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The next Messi? Newell's youngster Joaquin wants to play with PSG star and would give up No.10 shirt if Argentina icon returns to boyhood club

19:41 EAT 08/02/2022
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The teenage winger is looking to make his own way in the game but dreams of playing alongside the former Barcelona captain

Fans of Newell's Old Boys may not have to wait long to see a No.10 Messi shirt on the field for the first team, but that No.10 shirt may not belong to Lionel.

That is because U-20 winger Joaquin Messi hopes to make his own way at the Argentinian club.

But the 19-year-old from Rosario does hope to someday play with his namesake, and he says he would be glad to give up the No.10 shirt to the PSG star should that dream ever come true.

Who is Joaquin Messi?

The 19-year-old plays for Newell's U-20 team, where he wears the No.10 shirt.

He is from a town called Coronel Arnold, not far from the PSG star's hometown of Rosario, and started with Newell's at age 8.

However, Joaquin insists that he is of no relation to Lionel and that the fact that they share a last name is just a local coincidence.

"Many people have asked if there is a relationship, things like this," the teenager said. "It's a simple coincidence because, for example, where I live there are three families with the surname Messi.

"Of course it's normal for the whole world to know that name. It just so happens to be the same name as his and I'm a footballer so I can relate even more.

"I am at Newell's, the same as him, and now I have to wear it [the No.10]."

A dream team-mate?

While he hopes to forge his own legacy with the No.10 shirt, the young winger says he does dream of someday playing alongside the man that shares his last name.

And, if he were to do so, he would gladly give up that No.10 shirt to a man that has influenced all of Argentine football beyond measure.

"It would be the most beautiful thing that could happen to me in life," he said. "It would be an amazing thing. I would take any other number!"

When asked if he would switch to the No.30, another number associated with the PSG star, Joaquin said: "Oh now you're putting a mountain of pressure on me! For me, as long as I'm playing, I'll take any number!"

The former Barcelona star, meanwhile, has previously stated he'd like to someday return to his boyhood club, with Newell's pursuing the iconic winger last summer during his free agency.

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