Simple hack shows how to add World Cup matches to your Google & iCal calendar

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Lionel Messi Cristiano Ronaldo World Cup
With the 2022 World Cup on the horizon, the ideal calendar hack has surfaced in order to prepare you for the tournament.

The 2022 World Cup is almost here!

For the first time ever, the tournament will be held in winter, creating a one-of-a-kind spectacle throughout November and December.

In what is also the final tournament to feature 32 teams, with 48 nations to make up the numbers from 2026 onwards, there is plenty to be excited for. From underdog stories and dark horses, to the expectations piled on the most esteemed nations, and even the romance of final tournaments for some of the game's greatest players.

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It's likely to be one last dance for Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as they both try to bow out with the trophy that has eluded them both throughout their incredible careers, while Neymar will attempt to fire Brazil back to the summit.

With so much to look out for throughout an action-packed month or so of tournament football, missing games can be very easy.

Of course, work is important, but what about those fixtures that you just cannot ignore?

Thankfully, an add-on has been developed ahead of the tournament, which seamlessly adds every game to your online calendar and allows you to make sure that you aren't bogged down with meeting requests for important games.

Simply click on the link of the calendar software you use, follow the instructions to add to the calendar, and you're good to go.



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