'A different level' - Phil Parkinson explains how Wrexham are preparing for glitzy US tour as Ryan Reynolds & Rob McElhenney's side get ready to face Man Utd & Chelsea

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  • Wrexham's pre-season tour plans
  • Adapted programme for US games
  • Importance of controlling player minutes

WHAT HAPPENED: Wrexham boss Parkinson gave an insight into the club's preparations for their upcoming pre-season tour in the United States. Following the takeover by Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, Wrexham has experienced newfound success, earning promotion to the Football League after a long hiatus. Parkinson highlighted the unique nature of this pre-season and the high-profile games against Manchester United and Chelsea.

WHAT THEY SAID: He said to the club's media: "Obviously it's a different preseason because of the lengths of the breakaway and the games we've got over there, so we've adapted our preseason programme leading into that slightly. Both the games we've had are going to be behind closed doors like today, an in-house game and next Saturday behind closed doors. The reasons for that are just that we want to control the minutes of every single player so we make sure that we go to America in the best possible shape”

WHAT MORE?: He added: “The profile of these games is obviously a different level in terms of the anticipated attendance and also the experience of being in America where the club, through the documentary, has been well received, and we're looking to take that a step further with our performances on our travels."

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Wrexham's pre-season tour to the United States holds significant importance for the club, not only in terms of the high-profile opponents they will face but also the exposure they have gained through the documentary produced by Reynolds and McElhenney.


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WHAT NEXT: Wrexham's pre-season tour will get underway on July 19 against Premier League big boys Chelsea in Florida.