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90' + 5'
Robert Sánchez
Yellow Card
90' + 4'
Yellow Card
L. Trossard
0 - 1
Y. Bissouma
Yellow Card
R. Bentancur
Yellow Card

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48% 51%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 0 5
Total Passes 480 499
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That defeat ends Spurs' four-game winning run, but they stay in fourth, still three points ahead of Arsenal, who kick off shortly. Conte will be hoping to put this result behind them quickly and they have Brentford next up. It's back-to-back wins for Brighton, who move up to 10th. They travel to Manchester City on Wednesday.
Trossard snatches a late 1-0 win for Brighton over Tottenham. The visitors were the better side throughout, though Son had a couple of good chances in the second half which were blocked. Brighton still looked the bigger threat, and in the 90th minute, Spurs failed to clear their lines and Trossard took advantage by curling a low shot past Lloris. Bergwijn volleyed an effort wide moments later at the other end, but Spurs didn't manage a single shot on target in the game.
Robert Sánchez
Yellow Card
90' + 5' Dunk also picks up a late booking for time-wasting.
Yellow Card
90' + 4' Emerson's frustration was clear as he caught Trossard with a heavy challenge, and he's shown a late yellow card.
90' + 3' Romero's run is cut out by Bissouma, and Brighton are just trying to keep possession now. They're knocking the ball around in their own half, not letting Spurs anywhere near it.
90' + 1' GREAT CHANCE! Spurs go long again and this time, Kane manages to nod it down for Bergwijn. He has so much space in the middle of the box, but he rushes it. It's not a clean strike and his volley bounces wide.
L. Trossard
90' TROSSARD SCORES! Brighton have finally found a way through! It looks like the chance is gone when Welbeck loses the ball down the left, but it pinballs off Romero and Emerson before Trossard latches onto it. He takes it around Dier before curling his low shot around Lloris from a tight angle and into the far bottom corner. 1-0 Brighton!
S. Bergwijn
Son Heung-Min
87' Final roll of the dice for Spurs here as we head into the final few minutes. Son goes off, with Bergwijn on in his place.
87' CHANCE! Kane's dispossessed and Brighton break quickly on the counter, with Trossard driving forward down the left. He cuts inside before having a go from range, but he drags it wide of the near post.
85' Gross was making a run down the right, tight to the byline when Lucas got across to stop him. He's stayed down holding his knee, and Potter looks slightly worried as Brighton are out of changes, but he doesn't need any treatment.
83' March is straight in on the action as he leaves Reguilon on the floor when he dribbles past him and curls a cross into the six-yard box. Mac Allister is waiting and Romero heads it out just ahead of him.
S. March
T. Lamptey
82' Lamptey does go straight off the pitch, and March is brought on to replace him.
81' Lamptey went down a few moments ago, but with Spurs on the attack, he had to get back up. Now, he's gone down again, and it looks like his game is over.
80' CHANCE! Trossard swings another good cross into the box and Romero has to stretch to clear it. He only gets it as far as Lamptey, who clips it to Welbeck, but he sends his header over the bar.
A. Lallana
M. Caicedo
78' Caicedo is taking a very long walk off the pitch and the Spurs fans and players aren't happy with his time-wasting. When he eventually does go off, Lallana comes on in his place.
76' GREAT CHANCE! Bissouma's attempted clearance hits Moura before bouncing kindly to Hojbjerg on the feet. Cucurella can't block him, but he squeezes a whipped ball across the face of goal. Kane slides in at the far post, but he can't make contact.
74' Trossard cuts inside from the left before putting a teasing box onto the penalty spot. Caicedo darts past Davies in front of him and tries to poke it past Lloris, but the keeper just got there first.
H. Winks
R. Bentancur
72' Spurs' second change sees Winks come on to replace Bentancur.
71' Spurs are dropping deeper and deeper in their own half as Brighton continue to push forward. There's not as much urgency from the visitors to get into the box at the moment.
69' Romero touches the ball back to Lloris under pressure from Bissouma, and the midfielder continues to chase it down. Lloris is let off the hook by a late offside flag though.
67' Brighton look comfortable on the ball, but their quality is lacking when they get into the final third at the moment. Lamptey skips away from Reguilon but then overhits the square pass to Welbeck and Spurs clear their lines.
65' Welbeck switches it out to Trossard on the left, and he chooses to square it to Mac Allister on the edge of the D. The space opens up for him, but he blazes his shot over. The effort is applauded by his manager as he urges his side on.
Lucas Moura
D. Kulusevski
64' Spurs are making their first change now. Kulusevski is taken off, with Lucas on in his place.
