Jake Daniels forgives Blackpool team-mate Ekpiteta over resurfaced homophobic tweets

Jake Daniels Blackpool Peterborough Championship 2021-22
The FA is investigating the old social media posts, which have been deleted

Jake Daniels, the 17-year-old Blackpool player who came out as gay this week, signalled his forgiveness for team-mate Marvin Ekpiteta over resurfaced homophobic tweets from 2012 and 2013.

Ekpiteta apologised on Twitter for his prior remarks, and Daniels replied by saying the old comments didn't represent Ekpiteta's current character.

Daniels has been publicly backed by Blackpool and major figures in the football community.

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What were Ekpiteta's old tweets?

In his 2012 and 2013 writings, the player posted in support of anti-gay legislation in Nigeria and made other disparaging remarks about gay TV characters.

After his tweets came to light, the FA announced they would investigate.

Ekpiteta's apology

“Social media posts I made in 2012 and 2013 have been highlighted,” he wrote in a statement posted to Twitter. “I want to wholeheartedly apologise for the offensive and completely inappropriate language I used, and for the sentiments I expressed.

“As a footballer, and in the years spent in work, before I became a professional player, I’ve been fortunate to have worked with a wide and diverse range of people. Throughout this period, I have developed and grown as a person. Yesterday, I was proud of Jake and all involved at Blackpool FC for what is a hugely positive moment for football as a whole.

“I am embarrassed by the comments I made as a 17-year-old, nearly a decade ago, which do not in any way reflect the values I hold now or the beliefs I have as a person or as a teammate.

“Football needs to be a place where everyone can feel free to be true to themselves, and I am upset that the comments I previously made suggest otherwise. I take full responsibility for these posts, and I am sorry.”

Daniels provides public response

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