Why are Wrexham called the Red Dragons? Welsh club's nickname explained

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Although the club is well over 150 years old, it has not been very long since Wrexham got their 'Red Dragons' nickname

Wrexham were previously called 'The Robins' but that was not a particularly unique identity they held for themselves as clubs such as Bristol City, Swindon Town and Cheltenham Town also use the same nickname.

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Although the colour red stuck with the club from the late 1930s, the 'Red Dragons' term came much later on.

So from when were Wrexham called the Red Dragons and what went behind the change in the nickname? GOAL has the answers you are looking for.

Why are Wrexham called the Red Dragons?

Even though the dragons first appeared on Wrexham's kit in 1967, when the crest was embroidered on it for the first time, that was not when the club got the Red Dragons nickname. Through the new crest appearing on the shirt from 1973, which was when Wrexham celebrated their 100th anniversary, it was not until the 2001-02 season that the club took on the Red Dragons tag.

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The present day nickname was introduced by their then commercial manager in order to help promote the image of the club for better sponsorship prospects that would in turn broaden the club's Welsh image.

Along with the Red Dragons nickname, 'Wrex' the Dragon was also unveiled as the club's official team mascot with a red face and a Wrexham home kit bearing the number 1864 - the year the club was first formed.

Why were Wrexham called 'The Robins'?

Far from the colour red hinting to the previous nickname 'The Robins', it was a term that derived from the time eventual Wrexham Hall of Fame inductee Ted Robinson managed the team between 1912 and 1924. The team back then was often referred to as 'Robin's Team'.

The change of nickname also meant Wrexham's former mascot Rockin' Robin was out of a job, and in came Wrex who made his debut when Wrexham played Manchester United in a testimonial match for Kevin Reeves and another Hall of Fame inductee Brian Flynn on August 4, 2001, at the Racecourse Ground.