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Newcastle United v Crystal Palace Live Commentary, 03/09/2022

0 - 0
St. James' Park


That's all for today, goodbye!
That draw lifts Newcastle up to 11th in the table, and next up for them is a trip to West Ham. Palace are down to 15th as they draw for the second game in a row. They host Manchester United next time out.
It finishes goalless between Newcastle and Palace, although how nobody scored is anyone's guess. Newcastle had the better chances and thought they'd taken the lead just after the break when Mitchell turned it into his own net, but VAR overturned it for a dubious foul by Willock on Guaita. Longstaff, Willock and Isak all forced the keeper into good saves, while Almiron also hit the post. Mateta and Edouard came close for Palace, but Pope made great saves to deny them.
C. Doucouré
Yellow Card
Crystal Palace
90' + 6' Yellow Card Cheick Oumar Doucouré
90' + 6' One last chance for Newcastle here as Trippier stands over a free-kick on the left. He curls it into the middle and Schar gets there, but it bounces off his shoulder and loops wide of the near post.
90' + 4' It's Palace's turn to attack and Zaha slides a good reverse pass into the left of the box for Edouard. He's the only one in the box so he has a go from the tight angle but it's straight at Pope.
C. Wood
A. Isak
Newcastle United
90' + 2' Final change for Newcastle here, and Isak goes off to continue his treatment, with Wood on in his place.
90' + 1' Guehi makes another important clearance, but this time, there's a collision with Isak in the process. The forward is being patched up, but they're both quickly back to their feet.
90' Newcastle are throwing everything they have at Palace as they look for a late winner. Willock bursts forward down the right and whips a dangerous cross into the far post, but Guehi makes an important block ahead of Isak.
88' Another free-kick for Newcastle, but this one is shooting range for Trippier. He's made to wait by the referee, who has words with the Palace defenders, and when he does take it, he hits it into the wall.
86' GREAT CHANCE! Trippier's corner causes some confusion as it hits Botman and Doucoure before falling to Willock. He lets it bounce on the edge of the six-yard box, but the shot comes off his shin and bounces wide.
85' Trippier floats a free-kick in from the right and Andersen's clearance is poked back into the middle by Anderson. Joelinton helps it on again, but Guehi hooks it away ahead of Isak.
83' Palace are upping the pressure again here, with Zaha fizzing in a low cross from the left. Edouard is unmarked in the middle of the six-yard box, but Schar slides in with a vital block ahead of him.
81' BLOCK! Murphy plays a clever one-two with Joelinton down the right of the box, and the substitute hits the shot first time when he gets it back. Guehi throws himself in front of it, and Anderson's cross is blocked on the far side.
D. Burn
M. Targett
Newcastle United
79' Newcastle's third change sees Burn come on to replace Targett.
78' Olise swings a free-kick in from the right and Anderson nods it back across goal from the far post. Joelinton scuffs his clearance and Guehi is hovering, but Botman manages to hook it away just in time.
76' WHAT A SAVE! Schar plays a brilliant throughball down the middle to Anderson, and he helps it onto Willock on the edge of the box. He takes it around Anderson before looking for the near bottom corner, and Guaita gets down to tip it wide.
75' There's a nervy moment at the back for Palace as it's knocked back to Guaita and Isak puts him straight under pressure. The forward is bearing down on him, and the Spaniard just manages to clear his lines in time.
73' GREAT SAVE! Ayew gets away down the right again and lays it off to Edouard on the edge of the box. He has two defenders ahead of him but pushes his way into the box to hit a low shot across goal, and Pope sticks out a leg to deny him.
72' Anderson is backed into a corner by Ward, but he wriggles out of trouble and manages to squeeze it back to Joelinton. He takes it to the byline, but can't pick out Isak with his pullback.
E. Anderson
R. Fraser
Newcastle United
70' And Fraser is also making way, with Anderson on in his place.
J. Murphy
M. Almirón
Newcastle United
70' Newcastle are making a double change here. Almiron is the first to go off, with Murphy replacing him.
69' It's a lovely flick from Edouard through Longstaff's legs to get Ayew in on goal. He takes it to the edge of the box before hitting a low shot, but it's straight down the middle at Pope.
R. Fraser
Yellow Card
Newcastle United
67' Ayew is surging through the middle and Fraser desperately slides in to stop him. He takes out the forward and has his name taken by the referee.
65' Targett blocks Olise's run down the right and Palace have a free-kick just outside the box. He whips it into the middle, but it's cleared by Botman as far as Doucoure, who curls a shot well wide from range.
N. Clyne
T. Mitchell
Crystal Palace
63' And Mitchell is the other player going off, with Clyne on for him.
O. Édouard
J. Mateta
Crystal Palace
63' Mateta is also taken off, with Edouard on in his place.
