GOAL's World-Class Club: Alex Morgan, Alexia Putellas and the 25 exclusive members of the women's football's elite

World-Class Club Women's 2023 GFXGOAL

World-class... It's an invisible but important tag, one that separates the good from the great. But it's such a subjective term. Every football fan has their own definition, their own set of criterion, leading to endless but thoroughly enjoyable debates in stadiums, dressing rooms, cafes, bars, pubs and clubs all across the world.

So, we at GOAL have decided to get in on the fun by compiling a list of the 25 players that we believe represent the game's elite, the best of the best, the women that have been producing stellar performances over a sustained period of time.

In order to avoid focusing solely on attackers - which, let's face it, nearly always happens when it comes to individual awards and accolades - we've decided that there must be at least three players from each position group (goalkeeper, defence, midfield and attack), but a maximum of nine from each.

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We'll also be updating membership on an annual basis to take the preceding year's performances into account, meaning players will come and go from this most exclusive of footballing clubs.

But who makes this year's women's list? Who are the 25 members of the inaugural World-Class Club? Find out below, and be sure to express your approval - or outrage - in the comments...