WATCH: Al-Faisaly players attack the referee after losing ACC final

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Esperance Al-Faisaly ACC 2017
The Egyptian referee came under attack from an infuriated Al-Faisaly players after allowing a controversial goal to stand...

Espérance Sportive de Tunis clinched the Arab Championship title after a 3-2 win against Al-Faisaly on Sunday but the final was marred by violent protests from the losing team. 

The game was tense and thrilling, but everything was under control until the 101st minute when Daoudi scored the controversial winning goal for Espérance Sportive de Tunis.

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Furious Al-Faisaly players and coaching staff attacked the Egyptian referee Ibrahim Nour El-Din after the game, claiming that the winner from Espérance Sportive de Tunis was offside.

As far as the game was concerned, the opening 45 minutes had ended without goals. Saad Bguir then put the Tunisian side in front with two goals in the 47th minute and the 54 minute, while Akram Zuway and Khalil Baniateyah equalised for Al-Faisaly in the 71st minute and the 87 minute, respectively. Then came the controversial winner in the first half of extra time.

Violence erupted after the match as Al-Faisaly’s players, coaching staff, and fans attacked Nour El-Din on the pitch of the Alexandria Stadium. Notably, the referee did not brandish his cards, opting not to escalate the situation. 

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Nour El-Din said that he did not want to cancel the match and he was keen not to spoil the tournament, despite being attacked. 

The Egyptian police arrested a number of Al-Faisaly fans after the match for violent acts.

Unexpectedly though, King Abdullah II of Jordan praised the performance of Al-Faisaly. “Al-Faisal's efforts in the Arab Championship deserve appreciation and adds to the achievements of our Jordanian clubs."