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Key Events

N. Aguerd
4 - 3
E. Eze
Penalty Goal
4 - 2
M. Antonio
T. Souček
3 - 2
J. Schlupp
3 - 1
W. Zaha
2 - 1

Match Stats

59% 40%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 6 4
Total Passes 498 334
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That win lifts Palace up to 11th place, now on 40 points, and although they're not mathematically safe, that should be enough to keep them up. They travel to Tottenham next weekend. As for West Ham, they stay in 15th, five points above the drop zone. They play their game in hand against Manchester City in midweek.
Palace see out a 4-3 win over West Ham. It was the visitors that took the lead in the ninth minute, with Soucek firing in from a corner, but three goals from Ayew, Zaha and Schlupp turned things on their head. Antonio did pull one back from another corner just before the break. Palace were the dominant side throughout and got their fourth from the spot after Eze slotted it in after winning the penalty. Aguerd glanced in another corner for West Ham, but they couldn't find an all-important equaliser.
90' + 7' Rice hooks it forward once more, but Palace clear their lines and Schlupp carries it far upfield to take the pressure off his team. West Ham are running out of time to get an equaliser.
L. Milivojević
C. Doucouré
90' + 5' Palace are trying to run the clock down a little more with their second change. It's Doucoure that's going off, with Miliveojvic replacing him.
90' + 3' Benrahma's heavy touch gets away from him and slows the pace of West Ham's latest attack. The visitors win another corner, but this one is played over Soucek at the near post and Doucoure clears his lines.
90' + 1' Into six minutes of stoppage time here, and West Ham are on the back foot once more. Eze and Olise link up well down the right side, but they're in no hurry to put it in the box at the moment.
M. Cornet
M. Antonio
89' Final roll of the dice for West Ham now. It's Antonio that's going off, with Cornet on for him.
88' Andersen's big switch is cut out by Coufal, but he heads it straight to Schlupp. He tries to drive into the box, only to find his path blocked by Ogbonna.
86' Palace win a corner and it's a better delivery from Olise this time. He sends it to the far post where Andersen directs a header on goal, but it's straight against Rice in front of him.
O. Édouard
W. Zaha
84' Palace are making their first change now and it's Zaha that's going off for Edouard.
82' Rice hooks it long upfield from a corner and Ward knocks it to his keeper but doesn't get a lot on it. Benrahma is chasing it down, but Mitchell does well to get back and shield it to Johnstone.
80' Three of the last five instances of a team scoring three goals from corners in a single Premier League game have come against Palace.
78' Ayew is down in need of treatment on his ankle after being caught by Ings. He's back to his feet quickly though, and he'll be able to carry on.
76' Coufal puts another long throw-in into the box an Ogbonna flicks it on. West Ham have bodies in the box, but the defender can't pick one out, and Andersen clears his lines this time.
74' West Ham are patiently playing out from the back again until Cresswell goes the big switch out to Bowen. He nods it down for Ings, but he can't in front of Guehi, who hooks it away.
N. Aguerd
72' AGUERD PULLS ANOTHER ONE BACK! Yet again, it's a corner that catches Palace out! It's not the best delivery from Bowen, but Soucek stoops to help it onto the far post. It loops up and Aguerd gets above his defender to glance it into the net. VAR has a quick check for a possible handball but sees nothing, and it's 4-3!
71' Rice goes for a more direct route this time as he lifts it over the top towards Ings. He's judged to foul Mitchell as he goes up for the aerial challenge and another West Ham attack fizzles out.
D. Ings
Lucas Paquetá
69' Fourth change for West Ham now. Ings is on to partner Antonio up top as he replaces Paqueta.
68' West Ham are keeping possession well, but it's all in their own half. Palace are happy to sit back and let them have it before pressing them quickly when they do advance forward.
E. Eze
Penalty Goal
66' EZE SCORES! Cool as you like! He stutters his run-up to the spot and hesitates just in front of the ball. Fabianski doesn't make an early move but ends up going the wrong way anyway as Eze nestles it into the bottom left corner. 4-2 Palace!
65' VAR is having a long look at all the differents angles of Aguerd's foul here and they can't see anything to overturn Craig Pawson's onfield decision. The penalty stands, much to West Ham's frustration.
63' PENALTY TO PALACE! It's fizzed into Eze's feet on the edge of the box and his first touch just knocks it past Aguerd. The defender sticks out an arm which sends him down and the referee points to the spot after a moment's thought.
62' West Ham are still struggling to get upfield when they do win possession back. Benrahma has space to run into down the left but tries to cut inside instead, only to run straight into Ward.
60' It's another poor delivery from Olise on a corner, but it's worked back out to him by Ward. He clips his second attempt into the six-yard box, but Soucek gets in front of Ayew to clear it.
V. Coufal
Yellow Card
58' Zaha wrongfoots Coufal with a stepover, and the right-back sticks out a leg to stop him from getting past. He's shown a yellow card.
56' West Ham found themselves behind at half-time in a Premier League away game having scored the first goal for the first time since November 2009 against Hull City (3-2 down at the break, finished 3-3).
