AFF U23 Championship

AFF U23 Championship: Laos and Malaysia to play each other twice in Group B

10:03 EAT 17/02/2022
Malaysia U-23
The format was changed following the withdrawal of Myanmar and Indonesia...

The AFF Tournament Committee has made the decision to change the format of fixtures for Group B following the withdrawal of Myanmar and Indonesia due to Covid-19 complications from the ongoing AFF U23 Championship.

There are only two participants left in Laos and Malaysia in Group B after the two others sides were forced to pull out from the competition. Hence, one of the two would have qualified for the knockouts playing just one match.

To uphold the sporting spirit and fair play the Tournament Committee has now decided that the two remaining teams would play each other twice on a home and away basis. The second match will be played on February 21.

The Tournament Committee has further decided the following, for the smooth running of the remainder of the Competitions:

1. The match scheduled on 18 February 2022, i.e., Laos vs. Malaysia will be a 90-minute match with no extra time, and no penalty shoot-out.

2. The second match scheduled, i.e., Malaysia vs. Laos on 21 February 2022, shall determine the winner of Group B, being the team scoring the highest number of goals in both the matches played in the Home and Away format.

3. Should aggregate score in both the matches end in a draw, the second match shall go to an extra time period of 30 minutes (15 mins per half).

4. Away goal rule does not apply for either of the matches played by the teams in Group B.

5. Should the aggregate score of both matches end in a draw after extra time, then the winner shall be decided by a penalty shoot-out.

6. The winner of Group B shall secure a place in the Semi-Finals whereas the losing team shall be eliminated from the Competition.

7. The Competition format shall remain unchanged for teams in Group A and Group C, as the group structure suffered no change.

8. The format of Semi-Finals stands changed as below:



February 24, 2022


Morodok Techno National Stadium, Phnom Penh

Winner Group B vs Runner-Up Group A/B/

February 24, 2022


Morodok Techno National Stadium, Phnom Penh

Winner Group A vs Winner Group C