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M. Locatelli
Yellow Card
45' + 3'
W. McKennie
Yellow Card
O. Atzili
F. Pierrot
2 - 0
P. Cornud
Yellow Card
O. Atzili
P. Cornud
1 - 0

Match Stats

42% 57%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 5
Total Passes 364 482
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Benfica SLB Benfica 6 4 2 0 16 7 +9 14 W W D D W
2 PSG PSG PSG 6 4 2 0 16 7 +9 14 W W D D W
3 Juventus JUV Juventus 6 1 0 5 9 13 -4 3 L L L W L
4 Maccabi Haifa MHA Maccabi Haifa 6 1 0 5 7 21 -14 3 L L W L L


8th Finals
UEFA Europa League


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That win ends a nine-match losing run in the Champions League for Haifa. They stay fourth in the table but are now level on points with Juventus. Next up for them is Hapoel Hadera in the league. Juventus are still without an away win this season, and they're on the road again at the weekend for the Turin derby.
Maccabi Haifa see out a famous 2-0 win over Juventus. Atzili scored both goals in a brilliant first-half performance for the hosts. His first came after just seven minutes, with Szczesny unable to keep his header out, before he whipped a wonderful second into the near corner. Chery also hit the bar between the two goals. Juventus dominated possession in the second half but put little quality into the box, and Haifa dug deep to see out the win and protect the clean sheet.
90' + 2' It's too slow for Juventus as they patiently work it back to their defenders instead of into the box. Kostic eventually finds space to curl in a cross, but he can only pick out Seck.
90' The frustration is clear among the Juventus players as Cuadrado fails to pick out a team-mate with a long throw-in. Every ball that goes into Haifa's box is met by a green shirt.
88' Abu Fani hooks it upfield and Chery bursts past Rabiot to bring it down. He's the only one forward for the hosts, but he manages to win a throw-in and ease the pressure on his side for a few seconds.
N. Rukavytsya
F. Pierrot
86' Pierrot also makes way to a warm reception, with Rukavytsya on for him.
M. Tchibota
A. Muhammad
86' Haifa are making their final changes as they look to run the clock down. Muhammad is the first to go off to a standing ovation, with Tchibota replacing him.
84' WIDE! There are some tired legs out there for Haifa now, but they're still causing Juventus all sorts of problems. Chery picks out Batubinsika with a good free-kick from the left, but he thumps his header wide.
82' GOOD SAVE! Juventus are still keeping the pressure on as Cuadrado carries it into the box. The Haifa defenders sit back and allow him through, so he drills a low shot on goal which Cohen parries before Goldberg hooks it away.
80' The final pass lets Juventus down again as Kostic lifts it in from the byline. It's too high for Kean and Locatelli isn't alert on the edge of the box to have a go either.
78' Juventus are all over the place at the back as Menachem latches onto the loose ball down the left. He takes it to the byline before fizzing in a low cross, but this one is blocked by Bonucci.
M. Locatelli
Yellow Card
76' Locatelli is shown a yellow card for a late foul earlier in the move.
76' CHANCE! Muhammed wins it back deep in Juve's half this time and spins to lay it off to Chery on the edge of the box. He drops a shoulder to catch out Rabiot before looping a shot towards the far corner, but a big deflection off Bonucci takes it wide.
M. Soulé
Alex Sandro
74' Final roll of the dice for Juventus now. Alex Sandro is taken off for Soule.
M. Abu Fani
D. David
72' And David is also making way, with Abu Fani on for him.
S. Menachem
P. Cornud
71' Haifa are making a double change here. Cornud, who is on a yellow card, is the first to go off, with Menachem replacing him.
70' Haifa break on the counter again, with Chery surging forward down the right. Pierrot and David are waiting for it in the middle, but it's a poor cross as he hits it straight at Alex Sandro.
M. Kean
68' Fourth change for Juventus now and it's another attacking one. Danilo makes way, with Kean replacing him.
67' Another long ball over the top from Bonucci picks out Cuadrado, who nudges Cornud out of the way. When he gets into the box, he slows down before getting a push from the defender. The penalty that he's asking for isn't given.
A. Seck
O. Atzili
66' The goalscorer, Atzili, is trying to make a slow walk off the field before he's stopped by the referee. He's replaced by Seck.
64' Juventus are still dominating possession here, but it's all in front of Haifa. The hosts are dropping deep and making it difficult for them to get in behind.
62' WIDE! It's another interception from Muhammad and Lavi carries it out of his own half to the edge of the D. He spreads it out to David on the left, and he beats Danilo before dragging a shot well wide of the near post.
60' Muhammad wins it back in midfield again and sets Chery away on the counter. He has a lot of support up with him but decides to try his luck from a long way out as Bonucci drops back and he fires it straight at the defender.
58' Haifa win it back on the halfway line and Lavi picks out a good pass to David. Juventus sit back, so he decides to have a go from range, but it's blocked by Rugani.
56' Haifa are happy to sit back and let Juventus keep possession in their own half. Locatelli picks out Cuadrado's run down the right, but how throughball into Vlahovic is intercepted by Goldberg.
