WATCH: What is JiDion doing?! YouTuber tries to pick up ball during 2023 Sidemen Charity Match as calamitous error gifts Behzinga opening goal

GFX Info Youtube charity matchGOAL
  • Sidemen FC went ahead
  • JiDion attemted to pick up ball
  • Behzinga raced through to score

WHAT HAPPENED? As Sidemen FC attacked, the ball came rolling towards JiDion, who bent down and appeared to be trying to pick up the ball. Behzinga raced through and stole the ball, going on to fire in the opening goal.

THE BIGGER PICTURE: The charity match sees Sidemen FC take on YouTube All-Stars at a sold-out London Stadium. The Sidemen FC team includes players such as Behzinga, KSI, Lazarbeam and JME while the All-Stars consists of stars like IShowSpeed, Mr Beast and JiDion.

WHAT NEXT? The YouTube All-Stars will hope to get back into the game despite JiDion's error.