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90' + 7'
F. Gatti
P. Pogba
1 - 1
90' + 3'
E. Lamela
Yellow Card
L. Badé
Yellow Card
F. Chiesa
Yellow Card
Y. En-Nesyri
L. Ocampos
0 - 1

Match Stats

59% 40%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 2 5
Total Passes 508 340
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It's a finely poised tie going into the second leg, which will take place at the Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan next Thursday. Both sides are back in league action before then though, with Juve hosting Cremonese in Serie A, while Sevilla travel to Real Valladolid in LaLiga.
Gatti's last-minute equaliser means Juventus and Sevilla finish the first leg level at 1-1. The visitors had the better of the first half and got the goal they deserved when En-Nesyri was on hand to turn Ocampos' cross past Szczesny. The Bianconeri goalkeeper also made good saves to deny Ocampos and Rakitic. Allegri's hosts came out on a mission in the second half but were let down with their final ball until the 97th minute when Gatti headed in from a corner to level the tie.
P. Pogba
90' + 7' Danilo's header was slightly behind Pogba, but he adjusted well to get enough on it to help it back across goal before Gatti did the rest to equalise.
F. Gatti
90' + 7' GATTI EQUALISES FOR JUVE! Bade's poor clearance went straight to Chiesa who managed to win a corner, and Sevilla are caught out. It's whipped into the far post where Danilo flicks it onto Pogba, who heads it back across goal. Gatti is one of two players waiting just under the crossbar to head it in from close range. 1-1!
90' + 5' Alex Sandro sloppily gives the ball away, but Rabiot gets back to dispossess Montiel before he can get far. Juventus counter quickly, with Iling-Junior driving down the left, but his pull-back is straight to Bade.
E. Lamela
Yellow Card
90' + 3' Lamela slides in late on Cuadrado and takes out his trailing leg. He's the latest player to go into the book.
90' + 1' Into six minutes of added time here and Juventus are struggling to get the ball upfield. They play it neatly out from the back once more, but Sevilla cut it out whenever it gets into the final third.
89' Juventus are still complaining that they didn't get a penalty, but Sevilla have already made their way down the other end to win a corner. It's taken short to Acuna, but his cross is over everyone and out for a goal-kick.
87' Rabiot has stayed down and Juventus are asking for a penalty, saying that Bade caught the midfielder. The referee doesn't give it, and the Bianconeri midfielder receives treatment on his calf.
86' Locatelli spots Cuadrado in space on the right, and the Colombian clips a good cross into the middle. Rabiot makes a late run onto it, but Bade does enough to put him off, and he sends his effort wide.
84' Cuadrado takes the free-kick, fizzing a dangerous cross into the box. It skims off Danilo's thigh on it's way to the far post, but nobody is there to turn it towards goal for Juventus.
L. Badé
Yellow Card
82' There wasn't much in the challenge from Bade on Rabiot, but he does take him down. He's booked and Juve have a free-kick just outside the box on the left.
E. Lamela
Bryan Gil
82' Sevilla's third change sees Gil making way for Lamela.
81' Rakitic has stayed down holding his hip after that challenge from Chiesa. It looks to be nothing more than a knock from an awkward landing, and he can carry on after treatment.
F. Chiesa
Yellow Card
79' The yellow card is out again, this time for Chiesa as he stretches forward but catches Rakitic instead.
Bryan Gil
Yellow Card
78' Gil isn't happy that a free-kick went against Acuna for an aerial challenge, and he's booked for dissent after knocking the ball away.
M. Locatelli
Yellow Card
77' Locatelli made no attempt to play the ball as he shoved Gomez over, and the Italian has his name taken by the referee.
76' Pogba initially does well to hold off Bade, but as soon as he loses out, Rakitic sends it forward for Acuna to chase. He's surging down the right, but Alex Sandro gets across just in time to take it away from him.
