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R. Lukaku
H. Ziyech
0 - 3
C. Pulisic
M. Mount
0 - 2
K. Phillips
Yellow Card
D. James
Red Card
M. Mount
R. James
0 - 1

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32% 67%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 0 4
Total Passes 379 817
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Leeds stay in the relegation zone with that defeat, still level on points with Burnley, though they've now played one game more than the Clarets. They've got two big games left, starting with Brighton and Hove Albion on Sunday. Chelsea take another step toward qualifying for Champions League football next season. Their attention turns to the FA Cup final against Liverpool on Saturday now though.
Chelsea cruise to a 3-0 victory over 10-man Leeds United. With just four minutes on the clock, Mount curled a lovely first-time effort into the top corner. Things only got worse for Leeds as Dan James received a straight red card for a rash tackle on Kovacic 20 minutes later. Chelsea upped the pressure after the break, with Pulisic drilling a low shot into the bottom corner to double the lead. Lukaku then sealed the points late on after keeping his cool to fire past Meslier.
90' + 1' Into three added minutes here, and Leeds are looking for a late consolation. Rodrigo swings a good cross in from the right, but there are no white shirts in there and Chelsea easily clear their lines.
89' Struijk's free-kick is cleared, but it bounces off Phillips' chest when he tries to recycle it and Loftus-Cheek breaks on the counter. Alonso's cross is put out for a corner, which is taken short to Mount, but he drills his low shot across goal wide.
87' Ziyech cuts inside from the right and decides to have a go himself when the space opens up for him. His whipped shot is curling towards goal, but not enough, and it flies wide.
85' CHANCE! A rare quick break from Leeds sees Gelhardt swing a good cross into the middle. Koch makes a late run between Christensen and Azpilicueta, but he gets caught under the ball and his header loops high over the bar.
H. Ziyech
83' None of the Leeds defenders spotted Ziyech's run down the right of the box and he managed to pick out a low cross to Lukaku.
R. Lukaku
83' LUKAKU SCORES! For a moment there, it didn't look like he'd manage it, but he finally found the back of the net! Llorente lost the ball and Loftus-Cheek finds Ziyech. He squares it to Lukaku, who keeps hold of it as Struijk slides in. Three Leeds defenders are clipping at his heels, but he keeps his cool and lifts his shot over Meslier. 3-0 Chelsea!
82' 12 of Pulisic's 19 Premier League goals have been scored away from home (63 per cent).
80' BLOCK! Chelsea work it from right to left, with Alonso fizzing a good cross in from that side. Lukaku meets it first time, but Llorente throws himself in front of it to make the block.
J. Gelhardt
78' Raphinha did go back out onto the pitch after receiving treatment, but he went to the sidelines to ask Marsch to come off. He does so, with Gelhardt on for him.
H. Ziyech
C. Pulisic
78' Pulisic is also taken off, with Ziyech replacing him.
R. James
78' Chelsea are making a double change here. James is the first to go off, with Azpilicueta on in his place.
76' The injury problems look to be mounting up for Leeds here as Raphinha goes down. It looks like a muscle problem and the medical team is seeing to him. Cooper has also gone to the sidelines as his nose is bleeding, but the defender will be able to carry on.
74' Leeds win a free-kick down their left, but it's wasted by Raphinha. His cross is too short and Lukaku clears it as the first man, allowing Chelsea to break on the counter.
72' It's Phillips that loses out in midfield this time, with Loftus-Cheek spinning before sliding it through for Lukaku. He can't get it out of his feet quick enough though, and Llorente slides in to dispossess him.
70' CHANCE! Firpo gets away from James down the left and swings a good cross into the box. Raphinha gets ahead of his man, but catches it all wrong and his header loops over the bar.
69' Raphinha tries to break on the counter again, but three Chelsea defenders quickly close him down. He only has Klich up in support, but he can't pick him out through the crowd.
67' Every Chelsea pass is being greeted by a cheer from the away fans at the moment as Mount plays a one-two with James to get into space. He's off-balance when he takes the shot and he curls his shot high and wide of the top corner.
65' CLOSE! James lifts it over the top to Lukaku, who just spins away from Cooper to get to the edge of the D. He decides to have a go himself, but ends up dragging his shot wide of the near post.
64' Struijk goes long when he spots Raphinha making a driving run down the left, but Mendy comes off his line to collect it. The Brazilian does get a shove off James which has some fans asking for a penalty, but the referee waves it away.
62' Leeds are patiently trying to work it out from the back, but they're sloppy in possession when they get out of their own half. Koch makes a good run down the right, but gifts it to Alonso with a heavy first touch.
60' CHANCE! Rodrigo is running back to his own goal when Jorginho slides in to nick it off him. He lays it off to Pulisic, who tries to whip his shot into the near top corner, but he sends it flying wide.
M. Klich
L. Bate
59' Leeds are making their second change of the game now. Bate is going off, with Klich on to replace him.
57' Leeds just can't get a touch on the ball at the moment, and Chelsea aren't letting up any of the pressure. They're patiently trying to pass their way into the box again.
