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90' + 6'
F. Schär
Yellow Card
90' + 6'
Lisandro Martínez
Yellow Card
90' + 1'
L. Shaw
Yellow Card
M. Rashford
W. Weghorst
2 - 0
L. Shaw
1 - 0

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38% 61%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 10 2
Total Passes 282 435
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Manchester United win the trophy for the sixth time, and Ten Hag has won them the first piece of silverware available this season. Newcastle's wait for a trophy goes on, after reaching a major final for the first time in 24 years.
Manchester United hold on to beat Newcastle 2-0 and win the EFL Cup! The Red Devils scored both of their goals in the first half, with Casemiro putting them ahead with a thumping header from Shaw's free-kick before Rashford's cross deflected in off Botman. Newcastle came out with intent in the second half, but couldn't find a way through despite their continued pressure. De Gea made a late save to keep Joelinton out, but otherwise, the Magpies struggled to test the keeper.
Lisandro Martínez
Yellow Card
90' + 6' And Martinez is also booked for getting involved.
F. Schär
Yellow Card
90' + 6' There's a coming together between Schar and Martinez after a tackle leaves Fernandes on the floor. He's booked for his part in the argument.
90' + 4' GOOD SAVE! Manchester United break quickly on the counter again through Fernandes, and he checks back to lose Burn on the edge of the box. He's one-on-one with Karius, but his low shot hits the keeper and loops wide.
90' + 2' DE GEA SAVES! Newcastle win yet another free-kick, and Trippier whips it in from the left. It's Joelinton that meets it on the edge of the six-yard box, and De Gea scrambles across to push it away from the top corner.
Yellow Card
90' + 2' Manchester United's defence is getting a bit desperate as Shaw gives away another free-kick, and he's booked for the challenge.
L. Shaw
Yellow Card
90' + 1' Yellow Card Luke Paul Hoare Shaw
M. Ritchie
C. Wilson
90' + 1' And Wilson is also taken off, with Ritchie on in his place.
E. Anderson
M. Almirón
90' + 1' Newcastle are making a double change here as they continue to push for a goal. Almiron is first to go off, with Anderson on for him.
90' + 1' Tempers are starting to boil over here as Martinez tries to shield the ball out of play and Wilson kicks around him. They tangle together on the floor and their team-mates quickly get across to stop it from escalating.
90' Newcastle are still pushing here as they look to their right side again. Trippier whips in another great cross and Isak flicks it on, but there are four Manchester United bodies between him and the goal.
H. Maguire
M. Rashford
88' Ten Hag wants to see this win out as he makes his final change. Rashford is taken off, with Maguire coming on to help form a back five.
88' SO CLOSE! The Red Devils clear another corner, and it falls to Murphy. Nobody gets out to close him down, so he tries his luck from range. It's a wonderful shot that swerves through the air, but it bends just wide at the last moment.
Yellow Card
87' It's a clumsy one by Casemiro as he bundles over Joelinton, and he's booked for it.
86' SAVE! Manchester United break quickly on the counter after De Gea punches Trippier's corner away, and it's a brilliant pass from Fernandes as he sweeps it out to Rashford. He squares it to Sancho, who tees up Wan-Bissaka, but his shot is straight at Karius.
85' Trippier fizzes it forward for Isak, who makes a driving run forward. He touches it back to Murphy on the edge of the box, but he puts his laces through a wild shot that sails high over the bar.
David de Gea
Yellow Card
84' De Gea is dawdling over a goal-kick and he's booked for time-wasting.
J. Sancho
83' Fourth change for Manchester United now, and it's Antony that's making way for Sancho.
81' It's a poor corner from Trippier, but Fernandes doesn't quite make contact with the clearance. He blocks Schar from getting to it, and the Newcastle man goes down. The away fans are asking for a penalty, but nothing's given.
80' Burn's long throw-in is cleared, and Fernandes bursts forward on the counter. He carries it down the left before trying to pick out Rashford, but his cross deflects just out of his path and Karius collects.
J. Willock
Bruno Guimarães
79' And Guimares goes off, with Willock on in his place.
J. Murphy
A. Saint-Maximin
78' Newcastle are making a double change now. Saint-Maximin is taken off and replaced by Murphy.
