Partey didn't make a tackle for Ghana, but he's rolling himself in the ground for Arsenal - Fans

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Arsenal star Thomas Partey.
The 29-year-old midfielder is currently in Dubai with the Gunners as they prepare for the Premier League's resumption

A photo of Arsenal midfielder Thomas Partey sliding to win a tackle in training has sparked debate on social media with Ghanaians slamming the player for not giving his all when playing for the Black Stars.

The Black Stars failed to advance from the group stage at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. They opened their campaign with a 3-2 defeat against Portugal, recovered to beat South Korea 3-2 before losing 2-0 against Uruguay.

The 29-year-old Partey featured in all three matches but did not create anything meaningful. With the early exit, Partey linked up with Arsenal in their training camp in Dubai ahead of the Premier League resumption.

During a training session on Monday, the former Atletico Madrid player was pictured sliding to a win a tackle and this has left Ghanaians disappointed as per the reactions below.

  1. Partey is a flop
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    Partey is a flop

    He's a flop in the Ghana Jersey 😡😡😡 - Arthur Qwessi

    This guy won't help Ghana - Afi Teye Skello

    This tackle would've stopped Suarez and Bruno's passes that made Ghana concede those goals. - Alexander D'Great

    He played nothing at the World Cup 😞😞 - Elvis S Nelly

    I never imagined this guy could even make a tackle. With how poorly he always performs in a Black Star jersey. - Chelsea Chelsea

    He didn't make a single tackle at the World Cup. But he's already rolling himself in the ground in Arsenal training. - Ebenezer Churchmann

  2. Partey doesn't love Ghana

    Partey doesn't love Ghana

    Partey is a disappointment to this country. - Mirage Ibrahim

    Killing himself for Arsenal than his Nation. - Mins Abek

    We all know who doesn’t love his country 😌 -Fatao Ibn Malik

    This guy should be dropped from the Black Stars squad. He doesn't love the country 🇬🇭. - Asuo Alexander

    When it comes to training look at how he is killing himself but when he comes to Ghana he protects his legs. I pray the next coach won't call him for the next Afcon. - Blaqk Kinq Prophecy Senior

  3. Partey's heart not with Black Stars

    Partey's heart not with Black Stars

    Partey heart was not with the Black Stars only his body was. No wonder his performance was in shambles throughout the World Cup tournament. - Zakaria Mohammed

    We never witnessed such die-hardness in Qatar. Sad. - Alhassan Farouk

    Partey shouldn't be called to play for the Black Stars again, because his heart is not with the team. - Dzanado Albert Kwasi

    Partey never been a good player

    Partey has never been a good player, anybody can be good when playing around good players. We need players like Essien, Afriyie Aquah, Wakasso, Anthony Annan. - Essumang Richard

  4. Partey has never been a good player

    Partey has never been a good player

    Partey has never been a good player, anybody can be good when playing around good players. We need players like Essien, Afriyie Aquah, Wakasso, Anthony Annan. - Essumang Richard

  5. Ghana should bench Partey

    Ghana should bench Partey

    The Black Stars management board should call him as always but put him on the bench for those who have the country at heart to play for us. - Hassan Husain

  6. Partey is never serious for Ghana

    Partey is never serious for Ghana

    That guy is never serious when playing for the national team. In his mind is like... If he prayed well or not. They will still call him to the #BlackStar. He does not even have the charisma to captain the team when Dede Ayew leaves. Individuality is more in him.- Norkplim Amenyo Wisdom

    I've never seen him doing such tackling in the national team. - Dominic Krampah Kramps

    Thomas never go do this tackle in Black Stars jersey 😂😂😂 I still like him though - Diyaka Abdul Aziz

    This is training but he looks committed. In a Ghana shirt at the World Cup, he looked like he didn't want to get himself dirty. - Rexford Amegbor

  7. Is money the issue?

    Is money the issue?

    I guess the money he receives at Arsenal is bigger than what he gets when playing for Black Stars that’s why he doesn’t put in much effort🤨. - Hanniel Mensah

    That's where he will get money so he has to work hard. - Mãnñɛssëh Fïīfī Ādøbãh Arhïñ

    He plays well when he goes to his club team, I think 🤔 he receives money 💴 there 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 - Pprophet Stephen Okyere

    That's where his career is. He gets MONEY at Arsenal. - Dominic Eagle Nyarko

  8. Ghana needs Partey replacement

    Ghana needs Partey replacement

    So he could do this...? This guy honestly doesn't deserve a call-up... We need committed guys... Hard truth 👍 - Collins Oxlade-Quabynah Chambalen

    Just imagine, because of this guy they benched Osman Bukari, who did absolutely nothing for the nation. I wish we can let him go and get someone to replace him. - Abdul Waliu

  9. Partey not to blame
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    Partey not to blame

    I wonder why everyone is blaming Thomas Partey for our early exit in this tournament😏. Even Baba Rahman and Otto Addo are at their camp working for their club team.

    It's time you leave our star to work hard for us too... Our aim is to win the Premier League this season so you people should criticising our star🙏🏽🙏🏽 - Lawrence Lamptey

    The tactics of the coach didn't permit him to perform. He was just a ball boy in all our games. - Albert Kofi Appiah Fosu

    I don't know why people blame Partey. Who will kill himself for a corrupt team? His actions speak a lot about what goes on in the back room. - Cyril Nana Amponsah Jnr

    You guys should allow him to be because he is not playing with the right players in the national team. So you want him to die for someone to take the glory? - Emmanuel Gankyor

  10. Welcome to Arsenal
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    Welcome to Arsenal

    Welcome back to Arsenal bro. Stay fit for us. Our top four ambition depends on you staying fit. As for you in Ghana Jersey at the World Cup, you did not do well because Ghana didn't have a coach. Thank you. - Abdul Somed