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Why is Mexico called El Tri? National football team nickname explained

17:47 EAT 12/11/2022
Raul Jimenez Mexico fans
Meaning behind the North American side's famous nickname, which is heard when they play

Mexico has a proud, colourful history in the world of football and its presence in the globe’s showpiece competition, the World Cup, is almost a natural fit

The North American country has already hosted the World Cup on two separate occasions. First in 1970, and then again 16 years later, in 1986. They occupy a space in the hearts and minds of many football enthusiasts, producing their fair share of talented exports. The likes of Hugo Sanchez, Jorge Campos, Luis Garcia, Javier Hernandez and Raul Jimenez have all left their mark on world football in unique ways.

The team is affectionately referred to as El Tri and GOAL brings you the meaning of the nickname.

Why is Mexico called 'El Tri'?

The nickname 'El Tri' comes from the Mexican flag, which has three distinctive colours: green, white and red. Mexico traditionally plays in jerseys comprised of these three colours.

What does 'El Tri' mean?

‘El Tri’, or ‘El Tricolor’ as they are sometimes known, means ‘the three colours’ in English.

What does the Mexico crest look like?

El Tri's logo features the name of the nation in big letters and an abstract outline of the iconic eagle. Some other emblematic details include the colours of the flag, the Piedra del Sol and the ball.

The eagle is inspired by Aztec and Mayan artwork. The ball in the eagle’s claws is a 1970 Telstar football, a consistent crest element since the 1980s.

The red and green colours are an incorporation of the national flag and the circle surrounding the eagle is inspired by a sunstone.