76' Fernandes' clearance hits Joelinton, and it ends up being a good ball forward for Isak. The Red Devils flood back into their own box though and Shaw blocks his run before Varane gets it away.
74' GOOD SAVE! Sabitzer steps in to stop Schar's run and after pushing his way forward, he threads it through to Rashford. He takes it around Burn before drilling a low shot from the edge of the box, but Karius gets down to push it away.
72' SAVE! Saint-Maximin's first cross is intercepted, but it's quickly worked back out to him. He goes through Guimaraes to switch it to Trippier, who pulls it back from the byline. De Gea gets down to block it just before the flag goes up.
M. Sabitzer
70' Manchester United are making a double change as they try to regain some control in midfield. Fred is the first to go off, with Sabitzer replacing him.
S. McTominay
W. Weghorst
70' And McTominay is also brought on in place of Weghorst, which will see Rashford pushed forward to play through the middle.
68' BLOCKS! Schar's long ball over the top is punched away by Joelinton, who sees a shot blocked by Wan-Bissaka. The right-back then gets in the way of Wilson's follow-up, before Joelinton's drilled effort is hit against Martinez.
S. Botman
Yellow Card
67' Fred is bundled over, and after trying to play an advantage that doesn't happen, the referee pulls it back. Botman throws the ball away in frustration, and he's booked for dissent.
65' BLOCK! Fred sticks out a leg to stop Joelinton's run, but Newcastle win it straight back with Isak on the edge of the box. He knocks it past Shaw, only to square it to Varane.
63' Both Fernandes and Antony fail to cut out Saint-Maximin's run, and he cuts inside before picking out Isak. He tries to take it around Shaw and Martinez in the box, but can't open up space for a shot.
61' Newcastle are still patiently trying to play out from the back until Trippier decides to go long over the top for Almiron. Martinez gets across to shield it out though.
59' Guimaraes is down again, this time after twisting his ankle when he slid in to block Fernandes' clearance. He receives treatment, and despite moving gingerly when he gets back to his feet, he'll carry on.
57' Antony is caught on the ball deep in his own half and it's worked out to Saint-Maximin on the left again. He can't dribble past Wan-Bissaka this time, but after a scramble in the box, Manchester United eventually get it away.
55' Botman is just the fourth player to score an own goal in an EFL Cup final after Roger Kenyon (1977), Gordon Chisholm (1985) and Steven Gerrard (2005).
53' Trippier gets the better of Shaw and clips a good cross into the near post. Wilson stretches out a leg to try and bring it down, catching Martinez on the head as he ducks to block it; it's only a goal-kick.
51' Newcastle win another free-kick down the right, and Trippier swings it into the middle. He's looking for Isak, but Wan-Bissaka gets in front of him to clear it.
49' It's a brilliant tackle from Wan-Bissaka to nick it off Saint-Maximin and he threads it forward for Weghorst. He tries to sweep it out to Rashford on the left, but it hits Botman and bounces safely back to Karius.
47' SAVE! Wan-Bissaka's cross is blocked, but it's worked out to Rashford on the far side so he can recycle it. Botman half-clears it as far as Antony, whose curling shot is straight down the middle at Karius.
46' CHANCE! Manchester United win it back high upfield and Rashford jinks past Trippier before pulling it back for Fred on the edge of the box. He takes it first time, but can't get any bend on it, and it rolls wide of the near post.
46' Newcastle get us back underway for the second half!
A. Isak
S. Longstaff
46' And for Newcastle, it's Longstaff that's making way for Isak.
A. Wan-Bissaka
Diogo Dalot
46' There's a change for both sides at the break, starting with Manchester United. Dalot, who is on a yellow card, goes off for Wan-Bissaka.
Ten Hag will be pleased with his side's performance so far and will be hoping they can continue to be a threat when they break forward. Meanwhile, Howe was a frustrated figure on the touchline. Newcastle made a bright start without troubling De Gea, and he'll be looking for a big reaction at the start of the second half.
