Chelsea v Southampton Live Commentary, 26/10/2021

PEN 4 - 3
1 - 1
K. Havertz (44)
C. Adams (47)
Stamford Bridge
(FT 1 - 1)


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So, Chelsea's name goes into the hat for the draw and they'll find out on Saturday who they'll face in the next round. Their attention turns back to the Premier League now though and a trip to Newcastle United. Southampton's Cup run comes to an end and they have Watford next up in the league.
Chelsea beat Southampton 4-3 on penalties to reach the EFL Cup quarter-final. Havertz put Chelsea ahead just before half-time with a thumping header before Adams tapped in from close range after Walker-Peters' shot was saved. It was close in the shoot-out, with Walcott hitting the post before Mount's spot-kick was saved by Forster. Smallbone sent his effort flying high over the bar though and successful kicks from Alonso, Hudson-Odoi, Chilwell and James send them through.
FULL-TIME: CHELSEA 1-1 SOUTHAMPTON (Chelsea win 4-3 won penalties).
JAMES WINS IT FOR CHELSEA! The defender confidently steps up and sends his spot-kick into the bottom-right corner as Forster dives the wrong way. 4-3 Chelsea!
Cool as you like from Romeu to keep Southampton in with a chance. Kepa dives to his left but the midfielder slots his shot straight down the middle.
It's another good penalty for Chelsea as Chilwell sends Forster the wrong way and fires his shot into the right side of the net. 3-2 Chelsea!
MISS! It's an awful penalty from Smallbone! He hits it with power and sends it flying high over the crossbar and into the stands.
Hudson-Odoi stutters his run-up, but Forster still guesses right. It's sent right into the corner though and the keeper can't keep it out on the stretch. 2-2!
It's a long, curling run-up from Long when he steps up, and it fools Kepa. He goes the wrong way and the substitute slots it into the left corner.
SAVED! Mount scored from the spot at the weekend, but Forster keeps him out! He tries to lift it over the keeper, who sticks out an arm to deny him.
OFF THE POST! Walcott is next for Southampton and he's trying to pick out the bottom-left corner. Kepa goes the right way, but it bounces back off the woodwork.
Alonso next and it's another good penalty. He slots his effort into the bottom right corner, and Forster goes the wrong way. 1-1!
Adam Armstrong steps up to the spot first and it's a confident penalty from him. He sends Kepa the wrong way, curling it into the left side.
Southampton come from behind to draw 1-1 with Chelsea and take the Cup tie to penalties. Havertz put Chelsea ahead just before half-time when he thumped a header in from a corner. Just two minutes into the second half though, Southampton responded, with Adams tapping in Walker-Peters' saved shot. Both sides had chances to win it late on, but Kepa and Forster both pulled off a number of good saves to keep it level.
90' + 5' FORSTER! Chelsea aren't giving this up just yet and Hudson-Odoi skips away from challenges down the right to cut inside again. His cross is cleared ahead of Havertz at the far post, but it falls for Sarr. He volleys a shot back towards goal, and Forster gets a strong hand behind it to deny him.
90' + 3' GREAT SAVE! It's a great corner into the box for Southampton and none of the Chelsea defenders are picking up Lyanco. He thumps a free header towards goal and Kepa tips it over. From that resulting corner, Salisu flicks a header on and Kepa makes another good save to keep him out.
F. Forster
Yellow Card
90' + 1' Forster is taking his time over a goal-kick and is booked for time-wasting.
90' + 1' MISS! Hudson-Odoi has switched back out to the right, and he skips past two Southampton defenders to get into the box. There's a lot of bodies in there and he tries to curl it in from a tight angle, but sends it straight into the side netting.
89' Southampton push forward down their left again and Livramento skips past Mount before trying to pull it back to Armstrong. Chilwell steps in front of him to cut it out and does well to clear the second ball and stop Livramento from getting back onto it.
87' Mount is caught on the ball by Salisu, and he picks out Armstrong on the edge of the box. He can't open up space for a shot, so squares it into Smallbone. He drags at his chance though and sends it well wide of the far post.