P. Gómez
Óliver Torres
74' Second change for Sevilla now, and it's Gomez that's coming on for Torres.
I. Rakitić
Yellow Card
72' Cuadrado is getting away, and Rakitic wraps his arms around him to pull him back. He's booked for it.
P. Pogba
Á. Di María
70' Final roll of the dice for Juve here as they try to get an equaliser. Di Maria is taken off, with Pogba on in his place.
69' Iling-Junior's cross is cleared by Bade, but it comes straight back to Di Maria. Milik has peeled away to the far post, but the Argentinian can't find him either and Sevilla get it away.
67' Juve are still dominating possession here, but the fans are starting to get irked the longer they keep it at the back. Sevilla are doing a good job of frustrating them with their compact shape.
65' Sevilla are trying to find their rhythm again here, but they just can't keep hold of the ball. It's sent forward for Gil down the left again, but his first touch gets away from him and Juventus are straight back on the attack.
63' SAVE! Chiesa's run opened Sevilla up and Di Maria flicks it onto Iling-Junior on the edge of the D. With space ahead of him, he takes on the shot from there, but Bounou gets down to hold it.
A. Milik
D. Vlahović
61' Juve are using the opportunity to make a change up front too. Vlahovic makes way, with Milik on in his place.
F. Gatti
L. Bonucci
61' Bonucci has been gesturing to the bench for the last minute or so that he needs to go off after picking up a groin injury. He's replaced by Gatti.
59' Sevilla have a rare chance to break and Torres bursts down the right, getting his head up to spot En-Nesyri in the box. He sells him short though, and Cuadrado is back to cut it out.
57' Bonucci gets himself out of trouble before playing a wonderful pass down the wing for Iling-Junior to chase. The build-up is good, but again, the final ball lets him down as Acuna clears it.
55' Rabiot touches it out to Iling-Junior on the left, and he cuts inside, running at Bade before drilling it across the edge of the box towards Vlahovic. Again, Gudelj is there to clear it for Sevilla.
53' GOOD CHANCE! Di Maria wins a free-kick on the right and takes it quickly, lifting it over the top into the box. Chiesa rushes onto it, but he can't make contact on the stretch and Bounou collects.
52' It's better from the visitors as Rakitic makes a weaving run down the right to open up a pocket of space. He fizzes a low cross into the middle, and Bonucci gets in front of En-Nesyri in time to hook it away.
50' Sevilla just can't get out of their own half at the moment as Juventus up the pressure. They win a corner which is swung in by Di Maria this time, but it's just too high for Iling-Junior at the near post.
48' Juventus have started the second half brightly, with both Chiesa and Iling-Junior putting good crosses into the box. Vlahovic can't get close to either of them though, and Sevilla are able to clear their lines.
46' Juve get us back underway for the second half!
S. Iling-Junior
F. Kostić
46' And Kostic is also taken off, with Iling-Junior on in his place.
F. Chiesa
F. Miretti
46' There's a double change for Juventus at the break. Miretti is the first to make way, with Chiesa replacing him.
Mendilibar will be pleased with his side's first-half performance. He'll be hoping to make a quicker start to the next period though to get an important second goal. Juve made a bright start, but gradually sat back and struggled to create clear-cut opportunities. Allegri will be looking for a way to get his forwards more involved, especially Di Maria, who was quiet.
En-Nesyri's goal gives Sevilla a 1-0 lead over Juventus at half-time. The visitors had the better of the first half, with Szczesny being called into action to deny Ocampos in the early exchanges. The Argentinian then set up the goal, bursting forward before squaring it to En-Nesyri to slot home. Rakitic also forced a good save out of him, while Vlahovic sent a glorious opportunity over the bar at the other end.
45' + 3' GREAT CHANCE! Juve cheaply lose the ball again, and Rakitic slides it forward for En-Nesyri. He goes it alone, despite support getting up with him and fizzes a low shot just wide of the far post from outside the box.