M. Olise
E. Eze
Crystal Palace
62' Triple change for Palace now as they look to capitalise on this good spell. Eze is the first to make way, with Olise replacing him.
61' Palace break quickly on the counter again, and Mateta pushes his way to the edge of the box, holding off Botman. He scuffs the shot at the end of it though and it bobbles through to Pope.
59' CHANCE! Longstaff chips a lovely ball over the top of Palace's defence and Almiron chests it down at the far post. He snatches at the chance as he's closed down and fires it wide of the far post.
58' Zaha carries the ball forward again and outmuscles Schar as he breaks into Newcastle's half. He spins away from Botman as well, but lets himself down as he hits the throughball straight against the defenders.
J. Ward
Yellow Card
Crystal Palace
56' Targett goes long for Fraser and it's a good first touch which takes him bursting past Ward. He puts a hand on his shoulder for the slightest tug, and he goes into the book.
54' Guaita and Willock stayed down after the collision and they've been receiving treatment while the goal check goes on. They both get back to their feet and they're going to be able to carry on.
53' NO GOAL! VAR has a look at a foul by Willock on Guaita, and the midfielder did crash into the goalkeeper. It looked like Mitchell gave Willock a push in the back, but the referee goes over to the monitor and the goal is ruled out. Still 0-0!
51' OWN GOAL! It's another brilliant delivery from Trippier to the far post on the free-kick and Botman rises highest to nod it back across goal. Willock crashes into Guaita as he goes for it and the ball hits Mitchell's shoulder and loops into the bottom corner, but VAR is having a look at this...
50' Guehi falls over the ball and tries to shield it from Isak, who is putting him under pressure. The referee eventually gives the free-kick to Newcastle and Trippier is standing over it.
48' Guehi steps in to nick it off Longstaff deep in Newcastle's half, and he picks out Mateta on the edge of the D. He has space, but unselfishly tries to tee up Ayew instead, which gives Botman the chance to cut it out.
46' Palace get us back underway for the second half!
Howe will be the happier of the two managers at the break, though he will be wondering how his side aren't ahead. They look likely to score if they can keep the pressure on though. As for Palace, after some early pressure, they struggled to get into the game, and Vieira will be looking for ways to get his forward players more involved.
It's goalless at the break between Newcastle and Palace. It hasn't been for a lack of trying though, with both teams creating some great chances in the first half. Isak tried to dink it over Guaita when he was one-on-one with the keeper, but the shot was smothered. Longstaff also forced a good save out of him before Joelinton's effort was cleared off the line and Almiron hit the post. At the other end, Pope kept Mateta out on the stretch.
45' + 2' Palace are looking to get a late goal in the first half as Zaha patiently works it down the left. He squares it to Eze in space on the edge of the box, but he can't get any power on the shot and it's a comfortable save for Pope.
45' Almiron makes a great, darting run down the right and he has acres of space to run into. He cuts inside before poking it into Isak on the edge of the box, but his tame shot is straight at Guaita.
43' SAVE! Trippier clips a cross into the far post from this free-kick, and Andersen's glancing clearance only reaches Botman. He sets himself before drilling a low shot at the near post, and Guaita tips it wide.
41' The Newcastle fans aren't happy with Palace as they think the visitors are time-wasting already. Andersen eventually takes the long throw-in, with Eze trying to feed it through to Mateta, but Botman cuts it out.
39' Guaita crashed into Fraser in his haste to smother the shot and it looks like a problem with his knee. He's quickly back to his feet after treatment though and can carry on.
38' It's another wonderful delivery from Trippier on the right and Ward completely misses the ball as he tries to clear it. Fraser collects it at the near post and has a go from a tight angle, but Guaita smothers it, hurting himself in the process.
36' OFF THE POST! Newcastle come close again! Palace just can't clear their lines from the free-kick and Mateta gives it straight to Almiron just outside the box. He takes it around Schlupp before drilling a low shot against the foot of the near post.
34' SAVED AND OFF THE LINE! Incredible! Targett whips the corner in and Longstaff thumps the header towards goal. Guaita stretches to push it away and it goes as far as Joelinton who pokes it towards goal, but Doucoure clears it off the line.
33' Trippier lifts a good free-kick into the box from the halfway line and Fraser chests it down to Almiron in the middle. It bounces down for Isak, but his cross is blocked.
31' Palace break quickly on the counter again, and Eze goes for a big switch out to Ward on the right this time. There's too much on it for him though and the chance goes to waste.
29' It's getting a bit frantic in midfield, with both teams struggling to keep possession. Ayew does well to take it past two Newcastle players in the centre circle until Joelinton steps across him.
27' GREAT SAVE! Schlupp threads the ball through to Mateta on the penalty spot and he spins before firing a shot towards the near post. Pope reacts quickly and stretches out a strong hand to push it away.
