'Save the dancing for the nightclub!' - Roy Keane doubles down on Brazil celebration criticism as he slates manager Tite

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Roy Keane has hit back at Brazil manager Tite for his dance moves and has told the tactician to save it for the nightclub.
  • Keane continues war of words with Tite
  • Coach danced with players in celebration
  • Tite & Brazil players have defended their actions

WHAT HAPPENED? The Selecao cruised past South Korea in the round of 16 and danced in celebration after scoring each of their four goals. After one of the strikes coach Tite even joined his players, which irked Keane, who hit out at the manager while on ITV punditry duty. Tite defended his actions and insisted that he never intended to disrespect South Korea with his moves. However, the former Manchester United skipper has added fuel to the fire with his latest remarks where he asked the Brazilians to save their dancing for the nightclub.

WHAT THEY SAID: "I love watching them because they are brilliant at football, but not when they are dancing, or the manager starts dancing, it's not respectful. I don't get how a manager can dance when the game is still going ahead, he's got an opposition manager 10 yards away from him, you've got to watch that. The game is about respect. Dance afterwards in the dressing room, or in the nightclub, that's not a problem," he told Sky Bet.

"But why is it okay for Brazil to do it during the game? If everyone has a dance after a goal, the games will be going on for three days. Do you know what they should start doing, when coaches do their pro licence, show the managers how to do a little dance on the sideline, forget tactics," he added.  

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THE BIGGER PICTURE: Brazilian players Vinicius Jr and Richarlison have also responded to Keane. The Real Madrid forward has warned that they have many other celebrations ready for the next set of games, while Richarlison also echoed the thoughts of his team-mate and said that they will not change their ways.


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WHAT NEXT FOR BRAZIL? The Selecao will be back in action on Friday when facing Croatia in the quarter-finals, with the star-studded squad looking to land a sixth World Cup for their nation.