Azam TV secures Mainland Premier League broadcasting rights in Tsh225.6b deal

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Tanzania President Wallace Karia and Azam TV.
Azam TV has secured the Tanzania Mainland Premier League broadcasting rights for 10 years in a deal worth Tsh225.6 billion

Azam TV has secured the Tanzania Mainland Premier League broadcasting rights in a deal worth Tsh225.6 billion.

The broadcaster will own the sole rights of the top-tier for the next 10 years following the sponsorship renewal with Tanzania Football Federation on Tuesday.

“We have come to an end of picking a suitable league broadcasting partner, but we have not completed the process of picking the radio partner which I think will end soon,” said Wallace Karia, the TFF president .

“The amount this partnership is pumping into our football is testament enough of how we have grown administratively. When I came in 2017, the partnership was valued at Tsh5 billion but now we have secured the Tsh225.6 billion deal.”

Karia explained how the money must be utilised by the recipient clubs and the punishment that will accompany misappropriation.

“This deal will specifically help our clubs because a huge percentage of the money is meant for them. But the money available calls for compliance and transparency which means we will need financial reports regularly from the clubs,” he added.

“The money must be used according to the guidelines and if a club flouts the guidelines, the amount of money for such a club will be reduced or cancelled altogether. This money is specifically allocated for the salaries, travel and medical expenses of the players.

“The money should not be used whatsoever for paying debts or buying players.”

Karia believes the partnership with the Tanzanian broadcaster will help the league grow even better as TFF focuses on key areas of development.

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“This is a big deal that has never happened before and many will agree the standard of our league has been growing season in season out. We are also ranked in position eight in the best leagues in Africa.

“This deal will attract big players from our region to our league and we will emphasise the need for even better growth by implementing better policies for the youth teams, the legal framework of the league, transparent leadership and infrastructure.”

Karia added TFF will try and help clubs secure individual sponsors for superior financial health.