Explained: Five ‘favours’ Barcelona are accused of receiving in Negreira scandal

Barcelona Laporta Enrique Negreira GFX
Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira was reportedly asked to carry out five separate tasks in return for Barcelona's regular payments.

With the so-called Negreira case ongoing, further allegations have been brought before Barcelona. Although a report concluded that there was no link between the club's over €7.3 million payments and on-field refereeing decisions, the club are not out of the woods yet.

Indeed, as Marca reported, the sum that Barcelona paid is well beyond that of the fee likely required to obtain referee scouting reports — which Barcelona insist was the only basis of their deal.

The state-appointed prosecutor's official document highlighted some of the favours Barcelona could have received as part of their confidential verbal agreement with refereeing official Enriquez Negreira. However, there are five things that Negreira conceded he did in return for Barcelona's money.

  1. Rigging of competition committee judges

    The club requested that certain judges were picked for Spain's "competition committee." The board dictates punishment for player sanctions, and can have an influence in adjusting fixture times.

    Negreira pointed out that the Blaugrana could, for example, request that fewer "Madridistas" are on the board, thus giving the club more favourable decisions at the administrative level.

  2. Setting up a negotiator with the Spanish football federation

    The club reportedly asked Negreira to set up a club representative to the Spanish football federation to assist the relationship between the two parties.

    Such an individual would also keep the club in the loop about any potential disagreements at the administrative level.

  3. Advanced warning RFEF or CTA visit

    Negreira was asked to notify the club whenever a representative from the football federation or refereeing committee was to be set up.

    This would Barcelona a theoretical advantage in maintaining a good relationship with the league and its referees.

  4. Behind the scenes knowledge of the Spanish FA

    Negreira also accepted payment in return for informing the club of any disagreements between the Spanish football federation and La Liga.

    He was also asked to leak who the candidates for La Liga president might be.

  5. Recommendations about appealing yellow and red cards

    The club asked Negreira to use his influence as part of the technical committee of referees to make specific recommendations as to whether bookings or sendings off could be appealed following a contest.

    Most incidents are handled on a case-by-case basis, with the refereeing committee handed the ability to decide whether an on-field decision can be appealed after.