'Like going to war' - Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti urges Spanish authorities to copy English blueprint on racism after Vinicius Junior abuse

Carlo Ancelotti Vinicius Junior Javier Tebas GFX
Carlo Ancelotti urged Spanish authorities to adopt the English blueprint for combating racism after Vinicius Jr suffered abuse against Valencia.
  • Ancelotti emphasised need to address insults in Spain
  • Highlighted issue of abuse suffered at stadiums
  • Urged institutions and referees to take a clear stance

WHAT HAPPENED? Ancelotti raised the question of why insulting players has become a normal practice in Spain, aside from the serious issue of racism. He points out that the insults extend beyond racism to personal attacks, affecting players like Vinicius but also managers. The Italian expressed frustration with the Brazilian being insulted frequently in away games and called for a change in this culture.

WHAT THEY SAID: "We are tired of being insulted in every game. We are tired, it happens to Xavi, it happens to Vinicius, which is more racism. Behind the benches they also call you 'son of a b****', 'f*****'. I hope the institutions can be clear and La Liga and the referees too."

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Ancelotti emphasised the need for action to address racism and insults in Spanish football. He pointed out the discrepancy between the English and Spanish approaches, highlighting how English football has taken effective measures to combat racism and insults, resulting in a different atmosphere in their matches. He also questioned the heavy police presence and compares it to going to war, expressing the need to resolve this issue in Spanish football.

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"In England they don’t insult you… and I think that it is because this issue has been resolved a long time ago. They took drastic measures, five years English fans were expelled from Europe. There, there are isolated cases of racism, but they don’t insult you. At English football matches there are no police… and here it looks like you are going to war with a police truck behind you, and one in front. Why? What is it for? In England, fortunately, they have resolved this problem, taking drastic measures," he stated.

WHAT NEXT? Ancelotti expects measures to be taken by the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), La Liga, and the police. He suggests that naming and shaming fans guilty of racism could be one of the measures to bring in, but it should not be the sole solution. Ancelotti, along with all football enthusiasts, is awaiting action from the relevant authorities to address the issue effectively.