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90' + 1'
Sergio Gómez
Rúben Dias
İ. Gündoğan
0 - 3
J. Garner
Yellow Card
E. Haaland
İ. Gündoğan
0 - 2
İ. Gündoğan
R. Mahrez
0 - 1

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36% 63%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 4
Total Passes 381 670
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That's now 11 Premier League wins on the bounce for City as they move four points clear of Arsenal, with the Gunners due to kick off against Brighton shortly. Now their attention turns to the Champions League semi-final second leg against Real Madrid. Everton stay just one point clear of the drop zone, and they travel to Wolves next weekend.
Gundogan stars as Manchester City ease past Everton 3-0. They made a pretty poor start to the game but turned things around with two goals in two minutes towards the end of the first half. Gundogan got the first with an audacious flick with his back to goal before then setting up Haaland for a thumping header moments later. It was then wrapped up early in the second half, with the German scoring a wonderful free-kick by curling it into the top corner. Tarkowski did smack a header off the bar later on, but Everton couldn't find a response.
90' + 3' Patterson gets a late burst of energy as he rushes forward to dispossess Akanji. He tries to get it out of his feet to curl in a cross but quickly loses out to the City man.
Sergio Gómez
Rúben Dias
90' + 1' City's final change sees Gomez come on in place of Dias.
90' City are in no hurry to get upfield at all now, with their defenders comfortably knocking it around between then as the board goes up to show there will be four additional minutes.
K. Phillips
88' City's third change sees Rodri taken off as Phillips makes a short cameo from the bench.
86' Gray manages to win a corner, and Everton take it short. It takes them a while to get it into the box before Patterson swings it deep into Tarkowski, but he can't direct his header on target.
84' City play themselves out of trouble well on the edge of their own box and Rodri has so much space in midfield. He tries to switch it out to Grealish, but his heavy pass flies straight of play.
82' Everton are keeping possession well when they win it back, but they're in no hurry to get upfield. They're happy to keep knocking it between their defenders.
80' Laporte goes for the more direct route again, going long down the right for Silva to chase. McNeil tracks him all the way though and safely heads it back to Pickford.
J. Grealish
E. Haaland
78' And Haaland is also going off. That means Alvarez will move into the centre-forward role, with Grealish coming on to play down the left.
Bernardo Silva
İ. Gündoğan
78' City's first change of the game is a double one. Gundogan won't have the chance to go for a hat-trick as Silva is brought on for him.
77' McNeil gets a yard on Walker to swing a great cross into the middle of the box. Dias misses it and it bounces at Onana's feet, but he can't sort out his feet quick enough to have a shot.
D. Gray
J. Garner
75' Fourth change for Everton now, and Garner goes straight down the tunnel as he's replaced by Gray.
75' Mahrez curls another cross in and Pickford is caught in no man's land as Coady's header flicks it towards the far post. Haaland stands his ground and the keeper crashes into him, but the penalty that City are asking for isn't given.
74' This time, Gundogan does play it forward, picking out Akanji's surging run down the left. The defender curls it into the box first time, but it's over everyone in the middle and out for a throw on the far side.
72' As soon as Gundogan gets the ball, Foden and Haaland both dart in behind Everton's defence. The City captain doesn't take either option though, instead choosing to work it back to his keeper.
70' The pace of the game has slowed right down here, with Everton now the ones in possession. They're hesitant to commit too many bodies forward though.
68' After weathering another spell of pressure from Everton, City are back to keeping possession. The hosts are keeping their shape well though and stopping it from going into their box.
66' OFF THE BAR! McNeil's first corner is swung in deep and Ederson gets his punch all wrong as he puts it out for another on the opposite side. This one is whipped into the middle and Tarkowski smacks a header against the crossbar.
64' This is the second time that Gundogan has been involved in three goals in a Premier League match, also scoring twice and assisting once against West Brom in October 2016.
62' Patterson is starting to get a lot of joy down the right in his new wing-back role. He gets the better of Akanji as he curls another low cross in, but again, Maupay doesn't get to it.
60' GREAT CHANCE! City break quickly on the counter, and Foden has acres of space to run into down the left. He picks out Haaland at the far post and he goes for a scissor kick, but it's off target and Coady calmly clears it.
59' Garner swings Everton's latest corner into the box and Mina beats Ederson to it as he nods it into the middle. Maupay goes for an overhead kick, with some fans and players claiming handball, but nothing's given.
58' Everton are having a good spell here, keeping City penned back in their own half. McNeil and Iwobi both swing in crosses from either flank, but can't pick out Maupay in the middle.
A. Onana
I. Gueye
56' And Gueye is also making way, with Onana replacing him.
C. Coady
M. Holgate
55' Everton are making a double change here, and it looks like it'll see them switch to a back three. Holgate is taken off, with Coady on for him.
