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Ukraine-Russia crisis

Devastating images show how football stadium in Ukraine has been destroyed as FC Desna condemns Russian bombings

17:19 GMT+3 12/03/2022
FC Desna Chernihiv Ukraine
The Ukrainian Premier League side released a statement confirming the destruction of the stadium following airstrikes from Russia

A Ukrainian football stadium in the city of Chernihiv has been demolished by a Russian airstrike.

The stadium of Ukrainian side Desna Chernihiv, along with the city's library, were struck this week.

Footage circulating on Telegram showed debris scattered around the city's Olympic sports training center.

What's happened?

The Ukrainian side confirmed that the stadium had been hit in a statement.

The statement read: "For the third time, the Muscovite occupiers fired on the most dangerous military infrastructure facility in the city - the stadium of our home team. In the photo - the consequences of the night bombing."

It added: "But we will be able to rebuild all this, we will only become stronger and better, and you, 'neighbors,' will live with it all your life."

Brave youth coach vows to defend Ukraine

One of the team's coaches has decided to stand up and fight against the Russian invasion.

Under 19s coach Alexander Sergeevich has become a hero for the town since taking up arms against Russia.

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