62' Spurs are enjoying a good spell of possession here, but they're still struggling to get in behind Brighton. Davies slides in Hojbjerg, but he's quickly dispossessed by Gross.
60' It's worked down Brighton's right again, with Gross fizzing a dangerous low ball in this time. Caicedo is closest to it, but he's sandwiched between Romero and Emerson, with the wing-back doing enough to put it out for a corner.
Y. Bissouma
Yellow Card
58' Bissouma clipped the back of Kane's heel in the build-up to Son's shot. After playing the advantage, the referee goes back over to book him.
58' BLOCK! Spurs break quickly on the counter and Reguilon gets away down the left, pulling it back for Son in the middle. He has time to take a touch before hitting the shot, but there are a lot of bodies between him and the goal, with Dunk making the important block.
57' The hosts are starting to find their rhythm here and Davies picks out a good pass to Reguilon. His first touch knocks it around Lamptey, but out of play before he can put a cross in.
55' Spurs win a free-kick on the right and Kulusevski takes it short to Bentancur. A triangle with Son takes it back to the winger, but Brighton are closing them down again and the set-piece is wasted.
53' Brighton have won just two of their last 23 Premier League games that were 0-0 at half-time (D17 L4), winning at Brentford in September and Liverpool in February 2021.
51' BLOCK! Kane takes a long throw-in on the left, lifting it over three Brighton defenders to pick out Son. He brings it down with a lovely first touch and hits the shot on the turn, but Dunk throws himself in front of it.
50' Brighton have picked up where they left off, and Spurs can't get out of their own half. Lamptey is fed in down the right, and he has three to aim for in the middle, but his pullback is blocked by Davies.
48' Trossard curls a lovely cross into Welbeck but he can't get away from Dier, who is tight to his back. Caicedo comes across to help him out, but he's judged to have fouled the defender in the process, and Spurs have a free-kick.
46' Spurs get us back underway for the second half!
D. Welbeck
E. Mwepu
46' Brighton are making a change at the start of the second half. Mwepu, who is on a booking, is taken off, with Welbeck replacing him.
Conte was a frustrated figure on the sidelines for much of the first half, and he won't be happy with what he's seen. Spurs have looked out of ideas, and he'll want a much better performance after the break. Brighton looked a threat when they've gone forward, and Potter will be hoping for more of the same in the second half.
It's goalless at the break between Spurs and Brighton. Apart from an early long-range shot from Kane, which was hit well wide, Spurs have struggled to create anything in this game. Brighton looked the more likely to score, with Mwepu having the best chance when his half-volley was blocked by Davies. He also had the only shot on target in the game just before the half-time whistle, but it was straight at Lloris.
45' + 3' Kulusevski goes down, but the referee sees nothing wrong with it and allows Brighton to carry on. Bissouma squares it to Mwepu, who takes on the drive from a long way out, but it's straight at Lloris.
45' + 1' Hojbjerg intercepts Lamptey's pass and spins away from danger on the edge of the box. He turns straight into Mwepu, who trips him. Spurs are asking for a card again, but it's only a free-kick.
44' Brighton are enjoying a good spell of possession here, but Spurs have dropped deep again. The visitors are switching it from side to side, but can't find a way through just yet.
42' Davies came in behind Mwepu, who had his boot high to bring the ball down and he caught the defender. Spurs clearly aren't happy with the challenge, and Hojbjerg is standing off against Mwepu. The referee separates the players, calming things down.
40' Spurs are still attempting to get themselves out of trouble with long balls over the top, but Brighton are equal to it. Dier looks for Son this time, but it's overhit and the visitors quickly win it back.
38' It's a great ball over the top from Romero this time, and Son cushions a header down to Kane. He lets it bounce, just giving Cucurella time to get back and take it off his toe.
36' Brighton's high press is causing all sorts of problems for Spurs and they just can't get out of their own half. Veltman gets too tight to Son, giving away a free-kick, and the hosts have some breathing space.
R. Bentancur
Yellow Card
34' Bentancur slides in to stop Bissouma's run, and he does get the ball but takes the player out with the follow-through. He's booked for the tackle.
33' The frustration of the Spurs fans is starting to show here as the defenders can't get off the edge of their own box with the ball. Bentancur plays a hopeful throughball into the box, but none of his team-mates are anywhere near it.
31' Brighton are starting to find their rhythm now and they're knocking it around nicely. Caicedo wins a free-kick which Trossard takes long to try and pick out Mwepu's run, but Emerson gets there first to shield it out of play.
29' It's a wonderful curling corner from Trossard and Veltman glances it on at the near post. Mac Allister makes a late, unmarked run to the far side, and Romero sticks out a leg just in time to deflect it out of the forward's path.