M. Mount
55' The ball from Lukaku is played slightly behind Mount, but he manages to help it onto Pulisic with a level backheel flick.
C. Pulisic
55' PULISIC SCORES! Once again, it comes from Chelsea's right as it's worked infield and Mount just flicks it to Pulisic on the edge of the D. He takes it around Cooper to open up the space before drilling a low shot past Meslier into the bottom corner. 2-0 Chelsea!
54' Chelsea are just starting to up the pressure again now as Mount clips a great ball into the six-yard box from the left. Lukaku sprints forward to get on the end of it, but Cooper is in the right place to block it.
52' Leeds attempt to catch Chelsea out with a quick counter again, with Raphinha pushing his way forward this time. He has Rodrigo, who is unmarked to his left, but he tries to go it alone and is crowded off the ball by Christensen and Rudiger.
50' Bate jinks away from James and it looks like he's knocked it past Chalobah, with acres of space to run into. The defender recovers well though and manages to stick out a leg to stop him.
48' Chelsea have picked up where they left off at the end of the first half. They're keeping Leeds penned back deep in their own half, as Mount darts forward down the right. He lifts it into the middle, but Lukaku can't keep his header down.
46' Leeds get us back underway for the second half!
Marsch was a frustrated figure on the touchline, which is understandable given the task ahead in the second half. His side have barely mustered a chance, which will need to change if they want anything out of this game. Chelsea have looked in control from the first whistle, and Tuchel will be hoping they can add to their lead after the break.
10-man Leeds go into half-time 1-0 down to Chelsea. It was not the start that Marsch would've wanted, as Mount curled a lovely first-time effort into the top corner just four minutes into the game. Things only got worse, after James was dismissed 24 minutes in for a rash sliding challenge on Kovacic, who then had to go off. Lukaku chipped a wonderful finish over Meslier into the bottom corner, but it was ruled out for offside, while the Belgian also glanced a header inches wide.
45' + 4' Loftus-Cheek squeezes a throughball into Lukaku, who touches it out to Alonso. He tries to return it to the Belgian as he chips the ball over Llorente, but Meslier rushes off his line to collect it.
45' + 2' Firpo goes for a big switch of play out to the right, and Alonso doesn't see Koch's bursting run down the wing behind him. The Spaniard recovers just in time to stop him from getting into the space.
45' Leeds are only the eighth side in Premier League history to see a player red-carded in the first half of back-to-back games, and the first since Hull City in September 2016.
K. Phillips
Yellow Card
43' Pulisic nicks the ball off Phillips, who quickly jumps back to his feet before sliding in on the American. It's a frustrated challenge that sees him go into the book.
42' GREAT SAVE! Lukaku touches it out to James on the right and he squares a dangerous ball into the six-yard box. Pulisic gets goalside of Dallas to tap it towards goal, but Meslier makes himself big to smother it. A belated flag goes up against James though, so it wouldn't have counted anyway.
41' The incident appears to have been resolved, so Chelsea get the game back underway with a drop ball.
38' The game has been brought to a temporary stop for the moment due to an incident in the crowd that has been brought to the referee's attention.
Junior Firpo
J. Harrison
37' Harrison's game is coming to an early end, as he comes off with the medical team. Firpo comes on to replace him.
36' There could be another problem for Leeds here with Harrison going down. It looks like he's got a muscle problem and Marsch is readying a substitute while the midfielder receives treatment.
34' CLOSE! James whips another great cross into the box and Lukaku glances it on, using the pace on the cross. Meslier is static on his line, but the header bounces milimetres wide of the far post.
33' Leeds just can't get a touch on the ball at the moment as Chelsea continue to push forward. Yet again, the Blues look to their right, but this time, Chalobah overhits the throughball to James, and Harrison steps in.
31' OFFSIDE! Mount plays a lovely looping ball over the top and Llorente misjudges the bounce, allowing Lukaku to latch onto it behind him. Meslier rushes off his line and Lukaku lifts a wonderful chip over him and into the far corner. The flag is up though and it won't count!
R. Loftus-Cheek
M. Kovačić
30' Kovacic is down again, and this time, it doesn't look like he'll be able to carry on. He leaves the field with the medical team, and Loftus-Cheek is being brought on to replace him.
28' BLOCK! James wins a free-kick down the right and swings a good ball in when he steps up to take the free-kick. It's glanced on by Cooper, but only as far as Mount. He drills a low shot on goal, but Koch is in the right place to make the block.
26' Kovacic is gingerly making his way to the side of the pitch after receiving treatment for the challenge from Dan James. He'll be okay to carry on for now.
D. James
Red Card
24' DAN JAMES IS SENT OFF! Leeds are down to 10 men for the second game in a row! It's a really poor challenge from James, who lunges into the challenge on Kovacic and catches him on his calf with his studs. It's right in front of the referee, who goes straight to his pocket to produce the red card. Things have gone from back to worse for the hosts here...
