From Bobby Moore to Wayne Rooney: ChatGPT selects England's all-time best XI - but where's Harry Kane?!

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Wayne Rooney Paul Gascoigne Steven Gerrard
We asked AI to come up with the best men's Three Lions team of all-time - from Bobby Charlton to Paul Gascoigne, here's the results!

Who would you choose in your all-time best XI for the England men's national team? That's the exact question GOAL asked ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence chatbot that has taken the internet by storm over the last year. Put to the test, then, would the AI produce a competitive team or would there be some hopeless picks and notable omissions?

Let's start with the query we put to ChatGPT. We asked, to begin with: "Which eleven players would ChatGPT select for the best all-time men's England national team for football?" We also asked the AI to select the manager that would take charge of the best XI, and then why two of England's most successful players of the modern era - David Beckham and Harry Kane - were left out of the team.

Check out the full ChatGPT XI below and let us know what you think in the comments section. Oh, and you can blame the robot, not us, for any of the selections you disagree with!

  1. Gordon Banks - Goalkeeper
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    Gordon Banks - Goalkeeper

    England career: 1963-1972

    Total England caps: 73

    ChatGPT told us: "Known for his exceptional goalkeeping skills and World Cup success."

  2. Gary Neville - Right-back
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    Gary Neville - Right-back

    England career: 1995-2007

    Total England caps: 85

    Total England goals: 0

    ChatGPT told us: "A reliable and accomplished right-back during his career."

  3. Bobby Moore - Centre-back
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    Bobby Moore - Centre-back

    England career: 1962-1973

    Total England caps: 108

    Total England goals: 2

    ChatGPT told us: "Widely regarded as one of the greatest defenders in football history and captain of the 1966 World Cup-winning team."

  4. John Terry - Centre-back
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    John Terry - Centre-back

    England career: 2003-2012

    Total England caps: 78

    Total England goals: 6

    ChatGPT told us: "An influential leader and outstanding centre-back for both England and Chelsea."

  5. Ashley Cole - Left-back
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    Ashley Cole - Left-back

    England career: 2001-2014

    Total England caps: 107

    Total England goals: 0

    ChatGPT told us: "Considered one of the best left-backs of his generation and earned numerous honours during his career."

  6. Steven Gerrard - Midfield
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    Steven Gerrard - Midfield

    England career: 2000-2014

    Total England caps: 114

    Total England goals: 21

    ChatGPT told us: "A dynamic and versatile midfielder with excellent leadership qualities."

  7. Paul Gascoigne - Midfield
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    Paul Gascoigne - Midfield

    England career: 1988-1998

    Total England caps: 57

    Total England goals: 10

    ChatGPT told us: "Known for his skill, creativity, and memorable performances during his time with England."

  8. Bobby Charlton - Midfield
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    Bobby Charlton - Midfield

    England career: 1958-1970

    Total England caps: 106

    Total England goals: 49

    ChatGPT told us: "A legendary player who played a crucial role in England's 1966 World Cup triumph."

  9. Wayne Rooney - Forward
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    Wayne Rooney - Forward

    England career: 2003-2018

    Total England caps: 120

    Total England goals: 53

    ChatGPT told us: "England's all-time leading goal scorer [sic] and a highly accomplished striker."

  10. Gary Lineker - Forward
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    Gary Lineker - Forward

    England career: 1984-1992

    Total England caps: 80

    Total England goals: 48

    ChatGPT told us: "A prolific goal scorer and winner of the Golden Boot at the 1986 World Cup."

  11. Alan Shearer - Forward
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    Alan Shearer - Forward

    England career: 1992-2000

    Total England caps: 63

    Total England goals: 30

    ChatGPT told us: "A clinical and prolific striker who consistently found the back of the net for England."

  12. Alf Ramsey - Manager
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    Alf Ramsey - Manager

    We also asked the AI to tell us who would manage England's all-time XI, with 1966 World Cup-winning coach Sir Alf Ramsey selected.

    ChatGPT told us: "For the manager position of the all-time men's England national team XI, one prominent and highly regarded candidate is Sir Alf Ramsey. Sir Alf Ramsey managed the England team during their successful 1966 World Cup campaign, where they emerged as champions. His tactical acumen, organisational skills, and ability to bring out the best in his players were instrumental in England's historic triumph.

    "Under Sir Alf Ramsey's guidance, England played an effective and disciplined style of football, and his managerial achievements make him a strong choice to lead the all-time England XI.

    "It's worth noting that there have been other notable managers who have led the England national team, such as Sir Bobby Robson, Terry Venables, and Gareth Southgate, among others. Ultimately, the selection of the manager can also depend on personal preferences and individual perspectives."

  13. ChatGPT's England all-time XI in full

    ChatGPT's England all-time XI in full

  14. Where's David Beckham & Harry Kane?!
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    Where's David Beckham & Harry Kane?!

    We also asked the AI to explain why it had omitted England legend David Beckham, and also the Three Lions' all-time leading goalscorer, Harry Kane.

    ChatGPT told us: "Apologies for not including David Beckham and Harry Kane in the previous response."

    The AI then produced an XI that included Beckham and Kane, which was the same as the XI above, with the former replacing Bobby Charlton, and Kane included ahead of Alan Shearer.

    ChatGPT added: "It's important to note that team composition and player selection can be subjective, and there are numerous other deserving players who could be included in an all-time England national team XI. The inclusion of specific players may depend on personal preferences, playing styles, and the desired tactical approach."