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90' + 7'
Hattan Bahbri
Yellow Card
90' + 5'
Salem Al Dawsari
Hattan Bahbri
1 - 2
90' + 1'
Abdulelah Al Amri
Yellow Card
L. Chávez
0 - 2
H. Martín
C. Montes
0 - 1

Match Stats

39% 60%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 2 11
Total Passes 287 426
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Argentina ARG Argentina 3 2 0 1 5 2 +3 6 W W L
2 Poland POL Poland 3 1 1 1 2 2 0 4 L W D
3 Mexico MEX Mexico 3 1 1 1 2 3 -1 4 W L D
4 Saudi Arabia KSA Saudi Arabia 3 1 0 2 3 5 -2 3 L L W


8th Finals


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Mexico finish third in the group, just behind Poland on goal difference. Saudi Arabia needed a win to go through, so they're also out after failing to capitalise on their shock victory over Argentina in the opening game.
Heartbreak for Mexico as they are out of the World Cup despite a 2-1 win over Saudi Arabia. Mexico were on top from the first whistle and finally got their breakthrough just two minutes into the second half when Martin poked in from close range. Chavez then scored a truly outstanding long-range free-kick to make it 2-0. They needed a third to leapfrog Poland into second place, and Lozano and Antuna both had goals disallowed for tight offsides before Al Dawsari ended their hopes with a late consolation for Saudi Arabia.
Hattan Bahbri
Yellow Card
90' + 7' Bahbri is tracking back with Lozano and brings the midfielder down, resulting in a yellow card.
Hattan Bahbri
90' + 5' Bahbri got between the two Mexico defenders to lay it back off to Al Dawsari for the goal.
Salem Al Dawsari
90' + 5' AL DAWSARI SCORES! And takes away Mexico's chance of reaching the last 16! Al Dawsari plays a lovely one-two with Bahbri on the edge of the box and he's one-on-one with Ochoa. He has a quick glance to check where the keeper is before slotting his shot into the near post. 2-1!
90' + 4' It's a brilliant run from Alvarez down the right and he pulls it back from the byline, but it's over the crowd in the middle. Lozano picks it up on the far side before blazing over.
90' + 2' SAVE! Lozano finally has a chance to take a free-kick as it's slightly to the left. He curls it towards the far post, but Al Owais watches it all the way and punches it clear.
Abdulelah Al Amri
Yellow Card
90' + 1' We're into seven minutes of added time, and Mexico have another free-kick after Al Amri tugged Funes Mori down. He's shown a yellow card.
90' Madu is down on the edge of his own box after being winded. The medical team are on, and he's quickly back to his feet.
Hattan Bahbri
Sultan Al Ghannam
88' Saudi Arabia are also making another change as Al Ghannam goes off for Bahbri.
87' OFFSIDE! Mexico have another one chalked off! It's threaded through for Antuna, and as Al Owais rushes off his line, he takes the shot early. He slots it past the goalkeeper and runs to the corner in celebration before the offside flag cuts it short.
K. Álvarez
J. Sánchez
86' And Sanchez is also taken off, with Kevin Alvarez on in his place.
R. Funes Mori
E. Álvarez
86' Final rolls of the dice for Mexico now. Edson Alvarez is the first to make way, with Funes Mori replacing him.
85' Alvarez does well to hold the ball up and Sanchez gets across to help him out before taking a loose touch. He then leaps into a tackle, giving away a free-kick when he really didn't need to.
83' There are so many bodies between the free-kick and the goal, so Lozano flicks it into a better position for Chavez to run onto. Sharahili rushes out and blocks it.
Abdullah Madu
Yellow Card
81' Lozano is bursting into the box and Madu takes one for the team by tripping him right on the edge of the box. He's shown a yellow card.
80' Saudi Arabia have a rare chance to get forward as Sharahili squares it to Al Dawsari. He has acres of space through the middle, but his shot is always rising into the stands.
78' GREAT CHANCE! Things are getting a bit manic now as Mexico throw everything they have at Saudi Arabia. Lozano cuts inside from the left and sees his cross tipped away by Al Owais. Rodriguez is bundled over before he can latch onto it.
