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Finland v Germany Live Commentary, 17/7/22

0 - 3
S. Kleinherne (40)
A. Popp (48)
N. Anyomi (63)
Stadium mk


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Germany were already confirmed as group winners, and they go through after winning all three games without conceding a goal. They'll face Austria in the quarter-final on Thursday. Finland finish bottom of the group, and are now eight games without a win at the European Championships.
Germany finish the group stages with a perfect record after a 3-0 win over Finland. It took them a long time to find a way through before Kleinherne broke the deadlock in the 40th minute, nodding in her first goal for the national side. Popp quickly made it 2-0 after the break, thumping a header past Talaslahti. Anyomi came off the bench to round things off, latching onto a loose clearance and drilling a low shot into the net to open her account for Germany as well.
90' + 2' Finland are making a push for a late consolation as Oling goes long over the top to pick out Sainio's run. The substitute nods it down, but there's no one with her in support and Germany clear their lines.
90' Sainio tries to drag Finland upfield with a good run down the left, but Anyomi tracks back with her all the way. They get in a bit of a tangle, and the referee eventually gives the free-kick Germany's way.
88' Wassmuth sees a shot blocked on the edge of the box and it bounces across to Anyomi in the D. She slips as she takes the shot and it lands in Talaslahti's gloves.
86' GREAT SAVE! Dabritz asks a lot of Popp with the throughball, but the captain surges down the right to fizz a cross into the near post. Freigang tries to lift it over Talaslahti at the near post, and the keeper reacts quickly to push it over.
85' Germany have scored five headed goals at Euro 2022 - at the European Championships in 2013 and 2017, they had a combined total of one headed goal.
83' CHANCE! It's a poor clearance by Kuikka to Dabritz, but her shot is blocked by the defender. It ricochets back out to Popp on the edge of the D, and she puts her laces through it but sends it over the bar.
A. Rantanen
L. Sällström
81' Last change for Finland here as Sallstrom goes off to be replaced by Rantanen.
79' Germany are just happy to keep possession in front of Finland at the moment. They're comfortable in this game and in no hurry to push forward again just yet.
L. Freigang
L. Dallmann
76' Final change for Germany now, and it's Dallmann that's going off for Freigang.
75' Sainio steps up to take the free-kick for Finland and she whips a deep cross in from the right. It looks like Alanen has a free shot from the left of the box, but it flashes in front of her before Anyomi helps it wide.
73' Frohms hasn't had much to do today, but she's almost caught out by Kemppi when she dawdles on the ball. The forward is bearing down on her, but the keeper manages to keep her cool to get it out to Hendrich.
O. Ahtinen
A. Engman
71' Fourth change for Finland now, and it's Engman that's going off for Ahtinen.
70' Germany are just slowing the pace of the game down a little bit now. They're happy to keep it in their own half as they work around Finland's high press.
68' Finland try to mount another counter-attack, with Sallstrom starting it from deep in her own half. She switches it out to Engman on the right, but she's quickly cut off by Kleinherne.
E. Sainio
E. Summanen
66' And that yellow card is Summanen's last involvement as she's replaced by Sainio.
R. Öling
H. Kollanen
65' Finland are making a double change of their own now. Kollanen, who's struggled to get into the game, goes off for Oling.
E. Summanen
Yellow Card
65' Summanen gets too close to Dabritz and trips her with a clumsy challenge to be shown the first yellow card of the game.
T. Waßmuth
S. Huth
64' And Huth is also going off, with Wassmuth on in her place.
J. Brand
K. Bühl
64' Another double change for Germany now, and it's Buhl that's making way first, with Brand on for her.
N. Anyomi
63' ANYOMI SCORES! Buhl gets away down the left again and puts another good cross into the box. Kuikka slips and Pikkujamsa only half clears it to Anyomi on the edge of the box. She sets herself before drilling a low shot past Talaslahti to get her first Germany goal. 3-0 Germany!
61' POPP! Buhl makes another good run down the left and pulls a dangerous ball back from the byline. She picks out Popp in the middle, and she goes for a cheeky backheel behind Kuikka, but she sends it wide.
60' Popp is the first German player to score in all three group stage matches of a single European Championship campaign.
58' BLOCK! It's a great switch out to Huth from Lattwein, and the winger cuts inside and runs at Pikkujamsa to the edge of the box. She dribbles past the defender before hitting the shot, and a deflection off Kuikka takes it over.