54' GREAT SAVE! Ayew gets the better of Aguerd as he spins away from it and tees up Olise just outside the box. He takes it around Cresswell before curling a shot towards the far top corner, and Fabianski stretches to tip it over.
52' Olise tries to shake off Cresswell with some clever footwork and gets a yard on him to swing in a cross. It's a poor one though, and it sails over everyone and harmlessly out of play.
50' West Ham break quickly on the counter, but their passing is still letting them down when they get into Palace's half. Bowen tries to slide it forward for Antonio, but it's behind him.
48' Olise's free-kick from the right is only half-cleared by West Ham, and the hosts work it out to Zaha on the left. He pulls it back to Schlupp inside the D, but he's off-balance as he strikes it, and it's a comfortable save for Fabianski.
46' West Ham get us back underway for the second half!
S. Benrahma
Pablo Fornals
46' And Benrahma is also brought on in place of Fornals.
A. Cresswell
46' There's a double change for West Ham at the break. Emerson is the first to go off, with Cresswell on in his place.
Palace were the better side, but Hodgson will still be looking for improvements in their defending, especially from corners. They look a real threat every time they go forward though. Moyes' frustration with his own side's defensive work was clear to see and he'll be urging for much more from them after the break.
It was a brilliant first half of football, which sees Palace leading West Ham 3-2 at the break. It was the visitors that took the lead with the first shot of the game as Soucek fired in from a corner after Olise's poor clearance. Palace quickly turned it around though, with Ayew equalising just five minutes before Zaha fired them ahead. Schlupp added a third, pouncing on a mistake from Soucek, but Antonio pulled one back not long after when he thumped in a header.
45' + 5' There are big shouts for a penalty from the Palace players and fans alike this time as Zaha goes down under pressure from Coufal. It's clumsy at best as the players get in a tangle, and the referee says no.
45' + 3' BLOCK! Olise's free-kick pinballs around in the box and falls to Schlupp, who lets it bounce before hitting the half-volley. It's blocked by Aguerd in the middle, and Andersen can't control it on the rebound.
45' + 2' Emerson slid in on Olise and though he got the ball, a free-kick goes against him for the follow-through. West Ham aren't happy with the decision, but their arguments won't change the referee's mind.
45' Palace win a free-kick just inside their own half, but it doesn't stop Guehi from trying to look for Olise's run between the defenders. He just gets too much on it though, and Fabianski comfortably collects.
43' Another sloppy pass from the visitors sees them lose possession on the halfway line, and Doucoure spins before spreading it out to Zaha again. He drives past Coufal before pulling it back from the byline, but Ogbonna just gets in front of Ayew.
41' Palace switch it neatly from right to left once more, with Zaha picking out Mitchell's overlapping run. He has two in the middle to aim for, but his low cross is cut out by Coufal on the near side.
39' Ayew has now reached 50 direct goal involvements in the Premier League (33 goals and 17 assists); he has four goal involvements in his last six games, one more than in his previous 33 combined.
37' There are half-hearted shouts for a penalty from the Palace fans behind the goal as Eze goes down under pressure from Ogbonna. There isn't a lot in it though and the referee points for a goal-kick.
T. Souček
35' Soucek now has an assist to add to his goal after he rose highest to get the all-important flick-on.
M. Antonio
35' ANTONIO PULLS ONE BACK! Palace are caught out from another corner as it's whipped into the near post this time. It's flicked on by Soucek at the front of the crowd and Antonio peeled off the back of Doucoure to thump in a header from close range. 3-2!
34' GOOD CHANCE! Zaha fizzes another good cross into the box and it falls to Schlupp in the middle. He lifts it towards the near top corner, but it's just too high as it sails over the bar.
32' West Ham just can't keep hold of the ball when they do get into Palace's half, and their frustration is starting to show. They're chasing the hosts around the field, but can't get close to them.
J. Schlupp
30' SCHLUPP SCORES! It's a moment to forget for Soucek! Aguerd touches it into him and a loose first touch gets away from him. Schlupp, who followed him all the way, gets in front of him to pounce on the loose ball and, one-on-one with Fabianski, keeps his cool as he sends it through his legs and into the net. 3-1 Palace!
28' CLOSE! Another corner is played short by Palace and Zaha lifts a cross into the far post from the left. Guehi rises highest to meet it, and his header has beaten Fabianski, but it lands on the roof of the net.
26' Antonio wins it back high upfield and knocks it down for Bowen. He can't pick out a cross so helps it out to Coufal, who clips it into the near post. Antonio sends his header flying high over the bar.
T. Souček
Yellow Card
24' Soucek is stretching as he slides in on Eze, and he catches the player from behind. He's protesting his innocence, but it won't stop him from getting a yellow card.
22' Eze's clearance goes straight to Aguerd, and between him and Rice, they manage to get it back upfield. Antonio cushions a header down for Soucek on the edge of the D, but he snatches at the shot and it's a comfortable save for Johnstone.
