Olympique Lyonnais v West Ham United Live Commentary, 14/04/2022

0 - 3
C. Dawson (38)
D. Rice (44)
J. Bowen (48)
Groupama Stadium


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West Ham have set up a semi-final against Eintracht Frankfurt, who held on to beat Barcelona 4-3 on aggregate. The first leg of that tie will take place in two weeks' time. Before that, they have Burnley in the Premier League on Sunday. Lyon's European run is over, and they have Bordeaux in Ligue 1 next time out.
West Ham are through to the Europa League semi-final after a 3-0 win over Lyon on the night, and a 4-1 aggregate victory. Toko-Ekambi hit the post early on for Lyon, but their threat dried up after that, with West Ham growing into the game. Dawson thumped a header in from the near post, with Rice's deflected effort seeing them take a 2-0 lead into half-time. Bowen sealed the win just three minutes after the break when he coolly slotted in. Lyon pushed, but couldn't find a way back into the match.
90' + 5' FULL-TIME: LYON 0-3 WEST HAM (1-4 on aggregate).
90' + 3' Gusto goes more direct with a free-kick from deep in his own half, and it's nodded down by Tete on the edge of the box. Toko-Ekambi takes a touch before drilling a low shot on goal, but he sends it wide.
S. Benrahma
D. Rice
West Ham United
90' Into the first of four added minutes here and Rice is being taken off by West Ham, with Benrahma on in his place.
J. Reine-Adélaïde
J. Denayer
Olympique Lyonnais
89' There's a late change for Lyon here, as Denayer is taken off and replaced by Reine-Adelaide.
87' It's laid off to Dembele on the edge of the box, and he manages to squeeze a shot towards goal despite the three West Ham defenders in front of him. It's a tame effort though, and it's straight at Areola.
Pablo Fornals
Yellow Card
West Ham United
85' Fornals is shown a yellow card for time wasting.
A. Yarmolenko
M. Antonio
West Ham United
84' Second change for West Ham now, and Antonio's last involvement was winning that free-kick. Yarmolenko is on in his place.
B. Barcola
Yellow Card
Olympique Lyonnais
84' Barcola is late with his challenge on Antonio, and he has his name taken by the referee.
83' Lyon are on the attack again, but time is running out for the hosts. They're still keeping possession well but without causing West Ham too many problems at the moment.
81' Harry Kane (22) is the only English player with more goals for a Premier League side in all competitions this season than Bowen (15).
79' CHANCE! Everything for Lyon is going through Gusto down the right, and he swings another deep cross in. Tete is unmarked at the far post, but he pokes his first-time shot into the side netting.
M. Noble
M. Lanzini
West Ham United
77' West Ham are making their first change of the game. Noble is coming on to help them see out the win, with Lanzini going off.
76' Lyon win another corner and Tete swings this one into the middle. It's flicked on by Barcola to Gusto, who is unmarked at the far post. He lets it drop before hitting it first time, but he blazes it high over the bar.
74' Lyon are still pushing to get themselves back into this game and Gusto makes another great run down the left. He puts a cross in, which Dembele leaves for Toko-Ekambi, but his curling shot is blocked by Dawson.
72' Dawson is still waiting to be waved back on as Emerson whips an early cross into the box and Toko-Ekambi is unmarked on the edge of the box. He swipes at it but completely misses it, and it bounces off his standing leg.
B. Barcola
H. Aouar
Olympique Lyonnais
71' During the stoppage, Lyon are making their third change. It's Aouar that's taken off, with Barcola replacing him.
71' Lyon's corner is flicked on by Dembele, and Dawson takes a hit to the head at close range. The referee stops play so he can receive some treatment, and he's going to be okay to carry on.
69' GOOD SAVE! West Ham lose the ball deep in their own half and Gusto latches onto it. He knocks it past Dawson to get into the box before firing a shot across goal and Areola gets fingertips to it to tip it wide.
68' Rice threads a good throughball into Antonio, but he's the only one up there for West Ham. He holds it up as long as he can before Mendes gets back to pick his pocket.
66' BLOCK! Toko-Ekambi's loose touch is pounced on by Soucek and he sets Fornals on the counter. He's forced wide out to the left and his cross is cleared. He stays alert and follows in to drill a shot on goal, but Denayer is there to make an important block.
64' CHANCE! Emerson lifts a good cross into the far post and Tete nods it down before poking it to Dembele. It bounces off his chest and he does well to control it before hitting the volley on the turn. There's too much height on it though and it sails over.
62' Toko-Ekambi switches it out to Paqueta on the right and he brings it down for Aouar. His first touch bounces away from him and Tete's follow-up cross is straight into Areola's gloves.
60' Lyon are struggling to get out of their own half again at the moment as Antonio wins a free-kick near the halfway line. It's taken quickly to Rice, but he can't get away from Denayer to put in a cross.