54' GREAT SAVE! Cuadrado swings in the resulting corner and picks out Rugani on the penalty spot. He thumps his header towards the far top corner and Cohen stretches to tip it over his crossbar.
53' Muhammad clatters into Cuadrado and Juventus have a free-kick through the middle. Danilo shapes as if he's going to shoot before knocking it out to Kostic, but his cross is cleared by Lavi.
51' Juventus have made a better start to the second half and they're keeping Haifa penned back into their own half. Alex Sandro slides in Vlahovic down the left, but his low cross to Milik is blocked by Goldberg.
49' Cohen came off his line to try and smother Rabiot's eventual shot, and the Frenchman crashed into him. He's okay to carry on after treatment.
48' Cuadrado goes long down the left for Rabiot and he surges into the box. Lavi tracks back with him all the way, getting a yard on him at the last moment to get a vital block to take it out for a corner.
46' Haifa get us back underway for the second half!
M. Locatelli
L. Paredes
46' And Paredes is also taken off, with Locatelli on in his place.
F. Kostić
W. McKennie
46' Juventus are making a double change at the start of the second half. McKennie goes off, with Kostic replacing him.
Bakhar couldn't ask for anything more from his team. They've been on top since the first whistle and dealt with the little threat that Juventus did show, and they deserve to be in the lead. Juventus, on the other hand, haven't been able to cope with Haifa's pace, and they have a lot of work to do if they want to win their first away game of the season.
A brilliant first-half performance from Haifa blows Juventus away as the hosts lead 2-0. It took just seven minutes for Atzili to break the deadlock when he flicked a header in at the far post, with help from Szczesny to get it over the line. They kept the pressure on Juve though, with Chery smacking the crossbar before Atzili got his second goal of the game, curling it into the near post.
W. McKennie
Yellow Card
45' + 3' McKennie is late with his foul on Chery and he's booked after complaining to the referee that a free-kick shouldn't have been given.
45' + 2' Atzili sells Lavi short with a pass, but the captain does well to keep the attack alive for Haifa. He touches it out to Sundgren, who curls a cross towards Chery, but Rugani hooks it clear.
45' GREAT SAVE! It's a wonderful cross from Cuadrado this time and Vlahovic gets in front of Sundgren to thump a header towards goal. Cohen tips it away at full stretch and Batubinsika blocks Milik's follow-up.
44' Juventus have a free-kick and Paredes swings it into the box. It's not a bad delivery, but Batubinsika rises high above Bonucci to clear his lines.
F. Pierrot
42' None of the Juventus players put Pierrot under any pressure until he gets to the edge of the box, which instead allows him to tee up Atzili.
O. Atzili
42' ATZILI SCORES AGAIN! It's Cuadrado that loses the ball and Pierrot carries it to the edge of the D from the centre circle. He lays it off to Atzili, who is unmarked on the right of the box, and he catches Szczesny out by curling a brilliant shot into the near top corner. 2-0 Haifa!
41' Juventus just can't get a foothold in this game as McKennie sloppily gives the ball away this time. The hosts aren't in any hurry to push upfield though as they enjoy a spell of possession.
39' Atzili takes a free-kick short to Chery, but Haifa take too long to get a cross into the box and it's worked back to Cohen. He goes long for Muhammad, but he's nudged off it by Paredes before he can have a shot.
37' Alex Sandro does well to weave past two players down the left before squaring it to Danilo on the opposite flank. He curls a cross in, but it's comfortably collected by Cohen.
35' CLOSE! It comes down the left for Haifa again, with Cornud swinging another great cross past Danilo. Pierrot goes for the overhead kick and misses, but Atzili is behind him to volley it towards goal, and it bounces just wide of the near post.
33' Juventus are seeing more of the ball here, but it's all in front of Haifa. Bonucci eventually decides to go long, with Milik just keeping it in at the byline, but the flag goes up against him.
31' Juventus have conceded in six consecutive European games for the first time since December 2013.
29' BLOCK! Sundgren flicks it back to Atzili and he curls a good cross into David on the penalty spot. He hits it on the volley, with Bonucci making the block from close range. There are shouts from the hosts for a handball, but the referee points for a corner.
P. Cornud
Yellow Card
27' Cornud steps across Cuadrado in an attempt to win the ball, but gets nowhere near it. He's shown the first yellow card of the game.
26' Juventus are patiently working it upfield again, and Paredes picks out a good pass to Milik. He cushions it into Vlahovic, but a sloppy first touch from him sees the attack fizzle out.
A. Milik
Á. Di María
24' Rugani hooked the ball upfield and Di Maria sprinted forward to chase it before pulling up. He limps off the field holding his hamstring, and Milik is on to replace him.
23' GREAT CHANCE! It's Cornud with space down the left again, and he curls another wonderful cross into the box. David times his run perfectly, but can't sort his feet out in time to get a shot away and Szczesny collects it.
