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Swallows FC’s Mogashoa answers AmaZulu’s Truter over Kerr's targeted ‘cheap foreign imports’ claim

2:40 AM SGT 7/5/22
David Mogashoa, Thabo Matlaba & Brandon Truter, Swallows FC, October 2020
The Usuthu tactician made the comments after his side defeated the Soweto club during their last league game

Swallows FC chairman David Mogashoa has hit back at his former head coach Brandon Truter over his claims targeted at Dylan Kerr.

After AmaZulu defeated Swallows 1-0 in a Premier Soccer League game on Tuesday, Truter made allegations against his former side, saying ‘we should be looking at local coaches and not at cheap foreign imports’.

Those comments did not sit well with the Swallows chair, who feels the statements are inappropriate.

"I read the comments from our previous coach, calling our current coach a ‘cheap import’. I think that is wrong on all levels," Mogashoa told SABC Sport, as reported by iDiski Times. "You can’t call colleagues cheap imports or disrespect them in any way.

"So, because they are working together, they are going to bump into each other at some stage. The level of respect needs to be there. We are not saying they must hug each other all the time, but we are saying at least respect each other."

The current AmaZulu coach was fired by Swallows in November 2021, and Mogashoa stressed why they had to part ways with the tactician.

"The club fired him because of poor results, and obviously, he had a contract even though he left the club, and there was some settlement due to him," the chair explained.

"I also saw somewhere where he said we owe him money and the club fired him, and he did not resign, as the article suggests that he resigned," he added.

On whether the club will clear the payment, Mogashoa clarified: "A portion of it has been paid to him and there is still a dispute around another portion, so that is the matter that is already at the DRC [the PSL Dispute Resolution Chamber], so it’s not going…it’s already there.

"Once we get the date, we will be able to sort out those matters.

"You know people are always very quick to say the club owes them when they might end up owing the club. People must be careful how they deal with these issues."

Mogashoa further denied claims that Truter was harassed by the club’s supporters when he was still in charge of the Soweto club.

"There was another disturbing thing where Truter says he was harassed by supporters at his home and everywhere. I don’t know what he is talking about," he continued.

"When we brought him, we arranged accommodation for him. Truter stayed at Waterfall, one of the most secure estates in the country. No one can just walk in and harass you.

"Maybe people that were harassing him were his illegal visitors at camp. I don’t think anyone would have gone to do so at his place."

To the chair, Truter would have only been confronted by protesting fans who wanted better results for the struggling team.

"The only legitimate harassment, maybe, is supporters carrying placards. But they were not harassing him," defensive Mogashoa concluded.

"We put security measures in place, so there was no issue where his life was threatened."

As Swallows sit in 15th position, Usuthu have won three of their last four games since Truter was appointed.