54' Mahrez takes this free-kick, but his curling shot takes a deflection off the wall. Foden is hovering at the far post, but Garner hooks it away just in front of him.
53' Everton are struggling to get a touch on the ball still as City surge forward again. Holgate tracks Mahrez as he cuts inside, but gives away another free-kick just outside the box.
İ. Gündoğan
51' GUNDOGAN SCORES! And it's another stunning goal for the German! He steps up to take the free-kick that Foden won, and he just chips it over the Everton wall in front of him. Pickford is sprawling as he tries to reach it, but he can't get close as it nestles into the top corner. 3-0 City!
50' Foden has stayed down holding his knee and it looks like he went down awkwardly following the challenge. He gets back to his feet after treatment, and he'll be able to carry on.
J. Garner
Yellow Card
49' Foden is getting away from Garner, who sticks out a leg to trip him and stop him from getting into the box. He's shown the first booking of the game.
48' City have picked up where they left off in the first half. They're dominating possession and Everton are struggling to get close to them as they patiently work it upfield.
46' Everton get us back underway for the second half!
N. Maupay
D. Calvert-Lewin
46' There is a change for Everton at the break. Calvert-Lewin was holding his back as he went off at half-time, so Maupay comes on for him.
City dominated possession, but until the two goals, had barely managed to get the ball into the box or test Everton. Despite having the lead, Guardiola will want an improvement in the performance to put this game to bed. It's a difficult one for Dyche - Everton were brilliant defensively barring that two-minute lapse and he'll want them to put it behind them quickly to get back into it.
Two goals in two minutes give City a 2-0 lead over Everton at the break. For most of the half, City struggled to find their rhythm, but everything started to come together in the 37th minute. Gundogan pulled off a brilliant piece of individual skill, flicking the ball past Pickford with his back to goal before setting up Haaland for a thumping header just moments later. At the other end, Holgate missed a glorious opportunity from very close range.
45' + 1' CHANCE! City recycle it on their right, and Rodri's low cross is fizzed into the middle. There's a scramble in the middle as Alvarez and Gundogan both try to reach it, but Everton manage to scramble it away.
45' Everton are back to sitting deep in their own half and letting City keep the ball in front of them. Laporte eventually lifts it into Gundogan, who cushions it into Foden, but his cross is just too high for Haaland.
43' City's latest free-kick through the middle is curled in by Mahrez, but Gueye can only get his clearance as far as Walker. He rushes the shot, firing it well wide of the post.
41' Two goals in two minutes for City has rattled Everton, but they're trying to get themselves back into this game. Garner spots Iwobi's run off the back of Akanji, but the offside flag goes up against him.
İ. Gündoğan
39' Gundogan turned provider with a brilliant cross this time to pick out Haaland, who was waiting for it in the middle.
E. Haaland
39' HAALAND SCORES! City work it down their left this time, with Gundogan drifting into space and clipping a cross into the middle. Haaland rises highest on the edge of the six-yard box to thump a header past Pickford with what was only his third touch. 2-0 City!
R. Mahrez
37' Mahrez was under no pressure as McNeil sat back and he finally finds his range as he curls it into the middle of the box.
İ. Gündoğan
37' GUNDOGAN SCORES! And what a goal it is! It's worked down the right again, and Mahrez has time to get it onto his left foot before floating it into the middle of the box. Gundogan has his back to goal, but he sets himself up with a great first touch, and without turning around, he flicks it through the gap next to him and past Pickford's outstretched hand. 1-0 City!
35' SAVE! Foden spins away from Patterson before pulling it back to Rodri on the edge of the D. The space opens up ahead of him, so he drills a low shot towards the near post, but Pickford gets down to hold it.
34' WHAT A CHANCE! Walker makes up for a loose pass by stopping Everton's counter at the expense of a corner. It's swung in deep to Tarkowski, who heads it towards the far post, and Holgate volleys it over from very close range.
33' Everton can't make anything of their free-kick and Dias eventually hooks it forward for Alvarez, who surges forward from inside his own half. He's on his own, but when he tries to hold it up, he's well dispossessed by Gueye.
31' BLOCK! Another corner for City is taken short, this time to Foden on the edge of the box. He dummies a shot, with Garner committing himself, before he actually hits it, but Tarkowski sticks out a leg to deny him.
30' Everton are caught out with another long ball over the top to Mahrez, who then picks out Walker's overlapping run down the right. He takes it to the byline before Holgate blocks the cross.
28' CHANCE! The first opportunity of the game falls to City as they take another corner short. Gundogan plays it out to Mahrez just outside the D, and he takes it on from range but curls it high and wide of the near top corner.
26' Garner goes over to take this Everton corner and Ederson is forced into punching it away on his line. Tarkowski tries to head it back into the danger zone, but Haaland clears it with his first touch of the game.
