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Sydney v Yokohama F. Marinos Live Commentary, 22/4/22

0 - 1
R. Tsunoda (80)
Sân vận động Thống Nhất (Thong Nhat Stadium)


FULL TIME: SYDNEY FC 0 YOKOHAMA F. MARINOS - A tight and tense contest comes to an end - eventually it was an 80th minute strike from Ryotaro Tsunoda which proved to be the difference between the two teams. Yokohama have two wins now whilst Sydney FC are yet to open their account.
Y. Takaoka
Yellow Card
Yokohama F. Marinos
90' + 5' YELLOW CARD - Yohei Takaoka has picked up a card following a scramble on the goal line.
90' + 4' A last minute chance for Sydney who have a corner.
90' + 3' Sydney cough up possession which gives Yokohama a chance to wipe more second off the clock.
90' + 2' Van Der Saag has conceded a free kick on half way.
90' + 1' Mizunuma goes to ground after contact from Burgess.
90' There will be four minutes of additional time played in this second half.
89' Sydney FC have a throw in from half way as they look to go on the attack and try and find an equaliser.
87' The cross comes in from the left for Yokohama but is taken by Redmayne.
T. Kida
J. Fujita
Yokohama F. Marinos
86' SUBSTITUTION YOKOHAMA - Yokohama's last change will see Joel Fujita off and Takuya Kida on.
84' Yokohama are content to keep the ball off Sydney FC as they look to take valuable seconds off the clock.
83' Tempers are starting to become a little frayed as the clock ticks down to full time.
82' It's now or never for Sydney FC if they are to pull this one from the fire.
R. Tsunoda
Yokohama F. Marinos
80' GOAL! Yokohama F. Marinos (Ryotaro Tsunoda) Sydney FC 0 Yokohama F. Marinos 1 - Redmayne makes an excellent save initially but the ball bobbles around before Tsunoda buries his shot into the back of the net.
80' A corner for Yokohama who will look to try and prise open this solid Sydney defence.
78' The tempo has really lifted as both sides search for a winner.
A. Le Fondre
76' SUBSTITUTION SYDNEY FC - Not the happiest of nights for Adam Le Fondre who is replaced by Bobo.
P. Retre
C. Talbot
76' SUBSTITUTION SYDNEY FC - Talbot succumbs to injury and will be replaced by Paulo Retre.
75' A quarter of an hour left to play and we are still locked up at 0-0.
74' A break in play with Talbot on the turf and requiring treatment.
72' MISS! A golden chance for Ryotaro Tsunoda but he has missed from point blank range.
K. Mizunuma
T. Nakagawa
Yokohama F. Marinos
69' SUBSTITUTION YOKOHAMA - The second of the double change will see Nakagawa replaced by Mizunuma.
T. Iwata
K. Watanabe
Yokohama F. Marinos
69' SUBSTITUTION YOKOHAMA - More changes for Yokhama - Kota Watanabe will be replaced by Tomoki Iwata.
68' Redmayne's long kick only travels as far as halfway as Yokohama look to build another attack.
66' The ball comes off le Fondre and Yokohama have an attacking throw in.
E. Kamsoba
T. Buhagiar
63' SUBSTITUTION SYDNEY FC -Elvis Kamsoba comes on to replace Buhagiar.
B. Warland
A. Wilkinson
63' SUBSTITUTION SYDNEY FC - Sydney's first tactical change sees Wilkinson off and Ben Warland on.
R. Tsunoda
K. Nagato
Yokohama F. Marinos
62' SUBSTITUTION YOKOHAMA - The second of the double change sees Katsuya Nagato replaced by Ryotaro Tsunoda.
T. Nishimura
Marcos Júnior
Yokohama F. Marinos
62' SUBSTITUTION YOKOHAMA - Júnior will be replaced by Takuma Nishimura
61' Yokohama are preparing to make some changes as we cross the hour mark.
Marcos Júnior
Yellow Card
Yokohama F. Marinos
59' YELLOW CARD - Júnior has picked up the first booking of the second half.
59' Ven der Saag goes to ground and he has earned Sydney a free kick.
57' Amini is on the turf and he will require medical assistance.
56' Watanabe is penalised for a heavy challenge.
54' The ball hangs in the air over the penalty area and Redmayne plucks it from the sky.
53' Miyaichi crosses from the by line but Sydney have defenders in the road.
52' Nagato can't keep the ball in play and Sydney have a throw in.
