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90' + 5'
C. Gallagher
Yellow Card
N. Madueke
M. Kovačić
3 - 1
Gabriel Jesus
3 - 0
M. Ødegaard
G. Xhaka
2 - 0
M. Ødegaard
G. Xhaka
1 - 0

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54% 45%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 10 4
Total Passes 543 455
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Arsenal leapfrog Manchester City back into first place, though the Citizens do have two games in hand over them. Up next for them is a tricky trip to Newcastle United. Chelsea stay in 12th and their terrible run under Lampard continues, with that their sixth straight loss in all competitions. They travel to Bournemouth at the weekend.
Arsenal get back to winning ways with a 3-1 victory over Chelsea that takes them back to the top of the league. They were rampant in the first half, with a brace from Odegaard putting them in control. He fired his first in off the bottom of the crossbar before sweeping the next into the far side of the net. Jesus then punished Chelsea for not clearing their lines and rifled in the third. In the early part of the second half, Gabriel's header was cleared off the line and Kepa denied Xhaka and Saka before Madueke pulled one back for Chelsea.
C. Gallagher
Yellow Card
90' + 5' Gallagher's frustration gets the better of him as he clips White with a late tackle. He picks up a yellow card.
90' + 5' GOOD SAVE! Arsenal are looking to see this win out with a late goal as they push forward in numbers here. Xhaka gets it through the middle and tries his luck from the edge of the D, but Kepa gets down to tip it wide.
90' + 3' SAVE! This time it's Mudryk that hangs a long ball into the box and Havertz peels away from Kiwior to meet it. His first-time shot towards the near post is comfortably held by Ramsdale.
90' + 2' Chelsea are trying to push for another goal, but their final ball into the box is still letting them down. Silva attempts to go long for Havertz but sends it straight to Ramsdale's feet.
90' Chilwell is tripped by Partey as he cuts inside, and Chelsea have a free-kick on the left. It's poor from Mudryk though as he hits his cross straight into the wall.
88' Chelsea knock it down their right side and Ziyech tries to slide it through for Azpilicueta at the near post. The pass is too heavy, and Holding helps shield it out of play.
T. Chalobah
W. Fofana
86' Chelsea's final change sees Chalobah coming on for Fofana.
T. Partey
86' And Jorginho is also taken off, with Partey on in his place.
R. Holding
Gabriel Magalhães
85' Arsenal are making another double change now. Gabriel went down again and this time did receive treatment on his foot. They're taking no chances as he's replaced by Holding.
84' GOOD SAVE! Arsenal carve open Chelsea's left side with a series of clever one-touch passes, and Odegaard spins before bearing down on goal. He hits the shot from a tight angle, and Kepa gets behind it.
82' Gabriel is down for Arsenal and it looks like he has a problem with his foot. He gets back up without needing treatment, though he is moving gingerly.
M. Kovačić
Yellow Card
80' Kovacic slides in on Jesus, and goes through the player as he gets the ball. He's shown the first yellow card of the game.
H. Ziyech
N. Madueke
79' Fourth change for Chelsea now, and it's Ziyech that's coming on in place of the goalscorer, Madueke.
78' Gallagher is fouled and Chelsea win a free-kick on the left that Mudryk swings in. Kovacic flicks on a header from just inside the box, but can only win a corner.
76' Mudryk finds himself with space to drive into the down the left and bursts past White into the box. He unselfishly tries to pull it back for Havertz, but Kiwior sticks out a leg to vitally take it away from him.
R. Nelson
B. Saka
74' And Nelson is brought on for Saka.
K. Tierney
O. Zinchenko
73' Arsenal are making a double change of their own now. Zinchenko is taken off for Tierney.
C. Gallagher
R. Sterling
71' And Sterling is also making way for Gallagher.
M. Mudryk
E. Fernández
71' There's a double change for Chelsea here as they look to pull another goal back. Fernandez is the first to go off, with Mudryk replacing him.
