Is ‘clueless’ Maguire playing rugby? Man United defender labelled a ‘fridge’

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Harry Maguire
Manchester United fans were incredulous to see England’s Harry Maguire return against Leeds United.

These have been weeks and months of immense progress for Manchester United under Erik ten Hag, with the Dutch head coach helping the Red Devils pick up following a slow start to the season.

With Marcus Rashford—returning to top form under the tutelage of Benni McCarthy—firing United into potential title contention, expectations have been spiralling.

However, Maguire’s return to the team has brought some fans down to earth with a bump.

  1. Undermining United’s build-up

    Many fans concerns were with Maguire’s limitations with the ball at feet, with numerous supporters complaining about his ability to play out from the back.

    “Maguire passes horribly, no thoughts,” wrote @KamikaZaky. “Put him in a mid-table club and there wouldn’t be players to cover for him.”

    Kenan Barends agreed: “This whole performance can be attributed to the fact that Maguire takes too many touches and then puts others under pressure.”

  2. Takes 50 years to pass it

    @Blainewitten agrees with the previous user.

    “AGAIN, Maguire taking 50 years to release the ball,” he wrote, during one particular moment of peak frustration. “You’d think with an utter lack of speed he’d have some positional awareness and intelligence.

    “Nope. A very big nope.”

  3. Athletic ability questioned

    Others opted to focus on his athletic limitations.

    “It’s hard to believe Maguire is an athlete,” wrote @_fundimental.

    Lloyd Nhletelo agrees: “It makes perfect sense why Maguire hasn’t been a starter,” he wrote, reflecting on why the England centre-back has been rarely used by Ten Hag.

  4. …also lacking intelligence

    It wasn’t just Maguire’s athletic or technical capacities that came under fire.

    “Maguire is not an intelligent player at all,” wrote Bandile Mathandela, while Jason Denman echoed: “Maguire, please get out of this team.

    “You are absolutely clueless.”

  5. He shouldn’t celebrate

    While United were able to celebrate a victory following Marcus Rashford’s opening oal, some supporters thought that the hapless Maguire shouldn’t be allowed to celebrate with his teammates.

    “Maguire shouldn’t celebrate with this team,” wrote @NateMainga, somewhat harshly. “He’s been woeful.”

  6. Wrong sport?

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, with the Six Nations in full flow, some portions of the African fanbase questioned whether Maguire was playing the right sport.

    “Maguire playing rugby in the box once again,” observed Kenan Barends.

  7. Time to go?

    While Maguire wasn’t sold at the start of the season, or during the January transfer window, some supporters believe that it’s his time to depart the club.

    “Well done lads,” wrote @_its_Alex__. “We had to grind for that.

    “Great substitutions, Maguire needs to be sold btw.”

  8. A fridge?
    Getty Images

    A fridge?

    Celumusa Sikhondze of Swaziland came up with a Maguire jibe that we’re not convinced we’ve heard before…

    “[Wout] Weghorsst playing better as a No. 10,” he wrote. “Maguire is a fridge.”

    We’re not sure this one will catch on, although Shoto Todoroki shared similar dismay.

    “How does Maguire stay in the field?” he questioned. “Take that fridge off.”

  9. Everything in slow motion

    “Maguire does everything in slow motion,” wrote @BusbyBulletin. “Why wait for someone to tackle you before you pass the freaking ball?”

    His frustrations were shared by many Red Devils fans.

  10. One of several strugglers

    While @Khaliphaniiii wasn’t happy with Maguire’s performance, he wasn’t the only United player who came under fire.

    “Manchester United just wants to send us into a coma,” he wrote. “What kind of football is that?

    “[Marcel] Sabitzer is nowhere to be seen,” he added. “Maguire has no sense of urgency nor confidence.

    “Fred seems to be struggling.”

    More work for Ten Hag to do…!