ISL 2017: FC Pune City vs Delhi Dynamos - Ranko Popovic and Miguel Angel Portugal all set for kick-off after pre-season

Ranko Popovic FC Pune City
FC Pune City
Ahead of the crucial tie, both coaches expressed their satisfaction on pre-season and preparations...

FC Pune City take on Delhi Dynamos in the final game of the opening round at the Balewadi Stadium in Pune on Wednesday.

Ahead of the crucial tie, both coaches expressed their satisfaction on pre-season and preparations.

"I think we are good. We are okay. The preparation time was good and the players are excited," said Pune City head coach Ranko Popovic, who also dismissed any sort of advantage for his side due to the game being played in Pune.

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"I don't think like this. Three points at home. three points away, it's the same three points. Of course, at home, we will have support. They can push us and give us more energy. For me, I want my team to play the same kind of football home or away."

He added that the ratio of Indian players to foreigners in the team does not matter as long as there is enough quality on the field.

"The quality is important. The number of players is not important. We are happy to have [Marcelinho and Marcos Tebar] but not only these players, we are happy to have all the players."

"But is it possible for Tebar and Marcelinho to take the whole weight of the game? No. They need support. Everyone is exactly important like Marcelinho and Tebar."

Delhi Dynamos coach Miguel Angel Portugal was also extremely happy with the condition of his squad after a two-month pre-season.

"It’s our first match and for us, it is important to start well. We had a two-month long preseason in Spain, Qatar and India. This first match is a test for what’s the performance of my team. Now the team is in position to play. Kalu (Uche) is good. Guyon (Louis Ursmarus Fernandez) is good. Everyone is fine."

"In Spain, we mad the first contact to know personalities and characters. And also for players to know what is our philosophy. In Qatar, we improved our contact and philosophy. In India, we played in natural conditions for our competitions. In two months we improved very much and now this match is a test to know what is the output from us now," described Portugal.

The Spanish coach does not hold any team as favourites to win the title this season

"I saw the matches of other teams this weekend; I think the competition is very balanced. All teams are on a similar level. FC Goa and Bengaluru FC won but it was a difficult win for both. It’s a good competition; I think anyone from the ten teams can win. Bengaluru FC, FC Goa and FC Pune City had a high budget but maybe other teams have many players (who) can win (the title)."

Speaking of Wednesday's opponents Pune City, who recruited two of Delhi's star players from last season, the coach said he respects his opposition.

"FC Pune City is a good team. Marcelinho and Marcus Tebar- I spoke to him for signing for my team but FC Pune City paid more money. But, Pune make a good team apart from these two players too. Alfaro is a good striker. I respect their team very much."

"It’s very difficult to win in Pune but we’ll try and win. For me winning is very important but in the first match, it’s also important what’s the performance of my team."