Manchester United have a 2-0 advantage over Newcastle at half-time in the EFL Cup final. It took a while for the game to get going, but it lit up after the half-hour mark. Saint-Maximin forced a good save out of De Gea from a tight angle, and just two minutes later, Manchester United took the lead. Casemiro just stayed onside to thump Shaw's free-kick past Karius, before Rashford's cross deflected in off Botman. Karius was also called into action to tip over Weghorst's long-range shot.
Yellow Card
45' + 6' Casemiro is getting away from Joelinton, who puts a hand on his shoulder to drag him down. He's protesting his innocence, but it won't get him out of a booking.
45' + 4' GREAT SAVE! Antony wins it back off two Newcastle players before picking out Fred with a backheel flick. He helps it onto Weghorst, who initially tries to hold it up before deciding to try his luck from distance, but Karius tips it over with a great stop.
45' + 2' Shaw's first touch is heavy, and Fred just catches Longstaff as he tries to make up for it. The Englishman receives treatment but is quickly back on his feet.
45' Casemiro has scored four goals in his last 12 games in all competitions, one more goal than he had scored across his previous 89 matches at club level.
43' CLOSE! Trippier takes the corner short to Almiron, playing a one-two with him before whipping a good cross in. Burn rises highest in the middle to flick a header on, but it bounces just wide of the far post.
41' Newcastle are back in possession as they patiently try to break Manchester United down. Saint-Maximin cuts inside from the left again, but can only pick out Guimaraes behind him.
W. Weghorst
39' Assist Wout Weghorst
M. Rashford
39' OWN GOAL! Newcastle can't bring the ball down, and Casemiro eventually nods it down to Weghorst, who drives to the edge of the box. He slots it through to Rashford, who gets it out of his feet before trying to square it. It takes a big deflection off Botman, which wrongfoots Karius, and he can't stop it from looping over him despite getting fingertips to it. 2-0 Manchester United!
38' It's a clever free-kick from Newcastle, with Trippier sliding it down the right to Longstaff. Manchester United don't expect it, but they recover quickly, with Shaw blocking his attempted cross.
Yellow Card
37' Fred almost loses Saint-Maximin again, so he has a tug at his shorts. He's shown a yellow card.
35' Newcastle are pushing upfield even quicker than before now, and the Red Devils are scrambling to clear their lines. Trippier and Saint-Maximin both have crosses cleared, but they're still coming.
L. Shaw
33' It's a brilliant delivery from Shaw, who's curling cross beats everyone at the near post to pick out Casemiro's run.
33' CASEMIRO SCORES! Rashford wins a free-kick on the left and it's a great delivery from Shaw. He curls it into the middle, and Casemiro makes the run from deep and meets it on the edge of the six-yard box to thump a header past Karius. A VAR check shows that Wilson was just playing him onside, and the goal stands. 1-0 Manchester United!
31' GOOD SAVE! Longstaff fizzes a dangerous cross into the six-yard box, but nobody is there for Newcastle. Saint-Maximin takes it around Dalot before firing a shot across goal from the left, but De Gea sticks out a strong arm to deny him.
29' Both players have to be patched up - Schar for the cut next to his eye, and Martinez for the one on top of his head. They're back on their feet, and they're both able to carry on.
27' Trippier whips in a good cross, and there's a clash of heads between Schar and Martinez as they both attack it. They both stay down in need of treatment.
25' There are shouts for a penalty, with Newcastle fans and players claiming there was a handball by Fred. It bounced up against his side as he controlled it, but the referee shakes his head after having a good view of it.
23' There could be a problem for Newcastle here as Guimaraes is down in need of treatment. He's not down long and after being seen to by the physio, he's okay to carry on.
21' Antony's cross is cleared by Schar, and Newcastle look to break on the counter again. Joelinton hooks it long upfield, but Saint-Maximin can't keep it in under pressure from Dalot.
19' Joelinton dawdles on the ball and Antony nicks it off him with a good tackle. Casemiro takes over, driving forward before trying to play in Rashford, but Botman makes another important interception.
17' SAVE! De Gea goes long, and the pass evades all of the Newcastle defenders and bounces into Rashford's feet. He has three around him, so knocks it back to Antony, who curls his shot straight into Karius' arms.
15' Casemiro goes for the big switch out to Antony down the right, and he picks out Dalot's overlap with his first touch. He pulls it back from the byline, but Schar slides in to block before Guimaraes helps it away.