R. Jiménez
H. Martín
77' And Martin is also taken off, with Jimenez on for him.
C. Rodríguez
O. Pineda
77' Double change for Mexico as they look for the goal that would send them through as things stand. Pineda is the first to go off, with Rodriguez replacing him.
76' CLOSE! This time, Martin times his run perfectly as he drags it past Al Ghannam on the left and he pulls it back to Lozano on the edge of the box. He drags at his shot though and sends it wide of the far post.
75' Saudi Arabia just can't get close to Mexico at the moment as Chavez spreads it out to Martin, but he just goes too early and the offside flag is up.
73' SAVE! Chavez does go for goal direct from the free-kick again, but he lifts it towards the top-left corner this time. Al Owais scrambles across his line and stretches to push this one wide.
72' Mexico have another free-kick in a similar place to the one that Chavez scored from earlier. Unsurprisingly, he's placed the ball down, and Lozano is ushered away...
70' CHANCE! Lozano's free-kick is cleared, but Mexico keep it alive on the edge of the box, with Chavez nodding it back in for Martin. He lets it bounce before hitting it on the volley, but it sails over the bar.
68' There's more action in the other group game as Poland are now 2-0 down against Argentina. That means they're level with Mexico on goals scored and goal difference. It means that Mexico are still heading out due to receiving more yellow cards. One goal could change everything!
66' GOOD SAVE! It's a lovely turn from Lozano as he cuts inside from the left and the space just opens up for him. He takes the shot on from the edge of the box, and Al Owais gets down quickly to push it away from the bottom corner.
64' Chavez's goal was Mexico's first at the World Cup from a direct free-kick since 1966.
Abdulrahman Al Obud
Saleh Al Shehri
62' Saudi Arabia are making another change here as Al Obud comes on in place of Al Shehri.
60' Mexico are still third in Group C at the moment, but another goal for them or Argentina could change that. Poland's goal difference is just one better than Mexico's. Things are getting extremely tight!
58' Mexico look so dangerous every time they go forward, and Pineda drives down the right before trying to slide it through for Lozano. Al Amri reads it well though, and slides in to put it out for a corner.
56' OFFSIDE! Alvarez slides it through to Martin, who cushions it into Lozano's path and he coolly slots it past Al Owais into the far bottom corner. Martin just set off too early though, and the flag denies Mexico a third.
54' Saudi Arabia have to start committing bodies forward now if they want to stand any chance of getting through. Al Brikan swings it in from the right and Ochoa gets nowhere near it, but neither does Kanno.
L. Chávez
52' WHAT A GOAL! Absolutely incredible! Chavez steps up to take the free-kick that Martin won, and it's a long way out, but that doesn't deter him! It's straight down the middle and he strikes it sweetly, lifting it over the wall and over the stretching Al Owais into the near post. 2-0 Mexico!
Hassan Tambakti
Yellow Card
52' Tambakti gets wrong side of Martin and tugs the forward back. He's the latest player to receive a yellow card.
51' As things stand, Mexico have moved above Saudi Arabia, but a 1-0 win will not be enough despite Argentina taking the lead against Poland. Mexico need a couple more if they want to book their place in the last 16.
49' Alvarez clips Al Shehri's heels as he's breaking into the box, and he gets away without a yellow card. It's swung into the box by Kanno, but nobody can get on the end of it.
C. Montes
47' Montes does well to get in front of his marker to get his head on the corner and flick it on for Martin.
H. Martín
47' MARTIN SCORES! What a start to the second half by Mexico! Their early pressure won them a corner and Chavez swings it into the box. It's flicked on at the near post by Montes and Martin is unmarked in the six-yard box to tap it past Al Owais from close range. 1-0 Mexico!
46' Saudi Arabia get us back underway for the second half!
Abdullah Madu
Ali Al Hassan
46' And for Saudi Arabia, Al Hassan, who was booked, goes off for Madu.
U. Antuna
A. Vega
46' There's a change for both sides at the start of the second half, with Mexico going first. Vega makes way, with Antuna coming on for him.