56' Finland break quickly on the counter and Engman has acres of space out on the right. She swings a deep cross into the box and Doorsoun does just enough to stop Kemppi from getting on the end of it.
54' Dabritz slides it through to Dallmann in the box and she sees another shot blocked. The ball bounces out to Popp, who chips a cross to Anyomi on the far side, but Heroum cuts it out.
52' Alanen is going it alone as she cuts inside from the right and skips away from two German players. She's eventually clattered into by Lattwein as she lays it off to Kollanen, but the winger can't make anything of it.
50' Finland are struggling to get a touch on the ball as Germany push forward again. Dallmann makes a weaving run through the box and tries to dig out a shot, but she hits it straight against Pikkujamsa.
K. Hendrich
48' Hendrich has so much space down the left and she gets her head up before picking out a great cross to Popp.
A. Popp
48' POPP SCORES! The substitutes have an instant impact as they link up well, with Anyomi laying it off to Hendrick down the right. She puts a great cross into the box and Popp rises highest to thump a header past Talaslahti and into the back of the net. 2-0 Germany!
47' There's an early problem for Germany in the second half, with Kleinherne down for Germany. It looks like somebody stood on her hand, but she's going to carry on without needing treatment.
46' Finland get us back underway for the second half!
N. Anyomi
G. Gwinn
46' And Gwinn also makes way for Anyomi.
K. Hendrich
M. Hegering
46' Germany are making a double change themselves, with Hegering being replaced by Hendrich.
A. Auvinen
E. Koivisto
46' There's a change for Finland at the break, with Koivisto going off for Auvinen.
Voss-Tecklenburg will be pleased with her side's performance as they kept up the intensity but will be looking for them to improve their final ball into the box. Finland proved difficult to break down though and even had a couple of bright moments on the counter, which Signeul will be looking for again in the second half.
Germany take a 1-0 lead over Finland into half-time. Voss-Tecklenburg's side dominated the first half from start to finish, but it took them a long time to break Finland down. Buhl had a couple of good chances, while Popp and Dabritz also came close before Kleinherne opened the scoring in the 40th minute. Gwinn's cross picked out the unmarked full-back in the middle and she nodded in her first international goal.
45' + 1' Germany are looking to get a second goal just before the break. Huth cuts back inside, wrongfooting Koivisto, and lifts a cross into the far post. Dabritz throws herself forward to get on the end of it and sends her header wide.
44' Finland are enjoying their first real spell of possession in this game, but it's all in their own half. Buhl gets across to nick it off Kollanen but she overhits the throughball into Popp.
42' Finland are almost caught out again after Dabritz knocks a throughball past Alanen and into the space behind her. Huth is chasing it down, but Kuikka recovers well to intercept it.
G. Gwinn
40' Gwinn flicks it past Kuikka and gets her head up to spot Kleinherne in the middle and lifts in a great cross from the byline.
S. Kleinherne
40' KLEINHERNE SCORES! It's been coming and Germany have finally broken the deadlock! It's brilliant work from Huth down the right as she rounds her defender to pick out Gwinn. She clips a lovely cross into the far post and Kleinherne rises in the middle to nod in her first Germany goal. 1-0 Germany!
38' Kleinherne takes the throw-in to Buhl, who excellently turns away from Summanen and darts forward down the left. She fizzes a low cross into the box, but it's straight into Talaslahti's gloves.
36' Germany are trying to pass their way through Finland's compact defence, but they're struggling to find a way through at the moment. Kleinherne tries to push past Engman but fouls the winger in the process.
34' There are two German players down inside Finland's box after a tangle between four players. Dabritz gets straight back to her feet, while Gwinn is in need of treatment, but she'll be able to carry on.
32' Another rare chance for Finland to break forward as Alanen switches it out to Engman on the right. She lifts an early cross into Kollanen at the far post, but her first touch lets her down.
30' Finland are being penned back in their own box now as Huth drills a low effort from the edge of the box. Kuikka makes the block, but it rebounds straight to Dabritz, who can't sort her feet out in time.
28' CLOSE! Hegering advances a long way before having a go from range. It's heading wide until it hits Popp in the face, and her unintentional header has Talaslahti scrambling, but it bounces wide.
27' WIDE! Dabritz catches out Koivisto as she knocks it past her down the right and drills a low cross into the near post. Popp gets in front of her defender, but can only help it into the side netting.
25' Pikkujamsa picks Buhl's pocket before playing a long ball over the top. Kemppi is up against Doorsoun, but she beats the defender to it. She waits too long to take the shot though and Hegering gets across to make the block.