23' Leeds just can't keep hold of the ball at the moment as they try to break forward. Struijk does well to nick it off Reece James, but Harrison gifts it straight back to the wing-back with a loose touch.
21' Another attempted Leeds counter is cut out, this time by Rudiger. Chelsea patiently work it out from the back until Jorginho overhits a throughball into Lukaku, and Cooper steps in.
19' The resulting corner is only half-cleared by Chelsea, as it loops into the air and falls kindly for Bate. His first-time volley hits Raphinha and bounces back to Llorente, but he drags his effort wide of the near post.
18' Leeds win a free-kick down the right, and Harrison curls it into the box. It hits the first man, though Rudiger's header is nodded back into the danger zone by Dan James, and the hosts win a corner.
16' The space opens up in behind Chelsea and it looks like Dan James is away down the right. Rudiger steps across him just before he goes to ground, but he's waved back to his feet, much to Leeds' annoyance.
14' Mount has 20 Premier League goal involvements this season (11 goals, nine assists). He's one of only three English players to reach that total, after Harry Kane (21) and Jarrod Bowen (20).
12' Kovacic wins it back in midfield again, and Chelsea quickly break on another counter. It's switched out to Reece James on the right again, and he clips a cross to the near post. Pulisic flicks it on, but his header loops into Meslier's gloves.
10' BLOCK! Instead of letting Meslier collect Alonso's cross, Koch hooks it away, gifting it straight back to the wing-back. He slides in Pulisic, who pulls it back to Mount. He hits the shot first time, but Koch makes up for his mistake with an important block.
8' After struggling to get on the ball in the opening exchanges, Leeds are enjoying a good spell of possession. It's all in front of Chelsea though, and they can't get out of their own half.
6' Again, Chelsea look to their right, and Leeds just can't cope with them at the moment. Mount fizzes a dangerous low cross into the six-yard box, which is just out of Lukaku's reach on the stretch. He was offside though, so it wouldn't have counted anyway.
R. James
4' Reece James runs at Struijk before cutting inside, which catches out the Leeds defender. He quickly gets his head up before teeing up Mount for the goal.
M. Mount
4' MOUNT SCORES! Chelsea work it well from left to right and Reece James has acres of space down the right. He wrongfoots Struijk before laying it off to Mount, and he hits the shot first time. He wraps his foot around it, curling it past Meslier and into the top right corner. That is not the start Leeds wanted! 1-0 Chelsea!
2' Chelsea have made a bright start to the game, with Mount pushing forward down the right. He pulls it back to Kovacic on the edge of the box, and he takes it around Struijk before Cooper stops him in his tracks.
1' Lukaku gets the game underway for Chelsea!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Leeds have only lost one of their last 41 home league matches in the month of May (W25 D15), a 3-1 defeat to Tottenham back in May 1996. They're unbeaten in their last 19 at Elland road in such games since (W12 D7).
Thomas Tuchel also makes four changes to his team after the draw with Wolves last time out, bringing in Chalobah, Christensen, Jorginho and Mount. Silva, Azpilicueta, Loftus-Cheek and Werner all start on the bench.
Jesse Marsch makes four changes to the side that lost to Arsenal at the weekend. They're boosted by the return of Cooper from injury, with Struijk, Bate and Rodrigo also coming into the team. Luke Ayling's sending off in that game means that he'll miss the rest of the season through suspension. Firpo, Gelhardt and Klich all drop to the bench.
CHELSEA SUBS: Hakim Ziyech, Timo Werner, Ross Barkley, Kai Havertz, Ruben Loftus-Cheek, Cesar Azpilicueta, Malang Sarr, Kepa Arrizabalaga, Thiago Silva.
CHELSEA STARTING XI (3-4-2-1): Edouard Mendy; Trevoh Chalobah, Andreas Christensen, Antonio Rudiger; Reece James, Jorginho, Mateo Kovacic, Marcos Alonso; Mason Mount, Christian Pulisic; Romelu Lukaku.
LEEDS UNITED SUBS: Junior Firpo, Kristoffer Klaesson, Mateusz Klich, Sam Greenwood, Joe Gelhardt, Charlie Cresswell, Leo Fuhr Hjelde, Jamie Shackleton, Archie Gray.
LEEDS UNITED STARTING XI (5-4-1): Illan Meslier; Diego Llorente, Robin Koch, Liam Cooper, Pascal Struijk, Jack Harrison; Raphinha, Lewis Bate, Kalvin Phillips, Daniel James; Rodrigo.
Leeds' loss to Arsenal at the weekend, coupled with Everton's win over Leicester City, means that today's hosts start the day in the relegation zone. If they avoid defeat here, they'll move back out at the expense of Burnley though. They've lost their last two on the bounce on the back of a five-match unbeaten run in the competition. As for Chelsea, they now have Arsenal breathing down their necks after Wolves snatched a last-minute draw on Saturday. The Blues have won just one of their last five (D2 L2), and are winless in their last three outings.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Leeds United and Chelsea at Elland Road!