What does the St. Louis City SC logo mean?

Tim Parker of St. Louis SC, Enzo Copetti of Charlotte FC
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GOAL takes a look at the inspiration behind the creation of the club crest for St. Louis City SC and the meaning behind it.

St. Louis City have become the 29th club to expand into Major League Soccer this year, and having won their first three games they currently sit atop the table.

The new kids on the block are certainly taking MLS by storm, with their snazzy pink and dark blue logo also generating some attention.

Continue reading to learn some of the more important elements regarding the club's crest and branding.

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What is the St. Louis City SC logo?

The team's crest is a blue and magenta shield with a rendition of the iconic St. Louis Gateway Arch on the blue side.

Two additional lines that join the arch denote the intersection of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers (this convergence of the two rivers is also the influence behind portions of the City of St. Louis flag).

Who created the St. Louis City SC logo?

According to MLSSoccer.com, the crest was created by a team of more than 20 local designers and is "based upon a common theme discovered through focus groups and discussions with various community members – a deep-rooted sense of unity and pride across the region in the St. Louis City flag".

Why those colours?

"City Red," "River Blue," "Energy Yellow," and "Arch Steel" are the official colours of St. Louis City SC.

They are mostly red, dark navy blue, yellow, and grey, and at first appearance, they appear to be largely similar to those worn by the St. Louis Cardinals (grey aside).

The similarity in colours between the two teams was a conscious decision made to give the soccer team a greater sense of belonging for the residents of St. Louis.