45' + 2' Acuna leads another break for Sevilla, charging down the right before whipping an early cross in. En-Nesyri is running onto it on the edge of the box, but Bonucci clears his lines.
45' It's a wonderful throughball from Acuna down the left, and Gil just manages to keep it in play long enough to win a corner. Rakitic takes it short again, but Torres can't get it into the box.
A. Rabiot
Yellow Card
43' Fernando is clearing the ball upfield and Rabiot gets across to him just too late. He catches the Brazilian, earning the first booking of the game.
41' Juventus' frustration is starting to show and they're giving away needless fouls in their haste to get upfield. Sevilla's latest free-kick is switched to Navas on the right once more, but Danilo clears his low cross.
39' GREAT SAVE! En-Nesyri can't bring it down on his chest, and Gil ends up getting in his way. It bounces out to Rakitic, who tries his luck with a powerful shot from range, and Szczesny has to tip it over.
38' Navas is unmarked on the right, and he quickly works the ball into the box when it reaches him. He curls his cross towards En-Nesyri at the far post, but Bonucci gets a vital touch in front of him.
36' Juve are still playing it out from the back well, but they can't keep hold of it in the final third. Again, it's switched to Cuadrado on the right, but Miretti then sloppily gifts it to Fernando.
G. Montiel
L. Ocampos
34' Ocampos went down off the ball injured and he knew straight away that he couldn't carry on. He goes straight off, with Montiel replacing him.
32' It's a superb pass over the top for Bonucci and Miretti watches it all the way before unselfishly trying to square it to Vlahovic. There are two defenders between them though and Gudelj blocks it.
30' Danilo hurt himself as he got a touch on En-Nesyri's shot and he's gone down on the goal-line holding his ankle. He's quickly back on his feet after treatment to carry on.
28' Sevilla are looking to quickly double their advantage, and Gil spins away from Alex Sandro before threading a throughball forward for En-Nesyri. He holds off Danilo long enough to get a shot away, but Szczesny holds it.
L. Ocampos
26' Ocampos doesn't even get his head up before he plays the cross, knowing that En-Nesyri would be waiting in the box for him to pick out.
Y. En-Nesyri
26' EN-NESYRI SCORES! Sevilla break quickly and it's switched out to Ocampos, who has acres of space down the right. He squares a great low cross into the box and En-Nesyri is unmarked in the middle to slot it past a wrong-footed Szczesny into the back of the net. 1-0 Sevilla!
25' GREAT CHANCE! It's well worked by Sevilla down the right as Rakitic cuts inside to lift a cross onto the penalty spot. Fernando stoops to glance it on, but Ocampos wasn't expecting it and fires his first-time shot wide.
23' Acuna finds himself in space through the middle and Locatelli backs off, so he decides to try his luck. He curls a shot towards the near post, and a deflection off the Italian helps it over the bar.
21' Another Sevilla attack fizzles out, and Juventus break quickly on the counter again. Kostic slides it into Vlahovic early this time, but he can't sort his feet out quick enough and loses it to Gudelj on the edge of the box.
19' GREAT SAVE! Vlahovic is in again, with Kostic finding space down the left before curling a low ball across the box. Bade misses it and Bounou gets enough of a touch on it to put him off as the forward fires over from close range.
18' DOUBLE SAVE! The game is starting to open up now as Di Maria lifts a lovely ball over the top for Vlahovic through the middle. He gets a glancing touch, but Bounou spreads himself to block it before scrambling to push away the rebound too.
17' GOOD SAVE! Acuna whips the corner into the box for Sevilla and Rabiot gets his head to it but sends it back towards the near post. Ocampos heads another effort on goal, and Szczesny has to stretch to push this one away.
16' Navas can't find a way down the right, so it's switched out to Acuna on the opposite side. He picks out Gil on the overlapping run, and he manages to win a corner.
