WATCH: Lionel Messi makes acting debut in Los Protectores TV series - with co-stars left 'really surprised' by his performance

  • Messi makes acting debut
  • Appeared on Argentine TV show
  • 36-year-old to join Inter Miami next month

WHAT HAPPENED? Argentine World Cup winner Messi was invited to give a cameo performance on the popular Argentinian TV show, Los Protectores. The hit series, which is aired on Star+, focuses on three football agents who come together to save their careers and avoid bankruptcy. And on Sunday night, the 36-year-old appeared in the first episode of season two, where the agents visit Messi in Paris and pitch him a venture supporting youth players.

WHAT THEY POSTED: Initially, Messi, who will join Inter Miami in July when his contract at Paris Saint-Germain expires on June 30, is interested but the guests then begin to harass him with requests for photos. One agent then proposes another business plan but the former Barcelona star is having none of it.

He says: "It seems to me that you are misplaced. They did not tell me this. They said that they were going to tell me about a different project."

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WHAT THEY SAID: Andrés Parra, who plays one of the agents in Los Protectores, praised Messi for his performance in the episode. As reported by Sport Bible, Parra said: “It has really surprised us all, not only his human quality, but also his acting."

WHAT NEXT? Messi will link up with Inter Miami next month before possibly playing his first game for the club against Mexican side Cruz Azul on July 21.