21' Sundgren plays a clever one-two with Atzili down the right to get away from Alex Sandro before trying to curl a cross into the six-yard box. Again, Haifa have a lot of bodies forward, but Rugani blocks this one.
19' Juventus are starting to put Haifa under some pressure here, and they win a few corners in a row. Di Maria and Paredes both deliver crosses into the middle, but the hosts are equal to it.
17' Juve are enjoying their first real spell of possession here and McKennie is patiently working it forward down the right. Vlahovic is waiting for it in the middle, but the American's cross is deflected out for a corner which comes to nothing.
15' Paredes trips over the ball and Muhammad picks his pocket before sliding in Lavi. He threads it through for David down the left of the box, who pulls it back instead of going for goal, and Rugani hooks it away.
13' GOOD SAVE! Batubinsika dispossesses Di Maria inside his own box, and he sets Atzili on the counter. He surges forward to the edge of the D, where he decides to try his luck, and Szczesny is forced to tip the low shot wide of the near post.
12' OFF THE BAR! Bonucci slid in with a late challenge on David just outside the box, and Chery is standing over the free-kick. He whips his shot over the wall, and Szczesny is beaten, but it smacks off the top of the crossbar.
11' It takes a moment, but this time Danilo does get out to Cornud down the left, so Haifa switch it out to the opposite flank. Chery swings it in, but it's too short for Atzili.
9' Rabiot is driving forward through the middle, but none of his team-mates are getting forward in support. Goldberg steps in to win it off him and he sets the hosts on the counter.
P. Cornud
7' Cornud has put three brilliant crosses into the box so far, and Juventus just didn't deal with his threat, giving him time to pick out a team-mate.
O. Atzili
7' ATZILI SCORES! Haifa deserve that! It comes from the left side again and Cornud has time to spin before lifting a cross into the middle. Atzili has his back to goal but flicks it onto the far post. Szczesny is stretching, but he can only help it over the line. 1-0 Haifa!
6' Haifa are keeping the pressure on Juventus here and they're still getting a lot of joy down the left. Chery cuts inside with no pressure on him and he tries to curl a long-range shot into the far post, but it bounces wide.
4' GOOD SAVE! It's a good spell of possession from Haifa and Cornud loops a wonderful cross onto the edge of the six-yard box for Pierrot. He rises above his defender to head it on goal, but it's straight at Szczesny, who parries it away.
2' It's a lovely backheel flick from McKennie to pick out Di Maria's run down the right and he bursts into the box, with Vlahovic to his left in support. The Argentinian takes too long to pick out a pass though and Cornud nicks it off him.
1' Vlahovic gets the game underway for Juve!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Juventus are winless in their previous three Champions League away games (D1 L2) and lost away to Paris Saint-Germain on MD1 this season. They haven't lost multiple group stage matches on the road of a Champions League campaign since 2014-15 (0-1 v Atletico Madrid and Olympiacos).
Massimiliano Allegri makes four changes from the loss to Milan last time out. Di Maria, who assisted all three goals in the reverse fixture, returns after a domestic ban, with Rugani, Paredes and McKennie also coming in. Bremer, Locatelli, Kostic and Milik all start on the bench.
Barak Bakhar makes just three changes to the side that started against Juventus last Wednesday, after making wholesale changes in the league at the weekend. David and Atzili are brought in to support Pierrot up top, with Lavi also starting. Abu Fani, Seck and Tchibota drop to the bench.
JUVENTUS SUBS: Carlo Pinsoglio, Mattia Perin, Bremer, Manuel Locatelli, Arkadiusz Milik, Federico Gatti, Filip Kostic, Moise Kean, Fabio Miretti, Marias Soule, Nicolo Fagioli.
JUVENTUS STARTING XI (4-4-2): Wojciech Szczesny; Danilo, Leonardo Bonucci, Daniele Rugani, Alex Sandro; Juan Cuadrado, Leandro Paredes, Adrien Rabiot, Weston McKennie; Angel Di Maria, Dusan Vlahovic.
MACCABI HAIFA SUBS: Roy Fux, Roy Mashpati, Mavis Tchibota, Sun Menachem, Nikita Rukavytsya, Ofri Arad, Mohammad Abu Fani, Raz Meir, Abdoulaye Seck, Maor Levi, Yinon Eliyahu, Rami Gershon.
MACCABI HAIFA STARTING XI (4-3-3): Josh Cohen; Daniel Sundgren, Dylan Batubinsika, Sean Goldberg, Pierre Cornud; Neta Lavi, Ali Muhammad, Tjaronn Chery; Omer Atzili, Frantzdy Pierrot, Dean David.
Juventus have suffered a sluggish start to their season in all competitions, including losing both of their opening Champions League games before finally picking up their first win in the reverse fixture, coming out on top with a 3-1 victory. That is just one of two wins in their last eight games in all competitions though (D2 L4). Haifa may sit bottom of the group with no points, but there have been positives to take from all of their games. They've won just one of their last five outings in all competitions (L4).
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Champions League Group H meeting between Maccabi Haifa and Juventus at the Sammy Ofer Stadium!