49' le Fondra fires from long range but Takaoka makes a comfortable save.
48' Talbot takes the throw in and takes play over half way.
47' Yokohama have the first corner of the second half.
46' Nagato sends the ball in from the left but there is too much weight on the cross.
45' SECOND HALF - Yokohama kick off to start the second half.
45' + 3' HALF TIME: SYDNEY FC 0 YOKOHAMA F. MARINOS 0 - Both sides had their opportunities in the first half but neither side was able to make the most of them and we are all square at the break.
45' + 2' le Fondre slices his attempted cross over the goal line for a Yokohama goal kick.
45' There will be two minutes of additional time.
M. Burgess
Yellow Card
44' YELLOW CARD - Max Burgess picks up a yellow card for holding the shirt of his opponent.
43' Nakagawa is the target of a long pass to the left but the ball skids away from him.
41' The cross from the left from Sydney FC but the header is off target.
41' Amini's corner kick is a touch too high and Sydney have conceded a free kick for pushing.
40' Redmayne takes the goal kick with just over five minutes left until half time.
38' Nagato slices his attempted pass out of play for a Sydney throw in.
37' le Fondre links up with Buhagiar but his shot is a tame one and easily saved by Takaoka.
35' The pass from Donachie misses the target and Yokohama have a throw in.
33' Leo goes to ground in the penalty area but there is no penalty forthcoming.
32' Donachie watches the ball bounce over the goalline for a Sydney goalkick.
31' The ball falls for le Fondre who shoots on the turn but the shot skews away.
29' Amini has coughed up possession in the middle of the field.
27' Redmayne thumps the ball forward but le Fondre has infringed and given away a free kick.
25' Amini pops the ball forward cleverly to Buhagiar who uses good skill to keep the ball alive.
24' The inswinging corner kick from Yokohama finds a teammate but the ball is headed over the crossbar.
H. Van der Saag
C. O'Toole
23' SUBSITUTION SYDNEY FC - Connor O'Toole has succumbed to injury and will be replaced by Harry Van der Saag.
22' A break in play here with O'Toole requiring further treatment.
20' Eduardo plays the ball back to Takaoka in goal for Yokohama.
19' Amini rolls the pass to Burgess for what would have been a shot at goal however the Yokohama defence manages to get a crucial touch.
18' Marcos' cross is blocked over the goal line and Yokohama have a corner kick.
K. Nagato
Yellow Card
Yokohama F. Marinos
17' YELLOW CARD - Katsuya Nagato has picked up a booking for his late tackle on Buhagiar just as Sydney were looking to break.
17' The shot from outside the area is blocked by Redmayne who has punched the ball clear of the penalty area.
16' Amini swings in a cross but Takaoka punches it away.
15' CHANCE! A golden opportunity for le Fondre but his shot has been blocked.
13' It's been a sloppy start from both sides with a number of passes missing their target.
13' Nakagawa breaks down the left but the pass misses him and rolls over the sideline.
12' Amini looks to play the ball forward but it takes a deflection over the sideline.
9' Ryuta and O'Toole collide heavily and both are slow to get to their feet.
8' Sydney's first opportunity to attack and they have won a throw in.
7' Miyaichi shoots and goes close from the edge of the penalty area.
4' Nagato gets bowled over by Amini and Yokohama have a free kick.
3' Sydney's attempt to clear is well blocked by Nakagawa.
2' Nagato swings in a cross from the left but it is saved by Redmayne.
2' Talbot has conceded a free kick and receives a stern warning from the referee.
1' Conditions are relatively sticky on a warm and humid night in Ho Chi Minh City.
1' FIRST HALF - It is Sydney FC to kick off to get us underway.
Yokohama F. Mariners: Takaoka (GK), Koike, Dudu, Hatanaka, Nagato, Fujita, Watanabe, Nakagawa, Junior, Miyaichi, Leo. Subs: Kida, Mizunuma, Iwata, Koike, Matsubara, Yamane, Nishimura, Tsunoda, Nakabayashi, Kabayama.
Sydney FC: Redmayne (GK), O'Toole, Donachie, Wilkinson, Talbot, Caceres, Amini, Yazbek, Burgess, le Fondre, Buhagiar. Subs: Retre, Bobo, Ninkovic, Van Der Saag, Kamsoba, Pavlesic, Segecic, Wood, McGing, Warland.
Welcome to Thống Nhất Stadium for the clash between Sydney FC and Yokohama F. Mariners.