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"Huge revenues, affordable accommodation & huge demand for tickets" - Nasser Al Khater excited for 2022 World Cup in Qatar

1:41 PM SGT 27/8/22
Nasser Al Khater; Qatar

The 2022 World Cup, set to kick-off on November 20 in Qatar, will be a highly-profitable tournament, according to Nasser Al Khater, CEO of the 2022 World Cup.

He also spoke about the accommodation options for fans during the highly-anticipated tournament, and promised fans affordable stay options.

Al Khater also highlighted out the tournament has had huge demand for tickets and promised hassle-free transportation facilities during the World Cup.

What did Nasser Al Khater say?

While interacting on a Twitter LIVE video, Al Khater revealed that FIFA has estimated that the revenues from the 2022 World Cup in Qatar could reach almost $6 billion.

"The revenues of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in may up to 6 billion dollars, according to the FIFA estimates," he stated.

He also spoke about why the World Cup was pre-poned a day. Earlier, the inaugural match of the World Cup was set to be held on November 21. However, it was recently preponed to November 20 (Sunday), with Qatar taking on Ecuador in the opening game.

"Many parties (stakeholders) supported the opening of the World Cup to be held on Sunday," he said.

What did Nasser Al Khater say about ticket demands and accommodation for the World Cup?

"We in the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy were sure of the high demand for the FIFA World Cup tickets due to Qatar's geographical location close to Asian countries such as China, India as well as European countries," he revealed.

"Phase 2 of the World Cup ticket sales concluded on August 16. More tickets will be made available at the end of September, particularly for the Saudi fans who are looking forward to attending the World Cup," he added.

Al Khater also spoke about how Qatar are looking to ensure fans have affordable accommodation options.

"We have provided housing for all fans coming for the World Cup at suitable prices for all segments. Prices also will be updated regularly."

"We are planning to have buses to take fans from the Doha Metro Stations to all the World Cup stadiums," he said.