Barcelona boss Xavi apologises for Dani Alves comments following Brazilian’s arrest on suspicion of sexual assault

Xavi Hernandez
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Barcelona coach Xavi has apologised for his comments on Dani Alves following the Brazilian’s arrest on suspicion of sexual assault.

Following the news that his former team-mate had been taken into custody after allegedly assaulting a woman in a Catalan nightclub on December 30, Xavi said he was “in a state of shock” and claimed to “feel very bad for Dani”. The World Cup winner has now acknowledged that the timing and wording of his statement was ill-judged, with the ex-Spain international speaking out in support of those that are subjected to acts of “gender-based violence”.

Xavi told reporters a day after his previous comments on the subject of Alves: “I would like to clarify something I said yesterday. I think what I meant was misunderstood. I was not forceful enough with my words.

“It is quite a lurid and important subject. I left out the victims and I think all these acts should be condemned. Whether Dani or anyone else does them. I was unfortunate and I apologise to the victim and to the victims of these acts of gender-based violence and this type of rape.

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“Having said that, I am sorry that Dani was able to do this kind of act. I am shocked. All my support to the victim. Yesterday I was not right in my words, there was a lot of criticism and I understand that.

“I feel bad, I really do. I have not had a good day. I know my voice is very important, I am now part of, for me, the biggest club in history and I feel bad about this misunderstanding. Maybe I wasn’t too forceful with my words. I am truly sorry.”

Alves, who has taken in two spells at Barcelona and is now without a club after seeing his contract terminated at Mexican side Pumas, was arrested and taken to court in Barcelona on Friday, with a judge ruling that he should be provisionally jailed without bail. The 39-year-old denies all of the allegations made against him.