85' Chalobah gets his head up and he spots Mount making a run through the middle off the back of Salisu. It looks like he's through on goal, but Lyanco recovers brilliantly to get back and usher him off the ball.
V. Livramento
M. Djenepo
83' Djenepo makes his way straight off the field with the medical team and Livramento is on in his place.
82' Djenepo has gone down off the ball and it looks like he's struggling with cramp. Hasenhuttl is getting a sub ready on the sidelines while he receives treatment, and it looks like Djenepo's game is over.
M. Djenepo
Yellow Card
80' Djenepo tugs back Chilwell to stop his run and picks up a booking.
78' SMALLBONE! Long gets away from Alonso to clip a cross onto the edge of the six-yard box and Smallbone makes a late run onto it. He flicks the header on and Kepa does well to get behind it and push the effort away.
W. Smallbone
S. Armstrong
77' And Stuart Armstrong is the other player making way, with Smallbone on for him.
Oriol Romeu
I. Diallo
77' Southampton are making another double change here. Diallo is the first to go off, with Romeu on to replace him.
75' GREAT SAVE! The hosts are keeping the pressure on here and it's played out to Saul on the edge of the box again. This time, he curls a brilliant shot towards the top corner, and Forster pulls off another great save to keep it out.
73' CLOSE! Chelsea break on the counter again and Havertz is forced wide. His pull-back is just behind Barkley at the near post, but he does pick out Saul on the edge of the box. He drills it towards the far bottom corner, but it fizzes just wide.
71' Kovacic wins it back from a free-kick and plays in Mount down the right to start the counter. He has Havertz making a supporting run on the opposite flank, but he overhits the pass out to him and Forster sees it out of play.
69' Walcott has stayed down holding his head after an aerial collision. He was sandwiched in between Alonso and Walker-Peters who both jumped for the ball. The medical team come on to give him treatment and he'll be able to carry on.
B. Chilwell
R. Barkley
67' And Chilwell is also being brought on for Barkley.
M. Mount
H. Ziyech
67' Chelsea are also making a double change as they look to restore their lead. Mount, who got a hat-trick at the weekend, comes on for Ziyech.
T. Walcott
N. Tella
67' Tella is the other player to make way, with Walcott on for him.
S. Long
C. Adams
66' Southampton are making a double change here and the goal scorer, Adams, is the first to go off after going down a moment ago. Long is on for him.
65' Lyanco spins away from Kovacic in midfield and stays alert when his throughball to Adams is cut out by Saul. He sweeps it out to Walker-Peters on the right, but he sees his cross blocked by Alonso.
63' It's sloppy from Chelsea as they play out from the back and Kovacic is caught on the ball by Stuart Armstrong. The captain picks out Adam Armstrong, who tries to square it into Adams at the near post, but it's cut out by Sarr.
61' Kepa's clearance is cut out by Tella as he steps across Ziyech and he tries to set Stuart Armstrong on the counter-attack. Barkley closes in quickly to win it back and ends up winning a free-kick which comes to nothing.
59' FORSTER! Chelsea aren't letting up the pressure on Southampton here and Havertz pulls it back across to Barkley on the right of the area. It's a tight angle, but he tries to sneak it in at the near post and Forster smothers it.
57' GREAT SAVE! Adams brought down Alonso just outside the box on the left and James steps up to take the free-kick. He whips a shot towards goal and it's dipping under the crossbar until Forster tips it over.
55' Valery sloppily gifts the ball to Alonso on the left and he fizzes a dangerous, low cross into the box. Barkley is making a late run towards the far post, but Lyanco steps in just ahead of him to hook it clear.
53' GOOD SAVE! Kovacic initially wins the ball back with a perfectly-timed tackle on the edge of the box, but Southampton get it straight back. Adam Armstrong is fed in on the left of the area and he curls a low shot across goal. Kepa sees it late but gets down to push it away.
51' Southampton can't keep hold of the ball at the moment as Saul nicks the ball off Diallo before playing it forward for Havertz to chase. He gets caught on his heels though and it ends up rolling harmlessly into Forster.
49' GOOD SAVE! Chelsea are looking to make a quick response as Barkley drives forward down the right. He squares it into Havertz, who pulls the ball back away from Salisu before hitting a low shot down the middle and Forster keeps him out with his legs.