58' Tete's throughball is cut out by Coufal, and he goes for a more direct approach with a long ball forward to Fornals. Lukeba is alert to the danger though and gets across to hook it away from the Spaniard.
56' Lyon look to have found their rhythm after a shaky few minutes after that third goal. Toko-Ekambi links up well with Emerson down the left, but the winger's cross is too high for everyone in the middle.
54' Rice has scored five goals in all competitions for West Ham this season, as many as he had scored in his previous five seasons combined for the club.
52' Rice strides forward down the left, brushing aside three Lyon players on his way into the box. He has Antonio up in support, but his pullback is blocked by Gusto.
50' Lyon patiently work it out from the back, and it's fed into Gusto down the right again. Johnson gets tight to him this time though and prevents the cross from going into the box.
Pablo Fornals
West Ham United
48' Fornals had the briefest of glances up to see the wide-open space through the middle and plays a brilliant pass into Bowen.
J. Bowen
West Ham United
48' BOWEN SCORES! It's a wonderful throughball from Fornals, who had dropped deep, and Bowen has a clear run through the middle. He drives into the box, with the Lyon defenders unable to close him down before he coolly slots it low past Pollersbeck and into the bottom corner. 3-0 West Ham!
46' West Ham have made a bright start to the second half and Antonio finds some space down the left. He fizzes a dangerous ball across the face of goal, but Bowen can't reach it on the stretch.
46' West Ham get us back underway for the second half!
R. Faivre
Olympique Lyonnais
46' And Faivre also makes way, with Tete on in his place.
Lucas Paquetá
T. Ndombèlé
Olympique Lyonnais
46' There's a double change for Lyon at the break as they try to get themselves back into this tie. Ndombele is taken off and replaced by Paqueta.
If things stay as they are, then West Ham will be facing Eintracht Frankfurt in the semi-final, with the German side leading Barcelona 3-1 on aggregate. Moyes' side have played well so far, but they'll be aware of Lyon's unbeaten record so far in the competition as well as the early threat that they showed.
Two goals late in the first half give West Ham a 2-0 lead over Lyon on the night and a 3-1 aggregate lead in the tie. The hosts had the better of the early chances, with Toko-Ekambi striking the post just five minutes in. West Ham grew into the game though and took the lead when Dawson thumped a header in at the near post from a corner. Just before the break, Rice doubled their lead, when his deflected shot beat Pollersbeck.
45' + 1' HALF-TIME: LYON 0-2 WEST HAM (1-3 on aggregate).
D. Rice
West Ham United
44' RICE SCORES! Gusto's clearance is cut out by Johnson, and he plays a one-two with Fornals to get away down the left. He squares it into the middle, and a deflection takes it to Rice on the edge of the box. He drills a low shot towards goal, and a small deflection off Lukeba's foot takes it over the diving Pollersbeck. 2-0 West Ham!
42' Another free-kick for West Ham and Fornals clips it in from the right this time. Soucek peels away at the far post and nods it back across goal. Emerson gets there just in time to take it away from Antonio, who was in a good position.
40' Lyon are trying to move the ball a bit quicker to get themselves back into this game, but that means they're getting sloppy. Ndombele tries to go long to Dembele but hits the throughball straight against Rice.
Pablo Fornals
West Ham United
38' Fornals has put some great crosses in from set-pieces so far, and this time, he picks out a team-mate.
C. Dawson
West Ham United
38' DAWSON SCORES! It's an inviting cross from Fornals on the corner and Dawson makes a darting, unmarked run through the middle to get to the near post. He thumps a header past Pollersbeck, who is static on his line, and it hits the back of the net. 1-0 West Ham!
38' Antonio chests the ball down on the edge of the box and it looks like the chance is gone after Bowen slips. He quickly regains his footing to hit the shot and it takes a deflection off Denayer which takes it looping wide.
36' Aouar's free-kick is cleared by Dawson and Lanzini breaks on the counter. Nobody is up with him in support, so he has to hold it up, but that gives Lyon the chance to get back into their shape.
34' Another set-piece for West Ham with Fornals curling a good ball in from the left wing. Soucek peels away to the far post but fouls Lukeba in his attempts to nod it down.
32' Lanzini swings a corner into the box and Diop gets up to flick it on at the near post. It loops over everyone at the back though and Lyon can break on the counter.
30' Lyon have a free-kick down the right and Aouar swings a good cross into the crowd in the middle. Soucek rises highest though and clears the danger for the visitors.
28' West Ham are penned back deep in their own half again and Emerson whips in a cross from the left this time. Dembele reacts late and it sails over his head and harmlessly out.
26' CHANCE! Again, it's worked to Gusto down the right and he curls another good cross into the middle. Dembele flicks it on at the near post and it just bounces off Toko-Ekambi's chest and straight into Areola's gloves.
24' GREAT CHANCE! Antonio does brilliantly down the left, shrugging off one Denayer before leaving Gusto on the floor. He floats a lovely cross into the far post which Bowen meets on the volley, but he sends it wide.