26' Ayew tracks back and wins the ball with a brilliant tackle, allowing Eze to set Zaha on the counter. He cuts into the box from the left, but three Newcastle defenders crowd him off it.
24' Palace are struggling to keep hold of the ball when they win back possession and Mateta sloppily gives it away this time. Longstaff fizzes it through to Fraser, but he can't take it around Andersen.
22' Doucoure slides in with a heavy challenge on Longstaff, who stays down in need of treatment. It's his knee that's being looked at, but he'll be able to carry on.
20' CHANCE! The corner is taken short to Trippier and he curls a brilliant cross into the far post. Joelinton makes a late run onto it, but can only volley his effort into the side netting.
18' Mateta takes a heavy first touch as he collects Guehi's pass, but he manages to keep hold of it and spread it out to Ayew on the right. He tries to cut inside, only to run straight into Targett, and Newcastle break again.
16' WHAT A CHANCE! Isak presses Andersen on the halfway line and blocks the pass before he bursts through the middle. He's one-on-one with the keeper and he tries to dink it over him, but Guaita makes himself big to smother it.
S. Longstaff
Yellow Card
Newcastle United
15' Eze decides to drive forward through the middle, and he breezes past Longstaff, who tugs him back in an attempt to stop him. He's shown the first yellow card of the game.
14' Palace are enjoying a good spell of possession here, but they're struggling to get in behind Newcastle. The Magpies are staying compact and making things difficult at the moment.
12' Newcastle have only lost one of their last 12 Premier League games at St James' Park (W8 D3), a 0-1 defeat to Liverpool in April. Indeed, the Magpies have won eight of their last 10 at home in the league (D1 L1), as many as the last 37 beforehand (D15 L14).
10' Joelinton does well to win the ball back again, and this time, he drives through the middle himself. He holds off Eze long enough to pick out Almiron, but it bounces off the back of his heel and Mitchell hooks it away.
8' It's a great tackle from Joelinton to dispossess Schlupp and he spins away from Doucoure before sliding it through to Isak down the left. He sets off down the wing, only for the offside flag to go up.
6' Eze swings a free-kick in from the left and it's just behind Guehi on the edge of the six-yard box. Isak flicks the ball away, but only as far as Zaha in the D, and he curls his shot straight into Pope's gloves.
4' Ayew has the chance to break forward on the counter through the middle, and Zaha is to his left. He'd peeled away from Trippier, but Ayew doesn't pick him out and Botman wins it back for the hosts.
2' Newcastle have made a bright start to the game, with Trippier pushing forward down the right. He whips a great cross into the middle, but Almiron can't get his head to it.
1' Willock gets the game underway for Newcastle!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
After winning just two of their first 17 away games against Newcastle between 1964 and 2017, Palace have now won two of their last four visits to St James' Park (L2).
Patrick Vieira also makes two changes from the draw with Brentford last time out. Ayew and Mitchell are brought in, with the latter's involvement meaning a move to right-back for Ward. Clyne and Olise start on the bench.
Eddie Howe makes just two changes to the side that lost to Liverpool on Wednesday, with both coming in central defence. Schar and Botman are brought in, which means Burn and Lascelles drop to the bench. They're still without Callum Wilson, Allan Saint-Maximin and Bruno Guimaraes through injury.
CRYSTAL PALACE SUBS: Will Hughes, Odsonne Edouard, Chris Richards, Sam Johnstone, Jairo Riedewald, Malcolm Ebiowei, Nathaniel Clyne, Luka Milivojevic, Michael Olise.
CRYSTAL PALACE STARTING XI (4-3-3): Vicente Guaita; Joel Ward, Joachim Andersen, Marc Guehi, Tyrick Mitchell; Jeffrey Schlupp, Cheick Oumar Doucoure, Eberechi Eze; Wilfried Zaha, Jean-Philippe Mateta, Jordan Ayew.
NEWCASTLE UNITED SUBS: Jamal Lewis, Matt Ritchie, Karl Darlow, Elliot Anderson, Chris Wood, Dan Burn, Jamaal Lascelles, Javier MAnquillo, Jacob Murphy.
NEWCASTLE UNITED STARTING XI (4-3-3): Nick Pope; Kieran Trippier, Sven Botman, Fabian Schar, Matt Targett; Joe Willock, Sean Longstaff, Joelinton; Miguel Almiron, Alexander Isak, Ryan Fraser.
Newcastle's unbeaten start to the season in all competitions, which saw them win two and draw three of those games, came to an end in dramatic fashion as Liverpool snatched a 2-1 win in the 98th minute on Wednesday. Palace, meanwhile, have won just one of their first five Premier League matches so far (D2 L2), with Brentford scoring late on to draw 1-1 and deny the Eagles their second victory of the campaign.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Newcastle United and Crystal Palace at St James' Park!