In the other game, Poland and Argentina are also drawing 0-0, which means that a draw isn't enough for either of these sides to progress. Mexico have been doing their bit to try and find a breakthrough, but they need to be more clinical if they want to win. Saudi Arabia's biggest threat came just before the whistle, and Renard will be looking for more in the second half.
It's goalless at the break between Saudi Arabia and Mexico. That isn't to say there haven't been chances though, with Mexico in particular creating some good openings. Vega saw an effort smothered just three minutes in, with Martin and Pineda also coming close. Saudi Arabia grew into the game - Kanno saw a free-kick loop just over the bar and Al Hassan's diving header was sent wide just before the break.
45' + 6' WHAT A CHANCE! Al Brikan finally gets the better of Gallardo down the right and he lifts a great cross in from the byline. Al Hassan throws himself forward to get his head on it, but it flies wide of the far post.
45' + 4' It's better from Saudi Arabia as Abdulhamid slides it through for Al Brikan and he's got space to run into. Gallardo recovers brilliantly though and just nudges the winger off the ball in time.
45' + 2' Saudi Arabia just can't keep the ball when they get out of their own half. Sharahili tries to clip it in from the left, but it's a poor cross that's cleared by Moreno.
45' Vega sees a shot blocked on the edge of the box, but pulls it back to Chavez when it bounces back to him. He tries his luck from range again, but this one is blocked too.
43' Another loose touch from Al Shehri sees Mexico breaking upfield again and Moreno looks for Martin. He nudges Al Amri in the back before spinning away, but the foul goes against him.
41' CLOSE! Chavez's long-range shot from the free-kick is blocked, but Mexico keep it alive through Lozano. He touches it back to Alvarez, who drags it away from Tambakti before drilling it through a crowded box and it ricochets just wide.
39' Al Shehri takes a loose touch in the box and Montes hooks it upfield for Pineda to chase. He can't get anywhere near it though as Al Amri knocks it back to his keeper.
Riyadh Sharahili
Ali Al Bulayhi
37' More injury problems for Saudi Arabia here as Al Bulayhi goes off. Sharahili comes on to replace him.
36' Vega whips an out-swinging corner into the middle and Gallardo makes a late run onto it. He hits the shot first time, but can't keep the volley down as it flies high over the bar.
Ali Al Hassan
Yellow Card
34' Chavez knocked it through Al Hassan's feet before having his legs swiped out from under him. The Saudi Arabian is the latest to go into the book.
32' Mexico look to break quickly again until Chavez is stopped by Al Amri. They waste the free-kick though, with Gallardo playing it straight out on the opposite side.
30' There's a rare chance for Saudi Arabia to get forward with Al Hassan poking it past Moreno into the empty box. Al Brikan didn't gamble on it though and Ochoa collects.
Saleh Al Shehri
Yellow Card
28' Al Shehri just catches Moreno in the back of the head with his elbow during an aerial challenge and is shown a yellow card.
27' BLOCK! Yet again, Lozano finds himself in space down the right and he swings a dangerous cross into the far post. Pineda throws himself forward in a diving header, but Al Ghannam is there to block it.
26' Another good move from Mexico comes down their right side, and Lozano squares it into the middle. Pineda runs onto it, but two Saudi Arabia defenders slide in to take the power off his shot and it's a comfortable save for Al Owais.
24' Renard is pacing his technical area and trying to urge his side to close Mexico down quicker. They can't get close to them though as Sanchez lifts another long ball over the top, but Martin can't keep it in.
22' Gallardo plays a clever one-two with Chavez as he bursts forward down the left and he plays an early cross in. It's over everyone to Lozano, who recycles it and it's cleared as far as Chavez, but his first-time shot is straight at the keeper.
20' There are four in the box for Mexico and Alvarez lifts a good ball over the top this time. He's looking to pick out Sanchez, but he loses the flight of the pass and he can't keep it in play.
18' Tambakti stayed down in need of treatment after that collision with Alvarez, and it looked like a shoulder problem. He's quickly back to his feet though.
E. Álvarez
Yellow Card
16' It's a late one from Alvarez on Tambakti and the referee goes straight to his pocket to show the midfielder the first yellow card of the game.
15' Martin peels off the back of his defender once again, and Alvarez tries to pick him out with a throughball. Al Owais is alert though and he rushes off his line to collect it.
