15 fun facts about Roberto Firmino

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Firmino, Liverpool
Everything you need to know about versatile Brazilian Roberto Firmino!

Roberto Firmino, born on October 2, 1991, is a Brazilian professional football player who currently plays as a forward for Liverpool in the English Premier League and the Brazilian national team. He is known for his skilful and versatile style of play, his ability to score goals, and his work ethic both on and off the pitch.

Firmino started his football career playing for Figueirense in Brazil before moving to Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga in 2011. He quickly became a key player for the club, scoring 49 goals in 153 appearances across all competitions. His performances caught the eye of Liverpool, who signed him in 2015 for a reported fee of £29 million.

At Liverpool, Firmino quickly established himself as an important player in the team's attack, forming a formidable partnership with fellow forwards Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane. He has scored a total of 108 goals in 356 appearances for the club, helping them to win numerous trophies including the Premier League, the UEFA Champions League, the FIFA Club World Cup, FA Cup, and Carabao Cup.

Firmino's style of play is characterized by his technical ability on the ball, his intelligence and creativity, and his tireless work rate. He is capable of playing in a variety of positions in the attack, including as a central striker, a supporting striker, or as an attacking midfielder. His ability to drop deep and link up play with his teammates has been a critical component of Liverpool's success in recent years.

Firmino's international career with Brazil has been similarly successful. He represented his country at various youth levels before making his debut for the senior team in 2014. Since then he has participated in multiple tournaments for his nation, including the World Cup and Copa America, scoring 17 goals in 55 matches.

Off the pitch, Firmino is known for his positive attitude and his dedication to his craft. He is a devout Christian and often celebrates his goals by making a heart shape with his hands and pointing to the sky. He is also involved in various charitable initiatives, including supporting a charity in Brazil that provides educational opportunities for underprivileged children.

He has changed what it means to be a striker, by showing that forwards can be more than goalscorers to contribute to their personal and team success. A model professional and athlete, he is an inspiration for many budding footballers across the world.

Here are 15 fun facts about Firmino you need to know...!

  1. Tough beginnings

    Firmino was born in Maceio, Alagoas in Brazil. On top of his family's dire economic circumstances, the area he grew up in was heavily ridden with crime. Every day was a fight for survival for the future Liverpool star and his loved ones.

    As a result, Firmino's parents sheltered him a lot and prevented him from doing many things on his own. It was football which allowed him to escape from the crime which surrounded him and his parent's restrictions.

  2. Unusual discovery

    Some of the greatest talents in world football have been discovered by either managers or excellent scouts whose main purpose is to identify talent and direct them to the path of success.

    However, in Firmino's case, it was Marcellus Portella, a dentist of all people, who identified the talent within the Liverpool forward.

    Portella was also a surgeon for the local Brazilian team Clube de Regatas Brasil and noticed Firmino, who wasn't getting much attention from others. The doctor decided that the young forward's talent was too special to be hidden and decided to become his representative, helping him join his first academy team at ­Figueirense

  3. A jack of all trades
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    A jack of all trades

    Firmino is nowadays primarily associated with being the ideal false-nine and has made the position his own under manager Jurgen Klopp. However, the Brazilian has played various roles throughout his career, from being the main centre-forward to a winger to even being a central midfielder.

    In fact, one of the first positions he played during his academy days was as a defensive midfielder!

  4. Shy nature

    While the Liverpool forward has become more confident in himself as he has progressed in his career, that wasn't necessarily the case at the beginning.

    Firmino had a lack of confidence in himself which also resulted in him not getting opportunities at an early stage despite having all the talent in the world. In fact, for the first two weeks, he let the Figueirense coach wrongly call him Albert because he was too shy to correct him.

  5. Not the most punctual

    Not the most punctual

    Firmino is today the model professional for anyone to follow, someone who gives his best to follow the manager's instructions and help his team. However, during his Hoffenheim days, punctuality wasn't his strongest suit.

