Who is USA's all-time leading goal scorer? Dempsey, Donovan & USMNT's top strikers

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Jozy Altidore Clint Dempsey Landon Donovan USMNT
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Rounding up the best goalscorers in USMNT history, featuring the likes of Clint Dempsey, Landon Donovan and Christian Pulisic

  1. Michael Bradley | 17 goals

    #12 Michael Bradley | 17 goals

    One of the most accomplished players in USMNT history, Michael Bradley's career saw him play in the Eredivisie, Bundesliga, Premier League and Serie A as well as MLS. A key component of the national team throughout the late 2000s into the 2010s, Bradley struck 17 goals in 151 caps for his country.

  2. DaMarcus Beasley | 17 goals

    #11 DaMarcus Beasley | 17 goals

    DaMarcus Beasley is the only USMNT player to feature at four World Cups and the industrious left-winger chipped in with his fair share of goals over the years. Beasley was a threat in his early years for the national team, finishing his career with 17 goals in 126 caps.

  3. Earnie Stewart | 17 goals

    #10 Earnie Stewart | 17 goals

    An all-action midfielder, Netherlands-born Earnie Stewart was a stalwart for the USMNT through the 1990s into the early 2000s. A key player for Eredivisie sides Willem II and NAC before moving to D.C. United, Stewart hit 17 goals in 101 caps.

  4. Eddie Johnson | 19 goals

    #9 Eddie Johnson | 19 goals

    Eddie Johnson exploded onto the scene for the USMNT, scoring eight times in his first 10 appearances and, while the goals became less frequent as his career went on, he is still one of the most prolific players in the national team's history with 19 goals in 63 caps.

  5. Bruce Murray | 21 goals

    #8 Bruce Murray | 21 goals

    When Bruce Murray retired in 1993, he was the leading goalscorer in the history of the USMNT with 21 goals in 85 caps. A versatile player, Murray scored at the 1990 World Cup, with goals against Mexico, Canada and Denmark (then reigning European champions) among his tally.

  6. Christian Pulisic | 23 goals

    #7 Christian Pulisic | 23 goals

    Nicknamed 'Wonderboy' in the early days of his career, Christian Pulisic is a leading light of his generation for the USMNT and, despite not being an out-and-out striker, has chipped in with his fair share of goals for the national team. His goals-per-game ratio is comparable to that of the greatest goalscorers in U.S. Soccer history.

  7. Joe-Max Moore | 24 goals

    #6 Joe-Max Moore | 24 goals

    A U.S. Soccer Hall of Fame inductee, Joe-Max Moore was a stalwart of the USMNT through the mid-to-late nineties, scoring 24 goals and reaching the milestone of 100 caps. Moore, whose career saw him play for New England Revolution and Everton, among others, can count goals against Argentina and Germany in his tally.

  8. Brian McBride | 30 goals

    #5 Brian McBride | 30 goals

    Columbus Crew and Fulham legend Brian McBride scored 30 goals for the USMNT across 95 appearances. A tall striker, McBride won a Gold Cup and featured in three World Cup squads.

  9. Eric Wynalda | 34 goals

    #4 Eric Wynalda | 34 goals

    Eric Wynalda was a star of the USMNT in the 1990s and scored 34 goals in 106 caps. A former Saarbrucken forward in the Bundesliga, Wynalda famously donned the No. 11 jersey for his country and featured at three World Cups.

  10. Jozy Altidore | 42 goals

    #3 Jozy Altidore | 42 goals

    Jozy Altidore scored his first goal for the USMNT against Mexico in 2008 and has gone on to become one of the top goal-getters in the history of the U.S. soccer team. A powerful front-man, Altidore's international career has seen him hit the back of the net against the likes of Germany and Spain, as well as lead the line at the World Cup.

  11. Landon Donovan | 57 goals

    #2 Landon Donovan | 57 goals

    Considered by some as the best USMNT player of all time, Landon Donovan scored 57 goals in his senior international career across 157 appearances. Donovan, whose club career saw him play for Bayern Munich, Everton and LA Galaxy, was part of three USMNT World Cup squads while his goals helped his country to four Gold Cup crowns.

  12. Clint Dempsey | 57 goals

    #1 Clint Dempsey | 57 goals

    One of the greatest strikers in U.S. soccer history, Clint Dempsey scored 57 goals in 141 caps for his country. In an international career that kicked off in 2004 and ran until 2017, Dempsey scored goals in the World Cup and Gold Cup, taking the captain's armband towards the end of his playing days.