69' Arsenal are back to dominating possession here, with Chelsea making a half-hearted attempt to press them. The hosts switch it from right to left, but can't find a way through at the moment.
67' Arsenal go for the more direct route this time, with Ramsdale's kick getting flicked on by Odegaard. Saka darts in behind again, but Silva tracks him this time to block the cross.
M. Kovačić
65' It's a lovely pass from Kovacic over the top to spot Madueke peeling away from Zinchenko.
N. Madueke
65' MADUEKE PULLS ONE BACK! He's been Chelsea's best player today, and he's pulled one back for the Blues! Kovacic isn't closed down in midfield and he spreads it out to Madueke on the right. Zinchenko doesn't pick up his run. and the youngster takes the shot quickly, lifting it over Ramsdale as he clatters into Gabriel. 3-1!
63' CHANCE! Saka slips as he goes to strike it, and Chelsea break quickly. Kante drives from the edge of one box to the other before seeing his pass blocked. Madueke keeps it alive, taking it around Ramsdale, but there's nobody at the far post for Chelsea.
61' Zinchenko sloppily gifts the ball to Kante, and Chelsea have a chance to get it into the box. Chilwell helps it out to Sterling on the right and he curls a deep cross in, but the Ukrainian recovers to clear it away from Havertz at the far post.
Gabriel Martinelli
L. Trossard
59' Arsenal are making their first change now, and it's Trossard that's being replaced by Martinelli.
57' GOOD CHANCE! Again, it's worked down Arsenal's right, and Saka loses Chilwell to get into space on the edge of the box. His shot is always swerving wide of the near post though.
56' GOOD SAVE! Arsenal are running circles around Chelsea here, and the visitors just can't get close. It's swept out to Odegaard on the right, who slots it through for Saka, but Kepa keeps out his shot from a tight angle with his leg.
55' Odegaard has scored 14 goals in the league this season for Arsenal; the only central midfielder to score more goals in a single Premier League season for the Gunners is Cesc Fabregas in 2009-10 (15).
53' GREAT CHANCE! Another corner is swung in from Trossard and Gabriel gets a flick-on in the middle. Jesus is completely unmarked at the far post and runs onto it, but volleys his first time shot high and wide.
52' GOOD SAVE! Arsenal are looking to up the pressure again here as it's swiftly worked down the right before Saka squares it to Xhaka in the D. He takes it around Fofana before drilling a low shot on goal, but Kepa just manages to tip it wide.
51' OFF THE LINE! Trossard swings the resulting corner into the crowded six-yard box and Kepa misses it before it comes off Gabriel's shoulder. It's straight at Silva on the line, and he controls it off his thigh before hooking it to safety.
50' Azpilicueta has struggled so far in this game, and this time, he loses Jesus as he darts to the byline. The Spaniard manages to get back, but only to trip him and give away a free-kick, which is put straight out for a corner.
48' It's a better start to the second half from Chelsea as Madueke carries it down the right. He checks back to lose Zinchenko, but the final ball lets him down again as he curls it straight out of play.
46' Arsenal get us back underway for the second half!
K. Havertz
P. Aubameyang
46' Chelsea are making a change at the break. Aubameyang, who struggled to have an impact against his former club, goes off for Havertz.
Arteta will be pleased with how his side have bounced back from their recent run of poor results and he'll be hoping they can continue their dominance in the second half to really make a statement. As for Chelsea, it was a terrible first half for them, with only one good chance created. They looked out of ideas, and it could be a long second 45 minutes for Lampard's men.
Arsenal are cruising at the break as they lead Chelsea 3-0. The hosts dominated the first half, with Odegaard getting the first two goals with assists from Xhaka. Both crosses came from the left wing and the Arsenal captain sent the first in off the underside of the bar and helped the second into the far post. Jesus took advantage of some poor defending not long after, firing in the rebound of Xhaka's blocked shot.