14' SAVE! Gil's cross is blocked, but Sevilla keep it alive, with Rakitic curling in a lovely cross from the left. Ocampos rises high above Alex Sandro to get on the end of it, but his header is straight at Szczesny.
12' CHANCE! Vlahovic switches it out to Kostic on the left, and he times his run perfectly to stay onside. He tries his luck from an angle, and he drills it wide of the far post.
11' Sevilla win a free-kick and Juve are all over the place as Rakitic whips it into the box. Ocampos gets his head to it, but can't direct the pacy cross towards goal as it flies well wide.
10' Sevilla have won each of their last six matches against Italian clubs in the Europa League, with each win coming in the knockout stages. The most recent of these saw them defeat Inter in the 2020 final.
8' Juventus win another corner and Cuadrado swings this one towards Rabiot at the far post. He rises high, but claims he gets a nudge from Acuna in the back. Nothing is given and Sevilla come away with it.
6' En-Nesyri bears down on Szczesny and the keeper slices his clearance straight to Torres. Juventus quickly flood back into their shape though, and Sevilla can't get it into the box.
4' Vlahovic leaves Guedlj on the floor as he wins the ball off him, but then runs into Bade on the edge of the box. Locatelli is following in to curl a first-time shot on goal, but he sends it high and wide.
2' Sevilla are pressing high upfield here, trying to force Juventus into an early mistake. The hosts pass their way out of trouble well though, winning a corner, but it comes to nothing.
1' Torres gets the game underway for Sevilla!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Juventus have never been beaten at home in the Europa League since the competition rebranded in 2009, winning five games and drawing a further seven, keeping six clean sheets in the process.
Jose Luis Mendilibar makes six changes from their win over Espanyol at the weekend. Bounou starts in goal, with Bade, Acuna, Fernando, Ocampos and En-Nesyri also coming in. Dmitrovic, Rekik, Telles and Mir drop to the bench, while Suso is out injured.
Massimiliano Allegri makes four changes to the side that beat Atalanta on Sunday. Bonucci, Miretti, Kostic and Vlahovic are all brought in. Rugani, Fagioli, Iling-Junior and Milik start on the bench, as does Paredes after returning from a domestic ban.
SEVILLA SUBS: Alex Telles, Gonzalo Montiel, Rafa Mir, Alberto Flores, Manu Bueno, Alejandro Gomez, Erik Lamela, Marko Dmitovic, Karim Rekik.
SEVILLA STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Yassine Bounou; Jesus Navas, Loic Bade, Nemanja Gudelj, Marcos Acuna; Fernando, Ivan Rakitic; Lucas Ocampos, Oliver Torres, Bryan Gil; Youssef En-Nesyri.
JUVENTUS SUBS: Nicolo Fagioli, Moise Kean, Samuel Iling-Junior, Carlo Pinsoglio, Matias Soule, Frederico Gatti, Paul Pogba, Mattia Perin, Leandro Paredes, Arkadiusz Milik, Daniele Rugani, Federico Chiesa.
JUVENTUS STARTING XI (3-5-1-1): Wojciech Szczesny; Danilo, Leonardo Bonucci, Alex Sandro; Juan Cuadrado, Fabio Miretti, Manuel Locatelli, Adrien Rabiot, Filip Kostic; Angel Di Maria; Dusan Vlahovic.
Juventus are chasing a first-ever Europa League trophy, with this their only chance left at silverware this season. They beat Sporting CP 2-1 on aggregate in the last round, winning the home leg. Coming into this game, they've lost just one of their last six outings (W3 D2), going unbeaten in their last three. As for Sevilla, they're aiming to win the tournament for the seventh time. They knocked out Manchester United with a 5-2 aggregate win in the quarter-final, despite going 2-0 down in the first leg of the tie, and they've lost just one of their last nine matches in all competitions (W6 D2).
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Europa League semi-final first leg between Juventus and Sevilla at the Allianz Stadium!