    In 2011, Firmino, along with his teammate Chinedu Obasi, was dropped from the matchday squad to face Bayer Leverkusen due to repeatedly coming late to training.

  6. Coutinho was his best man
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    Coutinho was his best man

    Firmino got married to his partner Larissa Pereira in 2017 in his hometown, the city of Maceio. The Brazilian chose his partner in attack, compatriot and former Liverpool forward Phillipe Coutinho as his best man to mark the special occasion.

  7. Loves his ink

    Tattoos are synonymous with Firmino. His body is a canvas for art, symbolising everything he loves and believes in his life about. The Brazilian's family heavily features in his tattoos, with a picture of his father and mother present on his right arm. Equal importance is given to his religion, with the phrase "God is faithful" appearing on his chest and the word "Deus" (Portuguese for God) visible on his neck.

  8. Caught drunk-driving

    The one blemish in Firmino's otherwise stainless record was when he was caught drunk driving in 2016 and later charged with the crime in 2017 after admitting to it.

    He had his driving license revoked for up to a year and was ordered to pay a fine of £20,000 for endangering his own life and that of others.

  9. A man of many languages

    A man of many languages

    Firmino is fluent in three languages and can speak them with ease. These include his mother tongue Portuguese, along with German and English.

    His knowledge of German helped build a rapport with teammate Takumi Minamino. The Japanese forward, like his Brazilian teammate, is fluent in German and hit it off immediately with him, thus helping him acclimatise to his new surroundings.

  10. Collector of luxury cars

    That Firmino loves his cars is an understatement. One of the Brazilian's favourite hobbies is to collect some of the world's most luxurious automobiles by spending what he earns from playing football. His awesome collection includes cars such as the Porsche Panamera, Lamborghini Urus, Rolls Royce Phantom, Ferrari 458 Italia, Range Rover, and Porsche Cayenne.

  11. Member of football's "Beatles"

    Member of football's "Beatles"

    The quadruple of Salah, Firmino, Mane, and Coutinho were christened as Liverpool's "Fab Four" inspired by The Beatles, who also came from Merseyside.

    This group of players was firing on all cylinders during the first half of the 2017/18 campaign, with all players having their personal best seasons statistically. Their tenure was short-lived as Coutinho left during the January window.

  12. Back with a bang

    Firmino is famous for his various celebrations, one of them being where he covers his eye with one of his hands which he first used after his winner against PSG in the Champions League.

    When asked what the celebration signifies, he stated that he wanted to communicate to the fans that nothing had happened to him to worry about after he suffered an eye abrasion in Liverpool's league game against Tottenham Hotspur. Since then, other players have also copied his celebration.

  13. Baptised at Alisson's house

    An openly devout Christian and God-fearing man, Firmino was baptised at fellow Brazilian and Liverpool teammate Alisson's house.

    Firmino shared an Instagram post on his profile wherein he can be seen in Alisson's pool being baptised by Brazilian singer Isaias Saad, as the goalkeeper shuts his eyes, clearly emotionally touched by the scene happening before him.

  14. Scored Liverpool's 1000th goal at Anfield

    Firmino etched his name into Liverpool's history books for all eternity by having the distinct honour of scoring their 1000th goal at Anfield in a game against Crystal Palace on 19th January 2019.

    The goal was Liverpool's second in a seven-goal thriller that saw the Reds barely edge out a victory against Crystal Palace. In the long run the win didn't mean much as the Merseyside club lost out on the title to Manchester City, but fans will forever associate it with Firmino making history.

  15. Behind Liverpool's dental revolution

    Behind Liverpool's dental revolution

    Fans were most pleasantly surprised by Firmino's shining white teeth one day out of nowhere. However, it wasn't just fans that admired his new smile but even his teammates.

    Firmino and then teammate Coutinho visited famed dentist Robbie Hughes, and soon many others followed and got their teeth worked on by the renowned dental surgeon, including manager Klopp.