I. Diop
Yellow Card
West Ham United
22' Diop is dragged wide by Dembele, and he ends up stretching across the midfielder to try and in the ball. He catches the player and is shown the first yellow card of the game.
21' Mendes does really well to hold off Johnson as he pushes forward down the right and he manages to drill a low cross into the box on the half-turn. It's a good ball, but none of his team-mates are waiting in the middle.
19' SAVE! Johnson curls a good cross into the middle but it's cleared ahead of Bowen by Lukeba. He only gets it as far as Fornals on the edge of the box and he digs out a shot. Bowen flicks it on at the far post, but he only helps it into Pollersbeck's gloves.
17' West Ham just can't get out of their own half at the moment. Lyon are piling the pressure on, but they've struggled to get it into the visitors' box in the last few minutes.
15' It's worked through Faivre to Mendes to Aouar with a series of one-touch passes before the Frenchman tries to pick out Toko-Ekambi. There's too much on it though, and the winger can't keep it in play.
13' After a good spell from West Ham, Lyon are back to keeping possession. It's patient play out from the back, but West Ham are staying compact to stop them from getting forward.
11' BLOCK! Gusto whips a brilliant cross into the six-yard box and Dembele pokes it towards goal from the far post. It bounces to Aouar, and Dawson throws himself in front of it to make an important block.
9' Instead of swinging a free-kick into the box, Bowen plays it down the right for Lanzini instead. His low cross is straight to Denayer though, and he manages to hook it away on the second attempt.
7' Mendes lifts a lovely pass over the top to Toko-Ekambi, but his first touch takes him wide. He holds off Dawson long enough to pull it back for Dembele, but he drags his shot well wide of the near post.
5' OFF THE POST! Emerson makes a good run down the left before squaring it into Toko-Ekambi and he gets away from Dawson with some clever footwork. He drills a low shot towards the near post, but it rebounds back off the post.
3' Lyon are keeping possession well here after that early scare from West Ham. The hosts are knocking it around comfortably, but it's all in front of West Ham at the moment.
1' CHANCE! Just 15 seconds in, and West Ham are already putting Lyon under pressure! Antonio pokes it through to Fornals, who knocks it past Denayer to get into the box. He slices the shot well wide of the far post, but he was offside anyway.
1' Dembele gets the game underway for Lyon!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Lyon have only failed to score in one of their last 28 Europa League games (away to Atalanta in the 2017-18 group stages). They haven't failed to find the net at home in the competition since a quarter-final match against Juventus in 2013-14.
David Moyes makes just three changes to the side that lost to Brentford on Sunday. As usual in the Europa League, Areola starts in goal ahead of Fabianski, but the other two changes are enforced. Aaron Cresswell is suspended after his red card in the first leg, while Kurt Zouma picked up an ankle injury at the weekend, so Diop and Johnson replace them.
Peter Bosz makes six changes from the draw with Strasbourg last time out. Pollersbeck replaces the injured Anthony Lopes in goal, with Gusto, Lukeba, Emerson, Faivre and Mendes also coming into the side. Aouar and Ndombele have both recovered from injuries picked up in that game to retain their places. Dubois, Da Silva, Tete and Paqueta drop to the bench.
WEST HAM SUBS: Darren Randolph, Mark Noble, Ajibola Alese, Andriy Yarmolenko, Nikola Vlasic, Lukasz Fabianski, Alex Kral, Sonny Perkins, Daniel Chesters, Arthur Masuaku, Said Benrahma, Ryan Fredericks.
WEST HAM STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Alphonse Areola; Vladimir Coufal, Craig Dawson, Issa Diop, Ben Johnson; Tomas Soucek, Declan Rice; Jarrod Bowen, Manuel Lanzini, Pablo Fornals; Michail Antonio.
LYON SUBS: Tinotenda Kadewere, Mateus Tete, Leo Dubois, Malcolm Barcola, Damien Da Silva, Lucas Paqueta, Jeff Reine-Adelaide, Habib Keita, Bradley Barcola, Kayne Bonnevie, Jerome Boateng.
LYON STARTING XI (4-4-1-1): Julian Pollersbeck; Malo Gusto, Jason Denayer, Castello Lukeba, Emerson; Romain Faivre, Thiago Mendes, Tanguy Ndombele, Karl Toko-Ekambi; Houssem Aouar; Moussa Dembele.
This tie is nicely poised after the side's played out a 1-1 draw a week ago at the London Stadium, Tanguy Ndombele equalised against West Ham's 10 men after Jarrod Bowen's opener. Lyon are unbeaten in their last five games, though four of those have finished in draws. They are one of just two teams, along with Eintracht Frankfurt, to remain unbeaten in this competition after coming through the group stages. West Ham come into this on the back of a defeat to Brentford in the Premier League on Sunday, and they've struggled on the road recently, losing their last five away games on the bounce.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Europa League quarter-final second leg between Lyon and West Ham at the Groupama Stadium!