13' SAVE! Casemiro curls a good cross in and Fred flicks it onto Weghorst behind him. He does well to get it out of his feet as he spins but then scuffs a shot on goal, which Karius comfortably saves.
11' Manchester United are just trying to slow the pace of the game a little after Newcastle's quick start. They're patiently playing out from the back but can't get into the box at the moment.
Diogo Dalot
Yellow Card
9' Saint-Maximin is breaking quickly on the counter again, and Dalot steps across him to stop the run. He picks up an early yellow card.
8' Newcastle have made a bright start, and Guimaraes gets to the front of the crowd to flick on a long throw-in. Wilson is waiting at the back post, but Martinez clears his lines, only for the Magpies to quickly come again.
6' Saint-Maximin's speed takes him away from Dalot, and he cuts back inside away from Varane to pick out Guimaraes on the edge of the box. Fred intercepts it, with Guimaraes crashing into him in the process.
4' Newcastle break quickly on the counter after clearing a corner, and Almiron surges down the left. Shaw can't get close to him and he slides it forward for Wilson, but Dalot is well-placed to hook it away.
2' Manchester United quickly work it forward, with Fernandes fizzing it forward for Rashford in space down the left. He squares it into the box, but Schar gets there ahead of Weghorst to take the chance away from him.
1' Fernandes gets the EFL Cup final underway for Manchester United!
The teams are out on the pitch now, and kick-off is just moments away!
Newcastle have lost their last eight matches at Wembley Stadium, the longest-ever losing run by a team at the stadium in history. Their last win there was in the 1955 FA Cup final against Manchester City, 67 years and 295 days before today.
Eddie Howe makes three changes to the team that started against Liverpool last Saturday. Most of the pre-match talk has been dominated by who will start in goal with Nick Pope suspended and Martin Dubravka cup-tied, and it's Loris Karius, who makes his first start for the club. Guimaraes is back from suspension, with Wilson also coming in. Joelinton has also shaken off a thigh problem to retain his place. Anderson and Isak are on the bench.
Ten Hag makes just two changes from the side that beat Barcelona last time out. Dalot and Antony, who came on to score the winner in that game, are both brought in. Rashford is fit enough to retain his place after going off injured late on. Wan-Bissaka and Sancho drop to the bench.
NEWCASTLE UNITED SUBS: Jacob Murphy, Matt Targett, Joe Willock, Matt Ritchie, Elliot Anderson, Alexander Isak, Mark Gillespie, Jamaal Lascelles, Javier Manquillo.
NEWCASTLE UNITED STARTING XI (4-3-3): Loris Karius; Kieran Trippier, Fabian Schar, Sven Botman, Dan Burn; Sean Longstaff, Bruno Guimaraes, Joelinton; Miguel Almiron, Callum Wilson, Allan Saint-Maximin.
MANCHESTER UNITED SUBS: Victor Lindelof, Scott McTominay, Jadon Sancho, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Tom Heaton, Tyrell Malacia, Alejandro Garnacho, Harry Maguire, Marcel Sabitzer.
MANCHESTER UNITED STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): David de Gea; Diogo Dalot, Raphael Varane, Lisandro Martinez, Luke Shaw; Fred, Casemiro; Antony, Bruno Fernandes, Marcus Rashford; Wout Weghorst.
Erik ten Hag becomes the first Dutch manager to take charge of a side in an EFL Cup final, as Manchester United look for their sixth title in the competition. His side beat Nottingham Forest 5-0 on aggregate in the semi-final, and they're currently on a nine-match unbeaten run in all competitions (W7 D2). They come into today after a 2-1 comeback win against Barcelona in the Europa League to progress to the round of 16. Newcastle have reached the EFL Cup final only once before, back in 1976, and are competing in their first major final since the 1999 FA Cup, which was also against the Red Devils. They saw off Southampton with a 3-1 aggregate win in the last round and were on a seven-game unbeaten run in all competitions (W4 D3) that was ended by a 2-0 defeat to Liverpool in the Premier League last time out.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the EFL Cup final between Manchester United and Newcastle United at Wembley Stadium!