will also last for two seasons, creating a two-year cycle between new home and away shirts. The shirt is absolutely nothing to shout home about, with dark blue detailing around the light blue base. One nice feature, though, is the castle crest, returning after 30 years away and replacing the Brentford bee.

    Total: 15/20

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  17. Leeds
    Leeds FC / GOAL

    #4 Leeds

    Home: 8/10

    It can be difficult to keep it simple and get it right, but once again Leeds have perfected it. The all-white shirt is finished with little hits of navy blue and yellow, Leeds’ other colours. This colour palette even extends to the sponsor’s logo, helping to create a unified and cohesive design across the entire shirt. The stand-out detail, though, is the repeated LUFC script, hardly visible but creating a subtle link to the club’s glory days.

    Away: 8/10

    Leeds surged up the table thanks to the very late release of their away kit for the season. Arriving just two days before the start of the season, the kit uses the club’s signature yellow and blue change colours in a perfectly-measured tie-dye pattern. The shirt is finished with a ribbed V-neck collar and sleeve cuffs in the same yellow and blue, all coming together to fire Leeds into the mix for Champions League qualification… in terms of kit, anyway.

    Total: 16/20

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  18. Manchester United
    Manchester United / GOAL

    #3 Manchester United

    Home: 8/10
    Similar to Arsenal’s home shirt, adidas has looked into the past for Manchester United. The key feature is the return of the collar for the first time in over a decade. The collar itself is adorned with a geometric pattern inspired by the 1994 kit, while the shirt also sports a tonal pinstripe. If you were to really nit-pick, you could take fault with adidas’ Three Stripes coming in black, but that’s only a slight aberration from an otherwise-great kit.

    Away: 8/10

    While the away shirt departs from the home shirt – there’s no collar for a start – the two designs share a similar aesthetic. The away shirt is also equally as good. The white design is the perfect base for some eye-catching details, namely the vintage-inspired crest and the white and red details on the collar.

    Total: 16/20

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  19. Arsenal
    Arsenal FC / GOAL

    #2 Arsenal

    Home: 9/10

    The collar, the white Three Stripes, the little lightning pattern, it’s all great. Arsenal’s home kit builds on its ongoing collaboration with adidas, which has seen a string of well-designed kits, warm-up shirts and more in recent years. This one is arguably the pick of all the home shirts since the two reunited in 2019.

    Away: 8/10

    The away shirt couldn’t be more different from the home shirt. Gone are the retro influences, with a thoroughly modern design taking their place. The mostly black kit features a pattern inspired by the huge ARSENAL lettering outside the Emirates, while the whole design steps up a level with the bronze cannon badge. 

    Total: 17/20

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  20. West Ham
    West Ham FC / GOAL

    #1 West Ham

    Home: 9/10
    For the 2022-23 season, West Ham and Umbro have looked back thirty years. Inspired by the shirt worn by Billy Bonds’ promotion-winning team, the classic claret and blue colours mostly stay true to the 1992/93 design. The stand-out feature, which helps the transition from faithful retro to modern classic, is graffiti-inspired detailing on each shoulder.

    Away: 9/10

    West Ham’s away kit follows a similar format to the home kit, with a clean base finished with eye-catching detail. This time, the shirt is mostly black, with a brightly-coloured section running around each sleeve. The geometric pattern – made up of pink, white and sky blue – is inspired by the Hammers’ roots in East London.

    Total: 18/20

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