FKF Premier League

'Clubs were voiceless under Mwendwa's FKF' - Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards

13:46 EAT 17/11/2021
AFC Leopards vs Gor Mahia.
The local giants want an independent body, that will allow the clubs to take part in the decision-making processes, formed

Football Kenya Federation Premier League sides Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards have proposed the formation of an independent body to run the top-tier.

The Premier League and the lower-tier competitions have been stopped for two weeks by the normalisation committee. 

Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards, who at times found themselves at loggerheads with the federation, have now called for a professional outfit to run the competition.


"The caretaker committee should consider outsourcing a body to run the league professionally so that clubs can have a way of participating in decision making," said chairman Ambrose Rachier of Gor Mahia as quoted by Daily Nation.

"Under FKF, no voice was heard, thus the strained relationship."


On his part, AFC Leopards' Dan Shikanda wants a body that resembles the Kenya Premier League - which managed the top tier from 2008 to 2020, when their deal was not renewed by the federation - to take charge.

"We can take the KPL model, which was working very well," explained Shikanda.

"A committee made by the club’s chairman should be the one running the league, and it should include the referees’ body. It will help bring to an end poor officiating, which is a big problem in the league.

"How the league was decided last season and in 2020 was not good. This is the time to put in place proper laws to govern our football."

John Tonui of Posta Rangers said they want a body that will not be interfered with by FKF to be in charge.

"We want an independent league run by an independent body like the way the KPL was doing. The league should be devoid of any interference from FKF even though we align with their structures," Tonui said.

The FKF's functions are currently run by a 15-member interim caretaker committee that is chaired by Aaron Ringera.

Mwendwa - who faces court action following claims of financial mismanagement - has been barred from attending the FKF offices at Kandanda House, and denied attendance of any football activity as well speaking to the media as the investigation goes on.