Rangers chants: Lyrics & videos to the most popular Ibrox songs

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Rangers fans Ibrox
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The Gers are one of the biggest clubs in Scotland and they have one of the most fervent followings in United Kingdom

Rangers are the most succesful club in Scottish football and they have a fan-base to match, with thousands attending games home and away.

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Having won a record 55 league titles, Gers supporters have had plenty to sing about over the years, so it is no surprise that they have established a unique array of chants and songs.

Possessing a strong sense of identity and relishing their rich history, fans of the Glasgow club are always in full voice, belting out ditties at whatever stadium they occupy.

So, if you're planing a trip Ibrox any time soon, you can brush up with the list below - but be warned: some of the clips contain strong language.

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  1. Follow, Follow
  2. We are the People
  3. Blue Sea of Ibrox
  4. The Bouncy
  5. Penny Arcade
  6. Simply the Best
  7. Blue and White Army
  8. Derry's Walls

Follow, Follow

Though the straits be broad or narrow,

Follow we will, follow we will, follow we will,

If the straits be broad or narrow, follow we will,

We will follow in the footsteps of our team.

Follow follow,

We will follow Rangers,

Everywhere, anywhere,

We will follow on.

Dundee, Hamilton,

Aberdeen and back again

If they go to Dublin

We will follow on.

We Are The People

We are the people!

We are the people!

We are the people!

Blue Sea of Ibrox

It's the blue blue blue sea of Ibrox (sea of Ibrox),

It's the greatest sight that I have ever seen (ever seen),

It's the blue blue blue sea of Ibrox (sea of Ibrox),

And it's part of every Rangers player's dream.

The Bouncy

Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy,

Na, na, na, na, na, na.
[Ad infinitum]

Penny Arcade

A light shown in the night some way ahead,

Blue turned into green then it was red

And stirring the night love music played the light

I saw in the night was a penny arcade

Hey step up and play each machine seemed to say,

As I walked round and round the penny arcade

Just ring the bell on the big bagatelle

And you'll make all those colored lights cascade

And music played at the penny arcade,

Yes it played and it played,

Played all the time

Roll up and spend your last dime.

Simply The Best

You're simply the best,

Better than all the rest,

Better than anyone,

Anyone I've ever met.

Blue And White Army

Mick Beale's*
Blue and White army!

Mick Beale's

Blue and White army!

[Note: current manager's name is used.]

Derry's Walls

Altogether now!

The cry was no surrender,

Surrender or you'll die (die! die!),

With heart and hand and sword and shield

We'll guard old Derry's walls.

When James and all his rebel scum

Came up to Bishop's Gate,

With heart and hand and sword and shield

We'll guard old Derry's walls.