W. Zaha
20' ZAHA SCORES! And Palace have already flipped this game on its head! It's another well-worked move from the hosts as it's played long over the top to Olise. He plays a one-two with Ayew before fizzing a dangerous low cross into the six-yard box. Ayew misses his flick at the near post, but Zaha is on the far side to fire it in. 2-1 Palace!
A. Ogbonna
K. Zouma
19' It took two attempts for Zouma to get back to his feet after treatment, and he has to be helped off the pitch by the medical team. Ogbonna comes on in his place.
17' Zouma was caught by Ayew's studs when he scored the goal, and he's down holding his ankle. It was an accidental collision, but it looks like it's going to be the end of his game.
J. Ayew
Yellow Card
15' Ayew took his shirt off in celebration after the goal, so he's shown the first yellow card of the game.
M. Olise
15' Olise has a very quick glance up to spot Ayew peeling off the back of Zouma and lays a perfectly-weighted pass into the box for him.
J. Ayew
15' AYEW EQUALISES! West Ham are cut open, first from Doucoure's throughball into Olise, who then picks out Ayew's run through the middle. Zouma is racing across to him, but can't get there in time to stop from hitting his low shot past Fabianski at the near post. 1-1!
13' Palace win a free-kick on the right, but Eze's delivery is cleared by the first man. They manage to win it back quickly with Zaha recycling it from the left, but his cross is over everyone in the box.
11' Palace are looking to regain the control they had in the opening minutes and Schlupp spots Zaha with space to run into down the left. He gets too much on the pass though, and the forward can't keep it in play.
T. Souček
9' SOUCEK SCORES! West Ham's first corner was cleared out for a second, and they make this one count! Bowen's delivery into the near post is poorly dealt with by Olise as he nods it into the ground and straight to an unmarked Soucek. He fires his shot through the crowd and into the back of the net. 1-0 West Ham!
8' West Ham finally manage to get out of their own half, and Soucek plays it onto Antonio, who flicks it into Bowen's path with a lovely touch. He drives into the box, only to be nudged off it by Mitchell.
6' Palace look to their right this time and Olise drives down the wing. It looks like he's gotten the better of Emerson, but the left-back slides in to block the cross and give away a corner, which comes to nothing.
4' It's well worked down Palace's left again after Andersen switches it out to Zaha, and he squares it to Eze on the edge of the D. He spins before trying to tee up Olise, but he lets it run, not realising that nobody is behind him.
2' It's Palace with the early possession here and they're patiently trying to break down West Ham. Zaha manages to squeeze a throughball into the box for Schlupp, but he slips at the wrong moment.
1' Olise gets the game underway for Palace!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
There is a 15-minute delay to kick-off due to issues with fans trying to get into the stadium.
The team scoring first has won just one of the last 11 Premier League meetings between Palace and West Ham (D5 L5), with that win coming for the Hammers in this exact fixture last season.
David Moyes makes just two changes from their defeat to Liverpool on Wednesday, with Emerson and Fornals both being brought in, while Rice becomes the sixth Hammers player to make his 200th Premier League appearance. Cresswell and Benrahma start on the bench.
Hodgson makes four changes to the side that lost to Wolves last time out. Zaha returns from a groin injury to lead the line, with Ward, Doucoure and Schlupp also coming in. Andersen is also fit to retain his place after going off injured in that game. Richards, Lokonga, Milivojevic and Hughes all drop to the bench.
WEST HAM SUBS: Aaron Cresswell, Flynn Downes, Alphonse Areola, Danny Ings, Manuel Lanzini, Maxwel Cornet, Said Benrahma, Thilo Kehrer, Angelo Ogbonna.
WEST HAM STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Lukasz Fabianski; Vladimir Coufal, Kurt Zouma, Nayef Aguerd, Emerson; Tomas Soucek, Declan Rice; Jarrod Bowen, Lucas Paqueta, Pablo Fornals; Michail Antonio.
CRYSTAL PALACE SUBS: Vicente Guaita, Jairo Riedewald, Jean-Philippe Mateta, Chris Richards, Luka Milivojevic, Odsonne Edouard, Albert Sambi Lokonga, James Tomkins, Will Hughes.
CRYSTAL PALACE STARTING XI (4-3-3): Sam Johnstone; Joel Ward, Joachim Andersen, Marc Guehi, Tyrick Mitchell; Jeffrey Schlupp, Cheick Doucoure, Eberechi Eze; Michael Olise, Wilfried Zaha, Jordan Ayew.
Both sides are still trying to confirm their Premier League safety for next season but suffered defeats in midweek to set them back. Palace lost their first game since Roy Hodgson's return on Tuesday, going down 2-0 at Wolves. They were unbeaten in their last four before that, winning three and drawing one, and getting back to winning ways will take them up to 40 points. As for West Ham, their 2-1 defeat to Liverpool on Wednesday means they stay just five points clear of the drop zone, and it ended a five-match unbeaten run in all competitions (W3 D2).
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Crystal Palace and West Ham at Selhurst Park!