C. Adams
47' ADAMS EQUALISES! Walker-Peters drifts away from Alonso down the right and when he drives into the box, he decides to have a go. His low shot goes through Kepa's legs, but Adams is waiting behind the keeper to tap the ball over the line and pulls Southampton level. 1-1!
46' Chelsea get us back underway for the second half!
Hasenhuttl will feel hard done by to be behind at the break after a good performance in the first half. They forced Chelsea into a few mistakes at the back, but without having anything to show for it so far. Tuchel will be pleased that his side finally got a goal after missing some of their earlier chances but will want an improvement to the sloppiness they've sometimes shown at the back.
Havertz's late goal gives Chelsea a 1-0 lead over Southampton at half-time. The hosts created the better chances in the first half with Saul seeing an early header tipped wide by Forster before Havertz came within inches of curling in the opening goal. The German then saw an effort pushed over the bar by the keeper before he headed in from a corner to break the deadlock in the 44th minute.
H. Ziyech
44' It's a good corner from Ziyech as he puts it into a dangerous area on the edge of the six-yard box for Havertz to attack.
K. Havertz
44' HAVERTZ SCORES! There are three Southampton defenders in front of Havertz when Ziyech's corner is whipped into the box, but the German rises highest in the crowd. He thumps his header across goal and Forster can't keep it out on the stretch as it bounces into the far bottom corner. 1-0 Chelsea!
42' Chelsea are being forced deep again and Saul hooks a hopeful ball upfield. Havertz does well to get in front of Salisu to flick it on, but there's no one behind it and the hosts win back possession.
40' Ziyech lifts the ball over the top to Hudson-Odoi, but he ends up pulling it back to the Moroccan when his path is blocked by Salisu. He lets it bounce before hitting the shot on the volley, but Lyanco makes a good block.
38' Walker-Peters nicks the ball off Alonso and instantly picks out Adam Armstrong. He spins and strides to the edge of the box, where he unselfishly tries to tee up Adams. Chalobah gets a toe on it though to help it back to Kepa.
36' It's a great throughball from Saul to pick out Hudson-Odoi's run down the right and he pulls it back from the byline. He's looking for Ziyech on the edge of the box, but Stuart Armstrong cuts it out and the Chelsea fans are voicing their frustration as another move breaks down.
34' Again, Chelsea's defenders are struggling to get out as Southampton chase them down on the ball. James gets lucky as he squeezes it through to Saul and Alonso eventually wins a free-kick to help them get out of trouble.
32' CHANCE! It's good work by Walker-Peters down the right as he skips between Alonso and Sarr before being knocked to ground. He touches it into Stuart Armstrong who hits the shot first time. It takes a big deflection off Kovacic, but Kepa stretches to keep it out.
30' BLOCK! Stuart Armstrong floats a great corner into the box and Adams gets in front of everyone at the near post to flick it on. Adam Armstrong peels away on the far side and tries to nod it in, but Alonso gets across to block his effort.
28' Tella is just hovering at Sarr's shoulder and Valery spots him. He plays a throughball down the right for him to chase, but there's too much on it and Tella can't keep it in play despite his best efforts.
26' GOOD SAVE! Havertz has acres of space down the left and he runs at Lyanco as he drifts inside. It's a tight angle which he takes the shot from as he fires it towards the near top corner, but Forster gets behind it to push it over the bar.
25' Hudson-Odoi drives Chelsea upfield and his first cross is blocked, but Alonso latches onto the clearance and spreads it back out to him on the right. He skips away from Salisu this time before whipping in a dangerous cross, but Havertz can't reach it.
I. Diallo
Yellow Card
23' Diallo clips the back of Kovacic's heels to stop his run and is shown the first yellow card of the game.
22' Ziyech gives the ball away again and Adams pokes it through to Adam Armstrong. Three Chelsea players swarm around him to block his way into the penalty area, and the forward can't bundle his way past them.
20' Southampton's high press is still causing Chelsea a few problems as the hosts struggle to pass it out from the back. Tella comes very close to taking it out of Chalobah's feet, but he just manages to get it to Kepa in time.