45' + 2' Kovacic lifts it over the top to Madueke, and he just cushions it into Sterling on the right of the box. His first touch is slightly heavy, and it gives Zinchenko the chance to get back and stop him from getting a shot away.
45' + 1' Sterling wins a free-kick to ease some of the pressure on Chelsea, but they still can't move it out of their own half. The defenders are seeing a lot of the ball, but can't pick out the forward players.
44' Madueke dispossesses Jorginho in midfield and drives forward before trying to play Aubameyang in. There's too much pace on the pass though, and the forward's first touch bounces harmlessly out of play.
42' As Jesus tried to hold Fofana earlier, he accidentally caught him in the face. The defender got back to his feet without needing treatment, but he's now down again, and the medical team are on. He's okay to continue.
40' It's better from Chelsea, who manage to win it back high upfield and Sterling looks to slide it through to Aubameyang on the left of the box. He gets it wrong though and White hooks it away.
38' Fernandez gets his head up and spots Aubameyang peeling off the back of Kiwior. He tries to lift it over the top to him, but the defender gets in front of him to clear his lines.
36' Chelsea are all over the place and they're struggling to get close to Arsenal. The hosts are in full control here and they're passing it around their opponents with ease.
Gabriel Jesus
34' JESUS SCORES! Things get worse for Chelsea! The visitors half-clear their lines from an earlier Arsenal attack, but it's worked back into the box through White's deep cross. Gabriel's shot is blocked as is Xhaka's next to him, but Fofana can't get it away and Jesus is there to fire in the rebound. 3-0 Arsenal!
33' Chelsea are all over the place as Arsenal smoothly work it upfield once more. It's switched out to Saka on the right this time, but his deep cross is unconvincingly cleared by Fernandez.
G. Xhaka
31' In a near identical spot to where he set up the first goal, Xhaka picks out Odegaard for his second goal of the match.
M. Ødegaard
31' ODEGAARD SCORES AGAIN! It comes down Chelsea's left again, with Trossard at the heart of it as he opens up the space for Xhaka. The midfielder once again gets his head up to square a low cross into the middle and Odegaard helps it into the far side of the net with his first touch. 2-0 Arsenal!
29' Madueke is looking bright for Chelsea when they can get him on the ball and he makes another driving run down the right. He cuts inside but drills a cross against Gabriel and slips before he can recycle it.
27' There are big shouts for a handball from the Arsenal fans and players as Trossard's cross is blocked just inside the box. It did hit his hand, but his arm was tight to his body as he tried to make himself smaller. The referee waves play on.
25' GOOD SAVE! It's a good switch out to the left from Kante, and Chilwell leaves Saka on the floor as he darts in front of him. He's one-on-one with Ramsdale and tries to curl his shot across goal, but the keeper pushes it wide.
24' Chelsea are enjoying their first real spell of possession here, but it's all in front of Arsenal. They can't find any space in behind and the away fans are making their frustration clear.
22' Kante's pass somehow manages to bobble through to Sterling, and he turns to drive through the middle. He runs straight into Jorginho and pushes the Italian to ground in his frustration.
20' There's no urgency from Chelsea to press and win the ball back and it's easy for Arsenal to pass their way forward. Zinchenko knocks it back inside to Trossard, who has space to run into, but he plays his cross behind Jesus.
G. Xhaka
18' Chelsea are slow to get out to Xhaka, and he has time to get his head up and fizz a low cross to Odegaard.
M. Ødegaard
18' ODEGAARD SCORES! It's been coming from Arsenal! It's well worked down Arsenal's left again, but this time, it's Xhaka with the final cross. He picks out the unmarked Odegaard on the edge of the box, and he hits it first time, firing it just out of Kepa's reach and in off the underside of the bar. 1-0 Arsenal!
17' Yet another attempt to play out from the back by Chelsea is cut out and Arsenal go back to patiently keeping possession. The visitors just can't get a foothold in this game.
