Croatian Instagram model Ivana Knoll risks breaking Qatar decency laws & causing huge offence for wearing racy World Cup outfits

Ivana Knoll Croatia World Cup 2022
Croatia fan and Instagram model Ivana Knoll risks being hit with a fine and even jail time due to her revealing outfits worn in Qatar.
  • Knoll stepped out in revealing dress
  • Outfit appears to break Qatar's decency laws
  • Could be hit with fine or jail time

WHAT HAPPENED? Knoll, who has previously held the crown of Miss Croatia, stepped out in the Al-Bayat stadium for her nation's first group match against Morocco wearing a figure-hugging dress. The revealing outfit goes against Qatar's strict decency laws, which stipulate that women must not expose their midriff, shoulders, knees or bust.

THE BIGGER PICTURE: While non-Qatari women aren't expected to wear the local abaya - the culture's long, black robe - Knoll's attire would seemingly be scrutinised for its tight fit and revealing neckline. As a result, the 30-year-old model could be hit with a substantial fine, with fans already being warned of a £2,400 penalty for littering alone. Some areas in the country have stricter rules than others, meaning Knoll could even face jail time for breaking these decency laws.

WHAT THEY SAID: While Knoll herself has been critical of this winter's tournament - branding it a "disaster" and having "the worst organisation in history" - the model herself has come under fire for her cultural insensitivity. On her social media post, one user wrote: "You are in Qatar not in Croatia, you have to respect the rules, it is a Muslim country", while another labelled it "disrespectful to the Qatari culture".

WHAT NEXT FOR CROATIA? After playing out an uneventful 0-0 draw against Morocco in their Group F opener, Croatia take on Canada in their second match on Sunday.

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