18' Southampton win another free-kick on the right and Stuart Armstrong curls a deep cross out to the left. Djenepo volleys it back into the box, but it's too close to Kepa, who comes off his line to collect it.
16' CLOSE! The Southampton defenders just sit back and allow Havertz to cut inside from the left and open up space for a shot just outside the box. He tries to whip it in at the far post, but there's too much on it and it flies just wide.
14' Chelsea have progressed from both of their EFL Cup ties against Southampton, with the most recent such meeting coming at this stage in 1997-98 - the Blues won 2-1 at Stamford Bridge en route to lifting the trophy.
12' Kovacic gave the ball away but quickly makes up for it as he picks Valery's pocket. He threads it through to Barkley down the left, but Southampton flood back and the midfielder can't pick out a cross.
10' Chelsea can't get out at the moment as Southampton keep pressing them high upfield. Djenepo wins it back again before laying it off to Adam Armstrong. The forward is a long way out but drills an effort towards the near post which is blocked by Saul.
8' A switch of play from Alonso back to Hudson-Odoi is cut out by Djenepo and he keeps it in play at the byline, skipping away from the wing-back as he tries to tackle him. He takes it to the near post, but James gets across to make an important interception.
6' GREAT SAVE! Barkley curls a corner into the box and Saul has a free header on the penalty spot. He thumps a header back across goal towards the near post and Forster dives across to tip it wide with a strong hand.
4' Ziyech curls a free-kick into the box that beats everyone before Chalobah brings it down on the far side. The hosts cleverly work open some space for Hudson-Odoi, who is slipped in on the edge of the area, but his shot is kept out by Forster.
2' Southampton win it back and Adam Armstrong does brilliantly to knock the ball past James down the left and keep it in play as he drives forward. The defender recovers well though and slides in to intercept the run.
1' Adam Armstrong gets the game underway for Southampton!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Chelsea have fallen at this stage of the EFL Cup in four of the last six seasons, including each of the last two (vs Manchester United in 2019-20 and Tottenham last season).
There are wholesale changes to Southampton as Ralph Hasenhuttl makes nine from the draw with Burnley on Saturday, with only Diallo and Salisu retaining their places. Armando Broja can't start against his parent club, so Adam Armstrong and Adams return up top.
Thomas Tuchel makes six changes to the team that swept Norwich City aside last time out. Kepa starts in goal, with Sarr, Barkley, Saul, Alonso and Ziyech also coming in. Chilwell, Silva, Mount, Jorginho and Rudiger drop to the bench.
SOUTHAMPTON SUBS: William Smallbone, Shane Long, Valentino Livramento, Theo Walcott, Harry Lewis, Jan Bednarek, Romain Perraud, Oriol Romeu, Nathan Redmond.
SOUTHAMPTON STARTING XI (4-4-2): Fraser Forster; Yan Valery, Lyanco, Mohammed Salisu, Kyle Walker-Peters; Nathan Tella, Stuart Armstrong, Ibrahima Diallo, Moussa Djenepo; Che Adams, Adam Armstrong.
CHELSEA SUBS: Ben Chilwell, Teddy Sharman-Lowe, Marcus Bettinelli, Harvey Vale, Thiago Silva, Mason Mount, Jorginho, Antonio Rudiger.
CHELSEA STARTING XI (3-5-2): Kepa Arrizabalaga; Reece James, Trevoh Chalobah, Malang Sarr; Callum Hudson-Odoi, Ross Barkley, Mateo Kovacic, Saul Niguez, Marcos Alonso; Hakim Ziyech, Kai Havertz.
It took penalty shoot-out wins for both of these sides to progress from the last round, with Chelsea beating Aston Villa after a 1-1 draw and Southampton seeing off Sheffield United after drawing 2-2. The hosts come into this game having won each of their last four outings in all competitions, which started with a 3-1 victory over Southampton in the Premier League at the beginning of the month. As for the Saints, they've won just one of their last eight in all competitions (D5 L2), beating Leeds United 1-0 in the league.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the EFL Cup fourth-round tie between Chelsea and Southampton at Stamford Bridge!