23' Finland are starting to press higher upfield and it looks to have paid off as Sallstrom nicks it off Dabritz and surges into the box. The referee pulls it back for a foul though, and Germany are on the front foot again.
21' After some intricate play down the right, Huth eventually bursts forward before lifting a deep cross into the box. It's too high for everyone though, and it bounces harmlessly wide.
19' Again, Germany quickly work it upfield and Dallman plays a one-two with Kleinherne out on the left. The midfielder takes the shot first time when it comes back to her, but it's straight at the keeper.
17' Finland and Germany have met once previously at the Women's Euro finals, facing in the 2005 semi-final at Deepdale - Germany won 4-1 and went on to win the tournament.
15' Finland just can't get out of their own half at the moment as Gwinn comes forward again. She whips another good cross in, which Popp lets run, but Buhl can't bring it under control at the far post.
13' Talaslahti comes out to try and claim the corner, but fumbles the ball after colliding with Hegering. Dallman latches onto the loose ball as the keeper slips, but can't take advantage.
11' Germany quickly work it out from the back and Popp threads a great ball into Buhl on the edge of the box. She lets it run across her and Koivisto recovers brilliantly to stop her from taking the shot.
9' It's a clever free-kick from Huth on the left as she takes it short to Bruhl on the edge of the box. She just slips as she takes the shot, which gives Kuikka a chance to rush out and block it.
7' CHANCE! Germany are just starting to up the pace again, and Dabritz plays a clever one-two with Buhl to open up space on the edge of the box. She hits the shot first time but blazes it over the bar.
6' Pikkujamsa attempts to get her team upfield, going long over the top to Sallstrom. She peels off the back of Hegering, but there's too much on the ball, and she can't keep it in play.
4' Gwinn is getting a lot of joy down the right early on here as she drills a cross into the near post this time. Bruhl misses the ball, and Kuikka is behind her to put it out for a corner, which comes to nothing.
2' Germany have made a bright start to this game and almost take an early lead after Buhl knocks it out to Gwinn on the right. She lifts in a great cross, but Popp glances her header wide.
1' Popp gets the game underway for Germany!
The teams are out on the pitch, the national anthems have been sung, and kick-off is just moments away!
Germany have only lost one of their 20 group stage games at the Euros (W15 D4), going down 1-0 to Norway in 2013. They've conceded just five goals in those 20 games, and never more than once in a match.
Martina Voss-Tecklenburg names four changes from the win over Spain on Tuesday, bringing in Doorsoun, Kleinherne, Lattwein and Dallmann. Magull and Lohmann are fit enough for the bench after respective thigh and knee problems. Lena Oberdorf and Felicitas Rauch are both suspended.
Anna Signuel makes five changes to the side that lost to Denmark last time out. Talaslahti starts in goal, with Heroum, Kollanen, Engman and Kemppi also coming in. Sainio and Oling are among the substitutes.
GERMANY SUBS: Almuth Schult, Ann-Katrin Berger, Kathrin Hendrich, Sydney Lohmann, Laura Freigang, Nicole Anyomi, Tabea Wassmuth, Lina Magull, Jule Brand.
GERMANY STARTING XI (4-3-3): Merle Frohms; Giulia Gwinn, Sara Doorsoun, Marina Hegering, Sophia Kleinherne; Sara Dabritz, Lena Lattwein, Linda Dallmann; Svenja Huth, Alexandra Popp, Klara Buhl.
FINLAND SUBS: Anna Tamminen, Paula Myllyoja, Ria Oling, Anna Auvinen, Olga Ahtinen, Essi Sainio, Amanda Rantanen, Jutta Rantala.
FINLAND STARTING XI (4-4-2): Katriina Talaslahti; Nora Heroum, Elli Pikkujamsa, Natalia Kuikka, Emma Koivisto; Adelina Engman, Eveliina Summanen, Emmi Alanen, Heidi Kollanen; Linda Sallstrom, Juliette Kemppi.
Germany's place in the quarter-final is already secured after winning their two opening group games with victories over Denmark and Spain. It was confirmed yesterday, that they'll be facing Austria in the knockout rounds, but before that, they'll be looking to finish the group stage with a perfect record. As for Finland, defeats to Spain and Denmark mean that they've already been knocked out of the tournament. They're winless in their last seven matches at the Women's European Championships (D2 L5), a run they'll be hoping to end today.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Women's Euro 2022 Group B meeting between Finland and Germany at Stadium MK!