24' Another corner for City and this one is taken short. It's eventually worked back out to Gundogan on the left, but his deep cross flies straight out of play. The visitors are struggling to find their rhythm here.
22' Foden darts down the left once more, but Gueye tracks back with him to block the cross. Haaland is unmarked as he waits for the corner to come in, but Alvarez whips it straight onto the roof of the net.
20' City are still dominating possession here, but without showing too much of a threat in the final third. Foden tries to pick out Alvarez at the far post, but it's flicked away by McNeil before Mahrez's follow-up is cleared by Gueye.
18' It's a poor attempt at a clearance from McNeil, and Mahrez latches onto it before curling it back into the far post. Akanji nods it down for Gundogan, but he can't sort his feet out in time to have a shot from close range.
16' As City are waiting to take a throw-in, Mina goes to ground in the box. He had his arms around Laporte, who then slapped the Colombian's hands away. The referee has a word with both, and then we're able to carry on.
14' City are targeting Everton's left side as their best chance of getting into the box. Holgate is taken out of the game by Mahrez's throughball into Alvarez, but his pullback is blocked by Tarkowski.
12' City have won their last five Premier League away games against Everton, as many as they had in their previous 26 top-flight visits to Goodison Park (D7 L14). They could become just the second side to win six in a row away against the Toffees, after Portsmouth between 1948 and 1956.
10' City are still pushing here, but they're struggling to get it into the box. Haaland still hasn't managed a single touch since kick-off and misses the chance to get on the end of Walker's cross as he drops too deep.
8' Holgate gives away a free-kick on the right, and Mahrez swings a cross in. It's cleared by Everton, who break quickly on the counter again. McNeil fizzes it forward for Doucoure, but Walker's pace means he gets there first.
6' At the other end, Ederson slices a clearance straight to Iwobi, who sorts his feet out quickly so he can thread it forward for Doucoure. He gets too much on it though, and the midfielder can't reach it.
5' It's a poor backpass from Holgate to Pickford, and Haaland's eyes light up as he darts to try and reach it. Tarkowski spots the danger and blocks off his run, allowing the keeper to get it away.
4' Pickford plucks Laporte's long pass out of the air before pinging it straight up the other end to Calvert-Lewin. He chests it down for Doucoure before surging forward for the return ball, but it's too heavy and Ederson collects.
2' City have started on the front foot and are chasing an early goal here. It's switched out to the right for Mahrez to chase, but McNeil tracks back well to prevent him from latching onto it.
1' Alvarez gets the game underway for City!
The teams are coming out onto the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Everton draw 1-1 with City in the reverse fixture at the Etihad Stadium - not since 2016-17 have they avoided defeat in both Premier League meetings with the Citizens, which included a 1-1 away draw.
Pep Guardiola makes four changes to his side after their draw with Madrid on Tuesday. Laporte, Mahrez, Alvarez and Foden are all brought in. Stones, Silva, De Bruyne and Grealish drop to the bench, while Nathan Ake is out with a thigh injury.
Dyche makes just one change from their brilliant win over Brighton last time out. Holgate comes in to play left-back in place of Vitalii Mykolenko, who isn't in the squad due to injury today.
MANCHESTER CITY SUBS: Jack Grealish, Kalvin Phillips, Bernardo Silva, Cole Palmer, Sergio Gomez, Kevin De Bruyne, Stefan Ortega, Rico Lewis, John Stones.
MANCHESTER CITY STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Ederson; Kyle Walker, Ruben Dias, Manuel Akanji, Aymeric Laporte; Rodrigo, Ilkay Gundogan; Riyad Mahrez, Julian Alvarez, Phil Foden; Erling Haaland.
EVERTON SUBS: Michael Keane, Neal Maupay, Demarai Gray, Ellis Simms, Andy Lonergan, Asmir Begovic, Amadou Onana, Reece Welch, Conor Coady.
EVERTON STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Jordan Pickford; Nathan Patterson, Yerry Mina, James Tarkowski, Mason Holgate; James Garner, Idrissa Gueye; Alex Iwobi, Abdoulaye Doucoure, Dwight McNeil; Dominic Calvert-Lewin.
City are getting closer to retaining their Premier League title and can move four points clear of Arsenal with a win here, with the Gunners not playing until later today. The Citizens are proving unstoppable in the league at the moment, winning their last 10 on the bounce, and are unbeaten in their last 21 outings in all competitions (W17 D4). They come into today on the back of a 1-1 draw with Real Madrid in their Champions League semi-final first leg. As for Everton, they pulled off an incredible 5-1 shock win over Brighton and Hove Albion on Monday, ending a run of seven without a victory (D4 L3) and getting their first away win under Sean Dyche as they moved out of the relegation zone.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Everton and Manchester City at Goodison Park!