15' GOOD SAVE! It's more good play from Trossard down the left and he curls a dangerous cross into the middle. Jesus gets between the two centre-backs to fire a shot on goal, and Kepa does well as he stretches to push the deflected shot away.
14' Chelsea just can't get out of their own half at the moment, and keep sloppily giving it away. Jorginho cuts out Kante's pass this time and tries to pick out Trossard, but he can't bring it under control.
12' Trossard rolls the corner to Odegaard before surging away from Kovacic to swing a cross in from the left. He's looking for Gabriel at the far post, but it's too high for him and sails just over his head.
10' Chelsea won this exact fixture 2-0 last season- only one in the Premier League have they won consecutive visits to Arsenal, doing so in May and November 2009.
8' Arsenal are back to controlling possession and patiently work it forward. Jorginho threads it down the right for Saka this time, but he can't get around Chilwell to keep it in play.
6' It's Zinchenko's loose clearance that gifts the ball back to Chelsea, and Kante quickly spreads it out to Sterling on the left. He keeps it in play, but then plays a poor pass in behind which Ramsdale collects.
4' GOOD SAVE! Jorginho lifts a lovely ball over the top and Jesus rises high to nod it back into the box. Azpilicueta tries to glance a header back to Kepa but barely makes contact and the keeper rushes out to deny Xhaka as he pokes it on goal.
2' Fernandez sees a shot blocked on the edge of the box and Arsenal break quickly, with Saka leading the way down the right. He cuts inside only to hit his effort straight against Silva, and Fofana has to help it away.
1' Aubameyang gets the game underway for Chelsea!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Arsenal are looking to win three consecutive Premier League games against Chelsea for the first time since February 2004. Indeed, they could achieve their second league double in three seasons against the Blues, having done so just once in the previous 20 campaigns beforehand (2003-04).
Lampard makes just two changes to his side following their defeat at Brentford last Wednesday and reverts to a back four. Aubameyang makes his first start since November against his old club, with Madueke also brought in. Chalobah and Gallagher start on the bench, as does Havertz, who is passed fit enough after a knee injury.
Mikel Arteta makes three changes from their defeat at City last time out. Kiwior is handed his first start for the club, with Jorginho and Trossard also coming into the side. Holding, Partey and Martinelli all drop to the bench.
CHELSEA SUBS: Edouard Mendy, Conor Gallagher, Benoit Badiashile, Joao Felix, Mykailo Mudryk, Hakim Ziyech, Ruben Loftus-Cheek, Trevoh Chalobah, Kai Havertz.
CHELSEA STARTING XI (4-3-3): Kepa Arrizabalaga; Cesar Azpilicueta, Wesley Fofana, Thiago Silva, Ben Chilwell; N'Golo Kante, Enzo Fernandez, Mateo Kovacic; Noni Madueke, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Raheem Sterling.
ARSENAL SUBS: Emile Smith Rowe, Matt Turner, Fabio Vieira, Rob Holding, Gabriel Martinelli, Thomas Partey, Kieran Tierney, Reiss Nelson, Eddie Nketiah.
ARSENAL STARTING XI (4-3-3): Aaron Ramsdale; Ben White, Jakub Kiwior, Gabriel Magalhaes, Oleksandr Zinchenko; Martin Odegaard, Jorginho, Granit Xhaka; Bukayo Saka, Gabriel Jesus, Leandro Trossard.
Three days after the fixture was originally supposed to take place, these two sides meet for the London derby. It's a huge game for Arsenal, who slipped down to second after Manchester City's win over Fulham on Sunday. Four games without a win in the league, following on three draws with a heavy 4-1 defeat to City last time out has taken Arsenal's title charge out of their own hands, but a win would lift them back to the top today. Chelsea are on a torrid run, with the Blues failing to win all five of their games since Frank Lampard took interim charge. They've scored just one goal in that time, and overall, are without a victory in their last eight outings in all competitions (D2 L6).
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Arsenal and Chelsea at the Emirates Stadium!