13' CLOSE! Kanno steps up to take a free-kick for Saudi Arabia just to the left of the D, and he lifts it over the jumping wall. There isn't enough dip on it though, much to the relief of the scrambling Ochoa.
11' Saudi Arabia are struggling to get close to the ball as Mexico break down the left this time. Gallardo is chasing a throughball from Moreno, but he slips before he can bring it under control.
9' Mexico are moving the ball really quickly upfield as they look for an early goal. Martin drops deep and tries to slide it down the right for Sanchez, but he set off too early.
7' GOOD SAVE! It's a wonderful cross in from Vega on the right and Martin is inches away from making contact with it. Al Owais just gets there first to push it away, which results in three players ending up on the floor.
5' Al Dawsari is currently down after what looked like an awkward landing. He's received treatment on his ankle, but he'll be able to carry on.
3' GREAT SAVE! Al Shehri sees a shot comfortably saved by Ochoa and Mexico break quickly on the counter. Chavez slides a wonderful throughball into the D for Vega, who takes it first time, but Al Owais rushes out to smother it.
2' Mexico ideally need a huge win to get through without having to rely on the result in the other game. They've made a quick start, with Martin sliding it back to Chavez on the edge of the box, but he drills his low shot wide of the near post.
1' Martin gets the game underway for Mexico!
The teams are out on the pitch, the national anthems have been sung, and kick-off is just moments away!
Mexico are winless in their last four World Cup games (D1 L3), while only once in their history have they been on a longer such run at the tournament, failing to win their first 13 matches between 1930 and 1962 (D1 L12).
Gerardo Martino makes four changes to the side that lost to Argentina on Saturday and switches to a back four. Sanchez, Edson Alvarez, Peneda and Martin come in. Kevin Alvarez, Araujo, Herrera and Guardado, who went off in that game with a muscle problem, all drop to the bench.
Herve Renard makes just three changes from the loss to Poland last time out, bringing in Tambakti, Al Ghannam and Al Hassan. Al Naji starts on the bench, Abdulelah Al Malki is suspended, and Mohammed Al Burayk is out after going off injured in that game. Sharahili is fit enough to be a substitute after recovering from his own injury problem.
MEXICO SUBS: Johan Vazquez, Rogelio Funes Mori, Raul Jimenez, Gerardo Arteaga, Uriel Antuna, Rodolfo Cota, Kevin Alvarez, Erick Gutierrez, Roberto Alvarado, Luis Romo, Carlos Rodriguez, Andres Guardado, Hector Herrera, Nestor Araujo, Alfredo Talavera.
MEXICO STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Guillermo Ochoa; Jorge Sanchez, Cesar Montes, Hector Moreno, Jesus Gallardo; Edson Alvarez, Luis Chavez; Hirving Lozano, Orbelin Pineda, Alexis Vega; Henry Martin.
SAUDI ARABIA SUBS: Riyadh Sharahili, Nawaf Al Abid, Mohammed Al Yami, Abdullah Madu, Nasser Al Dawsari, Abdulrahman Al Obud, Sami Al Naji, Abdullah Otayf, Haitham Asiri, Hattan Bahbri.
SAUDI ARABIA STARTING XI (3-4-2-1): Mohammed Al Owais; Hassan Tambakti, Abdulelah Al Amri, Ali Al Bulayhi; Sultan Al Ghannam, Ali Al Hassan, Mohammed Kanno, Saud Abdulhamid; Feras Al Brikan, Salen Al Dawsari; Salah Al Shehri.
It's very tight coming into the final round in Group C, with all four teams still in with a chance of going through. Saudi Arabia, who opened their campaign with a famous win over Argentina before losing to Poland, will qualify with a win, but a draw would be enough if Poland lose by 4+ goals. They can also top the group with a victory if the other game finishes in a draw. Mexico saw out a draw with Poland before losing to Argentina last time out, and they need to win by four goals or more to progress, though a victory coupled with one for Poland will see them through. However, it will go down to goal difference if Argentina win.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the World Cup Group C meeting between Saudi Arabia and Mexico at the Lusail Iconic Stadium!