Spanish teams could be BANNED from European competition as Luis Rubiales scandal takes fresh twist

Spain Luis Rubiales Jennifer Hermoso World CupGetty/RTVE

Andreu Camps is, in a show of solidarity with RFEF president Luis Rubiales, calling on European football’s governing body to take action following government intervention in sporting matters.

The Spanish government has requested that drastic action is taken by the RFEF following a kissing scandal involving Rubiales that was sparked at the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

During the final of that competition, Rubiales was spotted in the stands grabbing his crotch as Spain edged their way to a 1-0 victory over England.

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He then formed part of the post-match medal ceremony, during which he grabbed players and planted a kiss onto the lips of Barcelona striker Jennie Hermoso.

All 23 members of Spain’s triumphant World Cup squad have stated that they will not represent their country again for as long as Rubiales remains in his prominent post, while 11 members of Jorge Vilda’s coaching staff have resigned.

FIFA has opened disciplinary proceedings, with Rubiales – who is also a vice-president of UEFA - suspended for three months from national and international football activity pending a full investigation.

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The Spanish government has also sought to get involved, calling for the resignation or disqualification of Rubiales, but their presence in proceedings has not been well received by RFEF chief Camps.

According to UEFA statutes, all association members “shall manage their affairs independently and without undue influence from third parties. Any body or decision of a body that has not been elected or appointed in accordance with said procedure, even provisionally, will not be recognized by UEFA”.

Camps considers that to be the case in Spain, with Onda Cero reporting that he is looking for UEFA to take action by imposing a ban on Spanish teams until the matter has been resolved.

UEFA is yet to intervene, but director of relations Thierry Favre did attend the assembly last week at which Rubiales stated that he would not be resigning from his role as a result of the controversy sparked by his “consensual” clinch with Hermoso.

With Rubiales being suspended, Pedro Rocha – the only vice-president not dismissed prior to last week’s assembly – has been placed in interim charge.

He must decide whether to support Camps’ request to UEFA or ask for it to be withdrawn – with it yet to be determined whether he will stand in support of Rubiales or become a leader in his own right.