‘Liverpool scored all their remaining goals for the season last week, learn to budget’

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Jurgen Klopp Liverpool 2022-23
Liverpool were the brunt of fans’ jokes on Saturday as they were brought crashing down to earth by Bournemouth.

Liverpool’s elation after last weekend’s 7-0 demolition of Manchester United didn’t last long, as they were brought back down to earth with a bump on Saturday, falling to a 1-0 defeat by Bournemouth.

Mohamed Salah missed a penalty for the Merseysiders, whose Champions League prospects dimmed with the defeat, while supporters were quick to tear into the Reds after their latest setback.

  1. ‘Liverpool are back’

    It’s been a tricky year for Jurgen Klopp’s side, and many supporters felt this was a return to form after the highs of last weekend.

    “So Liverpool lost 1-0 to a team that’s right at the bottom of the league,” wrote @KasiboySA. “Liverpool is back.”

    “Liverpool are a finished club, man,” echoed @Wisdom_Wiese.

  2. Ouch!

  3. Should’ve done the laundry
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    Should’ve done the laundry

    @DonnDanger certainly regretted tuning into Liverpool’s loss.

    “Should’ve done the laundry during the Liverpool game,” he reflected.

  4. Complete reset

    “So Liverpool has reverted back to default status,” joked @SankiLerefolo, who didn’t seem too bothered by the Reds’ return for form.

  5. The beauty of the Prem

    “The Premier League is no like other!” wrote Gasant Abarder. “A surprise around every corner.

    “I don’t even think Liverpool played that badly,” he added. “As for better or worse … I couldn’t care less!”

  6. Soccer will really kill you
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    Soccer will really kill you

    For @El_X_Padrino, Liverpool’s latest setback might prove to be the final straw.

    “…only for Liverpool to lose to Bournemouth this week,” he wrote. “Soccer will really kill you a real death.”

  7. Football will humble you

    Friend of GOAL, @PoojaMedia was in a philosophical mood after the Reds’ defeat.

    “Liverpoo 7-0 Man United,” he began. “Seven days later, Bournemouth 1-0 Liverpool.

    “Football will humble you.”

  8. Robin Hood?
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    Robin Hood?

    Simnikiwe Xabanisa has an interesting theory to explain the Reds’ form.

    “Finally found my spin for Liverpool's form this season (if you want to call it that),” he wrote. “We take points from the rich and give them to the poor...”

  9. Learn to budget

    This one from Josiah Kago Nkhumisang, writing from Botswana, certainly made us laugh.

    “Looks like Liverpool scored all their remaining goals for the season last week,” he wrote. “Learn to budget gents, please.

    “Eat your salary on payday and borrow taxi fare the rest of the month.”

  10. They should have stopped at 5-0

    Abuti Crops also reckons that Liverpool’s failure to bag against Bournemouth was—at least partly—linked to their goal-rush against United.

    “Liverpool should’ve stopped at 5-0,” they joked!