'Ronaldo a cheat, wanted to reap where he did not sow' - Fans blast Portugal star after Fernandes' goal

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Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal Uruguay 2022 World Cup
The 37-year-old Ronaldo wheeled away to celebrate though the goal was later credited to his former Manchester United teammate

Cristiano Ronaldo has come under heavy criticism from fans after he allegedly claimed Bruno Fernandes' opener for Portugal in the 2-0 World Cup victory against Uruguay on Monday night.

The 28-year-old Fernandes curled in a cross from the left that probably passed over the head of a jumping Ronaldo, and the ball rolled into the net for Selecao's opener at Lusail Stadium.

After the goal was first given to Ronaldo, it was later credited to Fernandes who then also scored a second from the penalty spot.

During Portugal's opener against Ghana, Ronaldo was accused by fans for diving to win a penalty which he converted in the 3-2 victory.

Ronaldo's actions against Uruguay have sparked debate on social media with a section of African fans accusing the former Manchester United forward of trying to "steal" the goal.

  1. Ronaldo wanted to steal

    Ronaldo wanted to steal

    Nothing like he was deemed not to have gotten contact with the ball. It was very clear it was the direct free-kick from Fernandez that produced the goal, Ronaldo wanted to steal another person's shine, but VAR did not allow it. - Fache Joshua

    That thief wanted to claim a hard fought goal from him. But unfortunately the camera exposed the thief. - Ejyk Kobo Man

    He wanted to reap where he did not sow - Ud Chris

    The diver wanted to claim and steal it. Unfortunately there are cameras everywhere, we saw it. - Stainless

  2. Ronaldo stooped too low

    Ronaldo stooped too low

    Why would Ronaldo stoop so low as to claim what isn't his?... I'm highly disappointed... he knows he didn't touch that ball. - Edet Ernestine

  3. Ronaldo is a cheat
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    Ronaldo is a cheat

    Ronaldo is a cheat. He knew he didn't touch the ball but he celebrated like he scored. He is despicable and just wants to achieve personal accolades by any means I can never rate him. - Afritonio Shakur

    It was very clear. I was mad initially when it was awarded to Ronaldo. Even Ronaldo knew he didn't make contact with the ball, because he faked it and ran to embrace Fernandez. Tns to technology. - Nnaemeka Sunny Obidike

    Even Ronaldo knows he didn't touch the ball that is why he didn't do his normal celebration or celebrate wide he rather ran to meet Fernandez... - Vickson Edred-Emery Uche Snr

  4. Ronaldo's head touched the ball
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    Ronaldo's head touched the ball

    Without Ronaldo's movement, the keeper would have caught that ball without stress... And nothing you can tell me... His head touched that ball... but Fifa and politics. - Destiny Ogochukwu Reuben

  5. Ronaldo convinced the keeper
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    Ronaldo convinced the keeper

    It's doesn't even matter but what I am sure of is that if Ronaldo didn't jump to nod the keeper would have saved the ball but Ronaldo convinced him. - Ayelabola Temitope Gbenga

    Either he had contact with the ball or not, it was his action that diverted the goalkeeper. - Raphtory imagery

    It was a simple cross in and if not for Ronaldo interference by jumping up, the goalkeeper would have caught the ball... simple..every player in Ronaldo's shoe will celebrate. - Chinwe Flavio Adele

  6. Stop Ronaldo hatred

    Stop Ronaldo hatred

    Everyone knows how Ronaldo celebrates when he scores, but he didn't do that, he went straight to Bruno and celebrated with him, because he knew that it was Bruno's goal. People should stop this hatred. - Olayiwola Maroof

    Why so much hatred for one person? But people should know that both the hate and critics about him, always increases his account digit... πŸ™„ - Adedeji Bola

  7. Ronaldo had a nice game
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    Ronaldo had a nice game

    Regardless!! CR7 presence there and movement aided the goal... He had a nice game. - Anyionu Collins Murphy

    This isn't his usual way of Cristiano 's celebration, he's coming to celebrate with Bruno Fernandes because he knew it wasn't his goal but people don't understand. He can't try to steal someone's goal because no one does it better than him. - Zachee N Midalah

  8. Aboubakar deserves a mention

    Aboubakar deserves a mention

    The fact that Ronaldo never touched the ball but is making more headlines than Cameroonian player Vincent Abubakar that scored a goal of the tournament is a historic bias of the World Cup tournament ever. - Soccer 4 ME

  9. Ronaldo not selfish
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    Ronaldo not selfish

    Ronaldo is not selfish or jealous he knew the goal was not his and when the ball hit the net he pointed at Bruno, ran towards Bruno and gave him a hug with a huge smile on his face⚽❀ don't hate Cristiano Ronaldo for getting old and not delivering. The man broke many records and created many of his own that any of upcoming generations won't be able to stand up to⚽❀ - Songezo MacMillan

  10. Ronaldo would have scored

    Ronaldo would have scored

    Ronaldo could have at least had a consolation goal to his name once again if he wasn't substituted cause his favorite later came into play 😁😁😁😁😁 - Desmond Roland