D. Kulusevski
Yellow Card
27' The yellow card is out again here, this time for Kulusevski. Cucurella was tight to his back, and in his frustration, he throws an arm back to try and shake the Spaniard, catching him in the face.
E. Mwepu
Yellow Card
26' Mwepu steps on Reguilon's foot, effectively stopping his run, and he's shown the first yellow card of the game.
24' Risky moment at the back for Spurs as Davies plays it back to Lloris. He doesn't spot Mac Allister darting through the middle towards the keeper, but Lloris manages to sweep it on just in time.
22' BLOCK! It's a much better delivery from Lamptey, and his cross is glanced on at the near post. Mac Allister nods it back across goal from the far side and Mwepu lets it bounce before hitting the half-volley, but Davies is in the right place to make the block.
20' Brighton patiently work it from left to right, trying to open up some space in behind Spurs' compact shape. Lamptey tries to slide in Mwepu, but it's behind him and the attack comes to nothing.
18' Kulusevski takes a heavy touch when he brings the ball down which gives Cucurella the chance to intercept. It's a poor clearance straight to Romero, who tries to pull it back from the byline, but Sanchez sticks out a leg to block it.
16' Spurs are keeping the pressure on here and Brighton can't get out of their own box. Son finds some space down the left, but his floated cross is blocked by Lamptey.
14' Bentancur lifts the ball over the top for Kane and he lets it bounce over his shoulder, bringing it down on the half turn. He sets himself for the shot, but Veltman slides in with a perfectly-timed challenge to take it away from him.
12' Hojbjerg picks Gross' pocket and tries to set Son through the middle. Gross and Lamptey quickly track back and manage to crowd the forward off the ball, and Son doesn't get the free-kick he's asking for.
10' Brighton have won just one of their nine away league games against Spurs (D2 L6), losing each of the last five in a row since a 1-0 victory in October 1981.
8' It's better from Brighton now and Lamptey makes good progress down the right. He tries to curl a cross in, but Reguilon reads it well and cuts it out to stop the attack.
6' Spurs are keeping possession well in the opening moments, but it's all in front of Brighton. Bentancur eventually tries to go long, but there's too much on it for Emerson, and Sanchez collects again.
4' Davies accidentally catches Mwepu in the eye when they both go for an aerial challenge and the midfielder requires treatment. He's okay to carry on after being seen to.
2' The space opens up for Kane through the middle, and he has Kulusevski and Son both ahead of him. He decides to go it alone from range, but he sends it well wide, not troubling Sanchez.
1' Mac Allister gets the game underway for Brighton!
The teams are out on the pitch, with kick-off just moments away!
Spurs have won all four of their Premier League home games against Brighton – only against Bournemouth (5/5) do they have a better such 100 per cent record in the competition.
There's just one change from Graham Potter as well after their win over Arsenal last Saturday. Lamptey comes in at right wing-back, which pushes Mwepu into a more advanced position. Welbeck drops to the bench.
Antonio Conte makes just one change to the side that brushed aside Aston Villa last weekend, and it's an enforced one. Matt Doherty was forced off with a knee injury which will keep him out for the season in that game, so Reguilon starts in his place.
BRIGHTON AND HOVE ALBION SUBS: Odeluga Offiah, Jason Steele, Neal Maupay, Danny Welbeck, Solly March, Adam Webster, Adam Lallana, Jeremy Sarmiento, Evan Ferguson.
BRIGHTON AND HOVE ALBION STARTING XI (3-5-1-1): Robert Sanchez; Joel Veltman, Lewis Dunk, Marc Cucurella; Tariq Lamptey, Pascal Gross, Yves Bissouma, Moises Caicedo, Leandro Trossard; Enock Mwepu; Alexis Mac Allister.
TOTTENHAM SUBS: Pierluigi Gollini, Lucas Moura, Ryan Sessegnon, Joe Rodon, Harvey White, Steven Bergwijn, Harry Winks, Marcel Lavinier, Davinson Sanchez.
TOTTENHAM STARTING XI (3-4-2-1): Hugo Lloris; Cristian Romero, Eric Dier, Ben Davies; Emerson, Rodrigo Bentancur, Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, Sergio Reguilon; Dejan Kulusevski, Son Heung-Min; Harry Kane.
Spurs are looking to tighten their grip on fourth place with a win that would take them six points clear of rivals Arsenal, and they come into this game in great form. They've won each of their last four games, scoring 14 times in that run and conceding just twice. Brighton held on to beat Arsenal 2-1 in their last outing, which ended a run of seven games without a win (D1 L6).
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Tottenham and Brighton and Hove Albion at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium!